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TESIV Location Waterfront Lighthouse 1

A member of the Imperial Watch, patrolling the Imperial City Waterfront.

Non-player characters or NPCs in short, are any characters in the game world that are not controlled by the player. NPCs are controlled by Radiant AI, a complex system in which NPCs move about the world in a non-scripted, lifelike manner and perform daily tasks including, shopping or hunting for food, going to church, painting, or even going on a mission of assassination. An NPC can come in many shapes and sizes and be any playable race

In general, the term "NPC" refers specifically to humanoid NPCs, meaning all races.

With the release of the official plug-in Knights of the Nine for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, another 36 NPCs are added to the 1,100 characters already in the game.

List of all NPCsEdit

Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Amragor Bosmer Male Anvil xx0011f6 xx000f62 Amragor
Areldur Altmer Male Chorrol xx0021fa xx000f6d Areldur
Aron Verethi Dunmer Male Leyawiin xx0016dc xx000f5c Aron Verethi
Avita Vesnia Imperial Female Wayshrine of Kynareth xx0026a1 xx000f85 Avita Vesnia
Beem-Kiurz Argonian Male Bravil xx001bff xx000f60 Beem-Kiurz
Brellin Bosmer Male Priory of the Nine xx00267d xx000f67 Brellin
Carodus Oholin Imperial Male Leyawiin xx0016e1 xx000f7b Carodus Oholin
Eris Senim Dunmer Male Bravil xx001c00 xx000f61 Eris Senim
Esbern Nord Male Cheydinhal xx001cef xx000f5e Esbern (Oblivion)
Geimund Nord Male Priory of the Nine xx002687 xx000f6c Geimund (Oblivion)
Gukimir Nord Male Priory of the Nine xx002686 xx000f6b Gukimir
Inius Colus Imperial Male Cheydinhal xx001cee xx000f5d Inius Colus
Jesper Nord Male Wayshrine of Kynareth xx002691 xx000f7a Jesper (Oblivion)
Kellen Redguard Male Chorrol xx0011ff xx000f6e Kellen
Kinther Redguard Male Cheydinhal xx001cf0 xx000f5f Kinther
Lathon Redguard Male N/A xx002699 xx000f84 Lathon
Pelinal Whitestrake Imperial Male Spirit Realm xx0026a6 xx000f88 Pelinal Whitestrake
Selene Duronia Imperial Female Leyawiin xx0013e4 xx000f63 Selene Duronia
Sergius Turrianus Imperial Male Priory of the Nine xx001a85 xx000f4c Sergius Turrianus (Knights of the Nine)
Sir Amiel Lannus Imperial Male Priory of the Nine xx001c79 xx000f87 SirAmiel
Sir Berich Imperial Male Priory of the Nine xx001c71 xx000f6a Sir Berich
Sir Caius Imperial Male Priory of the Nine xx001c72 xx000f7c SirCaius
Sir Casimir Redguard Male Priory of the Nine xx001c75 xx000f80 SirCasimir
Sir Gregory Imperial Male Priory of the Nine xx001c74 xx000f7e SirGregory
Sir Henrik Nord Male Priory of the Nine xx001c77 xx000f82 SirHenrik
Sir Juncan Redguard Male Priory of the Nine xx001c78 xx000f86 SirJuncan
Sir Ralvas Dunmer Male Priory of the Nine xx001c76 xx000f81 SirRalvas
Sir Roderic Imperial Male N/A xx00269a xx000f7f Sir Roderic
Sir Thedret Redguard Male Fort Bulwark
Priory of the Nine
xx001443 xx000f76 Sir Thedret
Sir Torolf Nord Male Priory of the Nine xx001c73 xx000f83 SirTorolf
Stanet Redguard Male Wayshrine of Kynareth xx002690 xx000f79 Stanet
The Prophet Imperial Male Anvil xx0028f5 xx000f7d TheProphet
Umaril Ayleid
Male Garlas Malatar xx000f9a xx000fa1 Umaril