Fargoth, a Bosmer living in Seyda Neen.

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Non-Player Characters or NPCs is a generic term for all characters other than the Nerevarine that can be encountered while wandering Morrowind.

Any actor that is one of the playable classes is considered an non-player character. Although this is not a term used in the manual, it is only phrased as such in console commands or the construction set.


List of all NPCs[edit | edit source]

A[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Ababael Timsar-Dadisun Dunmer Male Zainab Camp ababael timsar-dadisun
Abanji Khajiit Female Molag Mar abanji
Abassel Asserbassalit Dunmer Male Aidanat Camp abassel_asserbassalit
Abbard the Wild Nord Male Bal Fell abbard_the_wild
Abelle Chriditte Breton Female Valenvaryon abelle_chriditte
Abibaal Assillariran Dunmer Male Molag Amur abibaal assillarian
Abishpulu Shand Dunmer Male Gnisis abishpulu_shand
Achel Redguard Male Vivec, St. Olms Canton achel
Adairan Lalansour Dunmer Male West Gash adairan_lalansour
Adaishah Ahanidiran Dunmer Male Grazelands adaishah_ahanidiran
Adanja Khajiit Female Pelagiad adanja
Adaves Therayn Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Canton adaves_therayn
Addammus Dunmer Male Ahemmusa Camp addammus
Addarnat Assardidairan Dunmer Male Ashlands addarnat assardidairan
Addhiranirr Khajiit Male Vivec addhiranirr
Adding Nord Male Esutanamus adding
Addut-Lamanu Dunmer Female Erabenimsun Camp addut-lamanu
Adharanji Khajiit Female Kudanat adharanji
Adibael Hainnabibi Dunmer Male Kaushtababi Camp adibael hainnabibi
Adil Norvayn Dunmer Male Kumarahaz adil_norvayn
Aditte Oges Breton Female Shishi aditte_oges
Admiral Rolston Breton Male ToddTest admiral_rolston
Adondasi Sadalvel Dunmer Male Vivec City adomasi_sadalvel
Adosi Darano Dunmer Male Surirulk adosi_darano
Adraria Vandacia Imperial Female Census and Excise Office adraria_vandacia
Adrusu Rothrano Dunmer Male vivec, Temple Canton adrusu_rothrano
Adusamsi Assurnarairan Dunmer Female Sheogorad, Rotheran Arena adusamsi_assurnarairan
Aebondeius Jucanis Imperial Male Dren Plantation aebondeius_jucanis
Aengoth the Jeweler Bosmer Male The Rat in the Pot aengoth
Aerin Bosmer Female Maar Gan or Ald'ruhn aerin
Aeta Wave-Breaker Nord Female West Gash Region aeta_wave_breaker
Affri Khajiit Female Arvel Plantation affri
Agarond Bosmer Male Zaintiraris agarond
Aglaril Bosmer Female Hanud aglaril
Agning Nord Male Ebonheart agning
Agrippina Herennia Imperial Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter agrippina_herennia
Agrob gra-Bogharz Orsimer Female Zainsipilu agrob gra-bogharz
Ah-Meesei Argonian Female Kudanat ah-meesei
Ahaht Argonian Male Yakanalit ahaht
Ahanabi Assullinbanud Dunmer Female Caldera Mine ahanabi assullinbanud
Ahasour Dunmer Male Urshilaku Camp ahasour
Ahaz Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp ahaz
Ahdahni Khajiit Female Sadrith Mora ahdahni
Ahdni Khajiit Female Sinsibadon ahdni
Ahdri Khajiit Female Yakanalit ahdri
Ahetotis Furotis Imperial Female Pinsun ahetotis furotis
Ahjara Khajiit Female Minabi Bandit Lair ahjara
Ahnarra Khajiit Female Abebaal Egg Mine ahnarra
Ahnassi Khajiit Female Halfway Tavern or Ahnassi's House ahnassi
Ahndahra Khajiit Female Yakanalit ahndahra
Ahnisa Khajiit Female Zainsipilu ahnisa
Ahzini Khajiit Female Dren Plantation ahzini
Aina Khajiit Female Habinbaes aina
Ainab Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp ainab
Ainab Yassabisun Dunmer Male West Gash ainab_yassabisun
Ainat Maessabibi Dunmer Male West Gash ainat_maessabibi
Ajira Khajiit Female Guild of Mages, Balmora ajira
Akish Argonian Female Assarnud akish
Alanil Llaram Dunmer Male Elith-Pal Mine alanil llaram
Alarvyne Indalas Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Canton alarvyne indalas
Alavesa Samori Dunmer Female Masseranit Alavesa Samori
Albecius Colollius Imperial Male Arrille's Tradehouse, Seyda Neen albecius colollius
Aldaril Altmer Male Buckmoth Legion Fort aldaril
Aldi Nord Female Khuul aldi
Alds Baro Dunmer Male Maar Gan Outpost alds_baro
Aldyne Arenim Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton aldyne_arenim
Alenus Vendu Dunmer Female Tel Vos Services Tower alenus_vendu
Ales Julalanie Breton Female The Pilgrim's Rest, Molag Mar ales julalanie
Alfe Fyr Dunmer Female Hall of Fyr alfe fyr
Alfhedil Elf-Hewer Nord Male Falensarano alfhedil_elf_hewer
Allding Nord Male The Rat in the Pot, Ald'ruhn allding
Allian Carbo Imperial Male Gnisis Barracks allian_carbo
Allimir Bosmer Male Assumanu allimir
Alms Helothren Dunmer Male Zenarbael alms_helothren
Almse Arenim Dunmer Female Gnaar Mok almse arenim
Almsi Oren Dunmer Female Habinbaes almsi oren
Alnas Sendu Dunmer Male Hinnabi alnas_sendu
Alodie Jes Breton Male Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, Ebonheart Alodie Jes
Alof the Easterner Nord Male Alof's Farmhouse alof_the_easterner
Aloie Indaram Dunmer Female Andasreth aloie_indaram
Alonisea Varys Dunmer Female Abernanit alonisea_varys
Alurue Saryon Dunmer Female Kunirai alurue_saryon
Alusaron Redguard Male Alusaron: Smith, Vivec, Foreign Quarter alusaron
Alvela Saram Dunmer Female Vivec, Temple Canton alvela_saram
Alveleg Bosmer Male Ashanammu alveleg
Alven Salas Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora, Morag Tong Guild alven_salas
Alveno Andules Dunmer Female Vivec, Hlaalu Canton alveno andules
Alvis Teri Dunmer Male Eight Plates, Balmora alvis_teri
Alvor Andas Dunmer Male Abaelun Mine alvor_andas
Alvos Sadri Dunmer Male Kumarahazumara alvos_sadri
Alvur Hleran Dunmer Male Beshara alvur_hleran
Alvura Othrenim Dunmer Female Vivec, Arena Canton alvura_othrenim
Alynu Aralen Dunmer Female Ashanammu alynu_aralen
Am-Ra Argonian Female Sinsibadon am-ra
Ama Nin Breton Female Berandas Ama Nin DisguiseMara
Amarie Charien Breton Female Moonmoth Legion Fort amarie charien
Amili Llaram Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Canton amili_llaram
Amring Bosmer Male Shishi amring
An-Deesei Argonian Female Argonian Mission An-Deesei
An-Zaw Argonian Male Suran Tradehouse an_zaw
Anarenen Altmer Male Ald'ruhn Mages Guild anarenen
Anas Ulven Dunmer Male Gnaar Mok anas_ulven
Anasour Selitbael Dunmer Male Ashlands anasour_selitbael
Ancola Redguard Female Sadrith Mora ancola
Andalin Hardil Dunmer Female Ministry of Truth andalin_hardil
Anden Thilarvel Dunmer Male Ginith Ancestral Tomb anden_thilarvel
Andil Altmer Male Tel Vos andil
Andilo Thelas Dunmer Female Arenim Manor andilo thelas
Andilu Drothan Dunmer Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter andilu_drothan
Andre Maul Breton Male Andre Maul's Tower andre maul
Andril Othran Dunmer Male Andasreth andril_othran
Ane Teria Dunmer Female Cavern of the Incarnate ghost_npc_ane_teria
Anel Rethelas Dunmer Male Yasammidan anel rethelas
Anes Hlaren Dunmer Male Ald Velothi anes hlaren
Anes Vendu Dunmer Male Nchuleftingth anes vendu
Angahran Dunmer Female Morag Tong Guild, Balmora angahran
Angaredhel Dunmer Male Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora angaredhel
Anglalos Bosmer Male Gnaar Mok anglalos
Angoril Altmer Male Fort Pelagiad, Pelagiad angoril
Anhaedra Dremora Male Maar Gan Shrine dremora_ttmg
Anirne Altmer Female Sud anirne
Anis Seloth Dunmer Female Anis Seloth: Alchemist, Sadrith Mora anis seloth
Anise Romoran Dunmer Female Shishi anise romoran
Anit Eramarellaku Dunmer Male Shashmanu Camp anit eramarellaku
Anja Swift-Sailer Nord Female Dagon Fel anja swift-sailer
Anjari Khajiit Female Zainsipilu anjari
Ano Andaram Dunmer Male Vivec City ano_andaram
Ano Vando Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn ano vando
Anora Redguard Female Tel Aruhn anora
Anruin Bosmer Male Sadrith Mora anruin
Ansu Senatbael Dunmer Female Grazelands ansu senatbael
Antu Assarrimisun Dunmer Female Ashlands antu_assarrimisun
Arabhi Khajiit Female Dren Plantation, Doves' Shack arabhi
Aradraen Bosmer Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter aradraen
Aralosea Romori Dunmer Female Almurbalarammi aralosea romori
Arangaer Bosmer Female Sadrith Mora arangaer
Arannir Bosmer Male Mababi arannir
Aranwen Bosmer Female Zainsipilu aranwen
Arara Uvulas Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora arara_uvulas
Aras Girendas Dunmer Male Zenarbael aras_girendas
Arathor Bosmer Male South Wall Cornerclub, Balmora arathor
Aravi Khajiit Female Aharunartus aravi
Arbene Gernis Breton Female Shishara arbene_gernis
Ardarume Altmer Female Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora ardarume
Ardhil Bosmer Female Falensarano ardhil
Areas Nord Male Druscashti areas
Aredhel Bosmer Female Tel Branora aredhel
Arelvam Sadrano Dunmer Male Sanabi arelvam_sadrano
Aren Maren Dunmer Male Vivec, Hlaalu Canton aren maren
Arenara Imperial Female Galom Daeus arenara
Arethan Mandas Dunmer Male Milk arethan mandas
Arielle Phiencel Breton Female Sadrith Mora Mages Guild arielle phiencel
Ariulcabor Leontiulonus Imperial Male Ashir-Dan Ariulcabor Leontiulonus
Arius Rulician Imperial Male Gnisis Barracks arius rulician
Arkming the Flayer Nord Male Hlormaren arkming_the_flayer
Arlowe Imperial Male Ashamanu Camp arlowe
Arnand Liric Breton Male Buckmoth Legion Fort arnand liric
Arns Saren Dunmer Female Saren Manor arns_saren
Arns Uvalas Dunmer Male Bal Ur arns_uvalas
Arnsi Nerandas Dunmer Female Zebabi arnsi_nerandas
Arnskar Nord Male Hlormaren arnskar
Aroa Nethalen Dunmer Male Vivec, Temple Canton aroa_nethalen
Aron Andaren Dunmer Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton aron andaren
Aronil Altmer Male Seyda Neen firemoth_mage
Arrille Altmer Male Arrille's Tradehouse, Seyda Neen arrille
Arrinis Cerunia Imperial Male Esutanamus arrinis_cerunia
Arsyn Salas Dunmer Male Sarethi Manor arsyn_salas
Artisa Arelas Dunmer Female The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise artisa_arelas
Arvama Rathri Dunmer Female Vivec, Hlaalu Canton arvama_rethri
Arvamea Dalvani Dunmer Female Esutanamus arvamea_dalvani
Arvela Falas Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton arvela_falas
Arven Nalyn Dunmer Male Vivec, Hlaalu Canton arven_nalyn
Arver Rethul Dunmer Male Dren Plantation, Guard House arver_rethul
Arvs Raram Dunmer Male Raram's House, Indarys Manor arvs_raram
Arvso Tharen Dunmer Female Maar Gan arvso_tharen
Arvyn Llerayn Dunmer Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton arvyn_llerayn
Aryne Telnim Dunmer Female Tel Aruhn aryne_telnim
Aryni Orethi Dunmer Female Indarys Manor aryni_orethi
Aryon Dunmer Male Aryon's Chambers, Tel Vos aryon
Asha-Ammu Kutebani Dunmer Male Gnisis asha-ammu kutebani
Ashamanu Dunmer Female Grazelands ashamanu
Asharapli Almu Dunmer Female Almu Cave Dwelling, Gnisis asharapli almu
Ashibaal Dunmer Male Ashibaal's Yurt, Zainab Camp ashibaal
Ashidasha Khajiit Female Shushan ashidasha
Ashu-Ahhe Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp, Ashu-Ahhe's Yurt ashu-ahhe
Ashuma-Nud Matluberib Dunmer Male Gnisis ashuma-nud matluberib
Ashumanu Eraishah Dunmer Female Suran Tradehouse, Suran ashumanu eraishah
Ashur-Dan Dunmer Male Ashur-Dan's Yurt, Zainab Camp ashur-dan
Assaba-Bentus Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp assaba-bentus
Assallit Assunbahanammu Dunmer Male Yanemus Mine assallit assunbahanammu
Assamanu Shashipal Dunmer Female Ashlands assamanu_shashipal
Assamanut Sonnerralit Dunmer Male Ashlands assamanut sonnerralit
Assamma-Idan Dunmer Male Assamma-Idan's Yurt, Ahemmusa Camp assamma-idan
Assantus Hansar Dunmer Male Ghostgate assantushansar
Assatlit Assudnilamat Dunmer Male Azura's Coast assatlit assudnilamat
Assemmus Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp assemmus
Assi Serimilk Dunmer Female Maar Gan Assi Serimilk
Assimusa Samsi Dunmer Female Bal Isra Assimusa Samsi
Assirari Zama-Rasour Dunmer Female Maar Gan assirari_zama-rasour
Assumanu Mantiti Dunmer Female Gnisis assumanu mantiti
Assurdan Serdimapal Dunmer Male Kaushtababi Camp assurdan serdimapal
Astien Masoriane Breton Male Elith-Pal Mine astien masoriane
Astius Hanotepelus Imperial Male Balmora astius hanotepelus
Asum Argonian Male Rotheran asum
Athal Nerano Dunmer Male Gnisis athal nerano
Athanden Girith Dunmer Male Grazelands athanden girith
Ather Belden Dunmer Male ather belden
Athesie Andas Dunmer Female Andasreth athesie andas
Athyn Sarethi Dunmer Male Sarethi Manor athyn sarethi
Attelivupis Catius Imperial Male Buckmoth Legion Fort attelivupis catius
Atulg gro-Largum Orsimer Male Shushishi atulg gro-largum
Audania Afronia Imperial Female Hinnabi audania afronia
Audenian Valius Imperial Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton, Waistworks audenian valius
Augurius Sialius Imperial Male Ebonheart Augurius Sialius
Aumsi Nord Female Ebonheart Aumsi
Aunius Autrus Imperial Male Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall aunius autrus
Aurane Frernis Breton Female Aurane Frernis: Apothecary, Vivec, Foreign Quarter aurane frernis
Aurnie Vanne Breton Female Hlaalu Council Manor, Balmora aurnie vanne
Avon Ravel Dunmer Male Hlormaren avon ravel
Avoni Dren Dunmer Female Vivec, Telvanni Canton avoni dren
Avron Gols Dunmer Male Rethan Manor avron gols
Avus Belvilo Dunmer Male Dren Plantation, Storage Shack Avus Belvilo
Azuk gro-Rugob Orsimer Male Vivec, Foreign Quarter azuk gro-rugob

B[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Baadargo Khajiit Male Addamasartus Baadargo
Bacola Closcius Imperial Male South Wall Cornerclub, Balmora bacola closcius
Badala Velothren Dunmer Female Ebernanit badala velothren
Badama Andarys Dunmer Female Ibar-Dad badama andarys
Badbog gra-Shug Orsimer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Canton badbog gra-shug
Bagamul gro-Dumul Orsimer Male Fort Darius bagamul gro-dumul
Bahdahna Khajiit Female Aharunartusu bahdahna
Bahdrashi Khajiit Female Zainsipilu bahdrashi
Baissa Khajiit Female Vivec, Foreing Quarter Upper Waistworks baissa
Baladas Demnevanni Dunmer Male Arvs-Drelen, Gnisis baladas demnevanni
Balan Redguard Female Druegh-jigger's Rest, Gnaar Mok balan
Balen Andrano Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton balen andrano
Balen Sedrethi Dunmer Male Curio Manor, Vivec, Hlaalu Canton balen sedrethi
Balen Vendu Dunmer Female Balen Vendu: Monk, Sadrith Mora balen vendu
Baleni Salavel Dunmer Female Hla Oad docks baleni salavel
Balis Favani Dunmer Male Tel Branora balis favani
Balis Sari Dunmer Male Abernanit balis sari
Balsa Girith Dunmer Female Ashir-Dan balsa girith
Balur Salvu Dunmer Male Balur's Farmhouse balur salvu
Balver Sarethan Dunmer Male Library of Vivec, Vivec, Temple Canton balver sarethan
Balyn Omavel Dunmer Male Balmora balyn omavel
balyn omavel-DEAD
Balynu Teran Dunmer Female Marandus balynu teran
Banalz Argonian Female Addamasartus banalz
Banden Indarys Dunmer Male Indarys Manor banden indarys
Banor Seran Dunmer Male Balmora Council Club banor senar
Baradras Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild baradras
Baren Alen Dunmer Male Hlaalu Vaults, Vivec baren alen
Barirrid Nord Male Tusenend barirrid
Barnand Erelie Breton Male Sethan's Tradehouse, Tel Branora barnand erelie
Baronk gro-Uzuk Orsimer Male Ashunartes baronk gro-uzuk
Barri Nord Female Bal Ur barri
Barusi Venim Dunmer Male Tel Aruhn Tower Living Quarters barusi venim
Bashag gro-Snagdu Orsimer Male Vivec, Foreign Quarter bashag gro-snagdu
Bashuk gra-Bat Orsimer Female Bashuk gra-Bat's House bashuk gra-bat
Bato Veranius Nord Male Arkngthand Bato Veranius
Bauril Bosmer Female Hlormaren bauril
Baurin Bosmer Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter baurin
Bazgulub gro-Ulfish Orsimer Male Assarnud bazgulub gro-ulfish
Beden Giladren Dunmer Male Mila-Nipal beden giladren
Bedenea Nethan Dunmer Female Minabi bedenea nethan
Bedraflod Nord Male Skyrim Mission, Ebonheart Bedraflod
Bedrir Nord Male Grytewake bedrir
Bedynea Gimalvel Dunmer Female Surirulk Bedynea Gimalvel
Beekatan Argonian Female Minabi Bandit Lair beekatan
Belas Othren Dunmer Male Nund Belas Othren
Beldrose Dralor Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton beldrose dralor
Belene Yvienne Breton Female Shishara belene yvienne
Beleru Hledri Dunmer Female Andasreth beleru hledri
Belos Falos Dunmer Male Vivec, Hlaalu Canton, No Name Club belos falos
Belvis Sedri Dunmer Male Sudanit Mine belvis sedri
Benar Neleth Dunmer Male Ashir-Dan Benar Neleth
Benudni Ilurnubishpal Dunmer Female Grazelands benudni ilurnubishpal
Benunius Agrudilius Imperial Male Lucky Lockup, Balmora benunius agrudilius
Berapli Ashumallit Dunmer Female Ashlands berapli ashumallit
Beraren Sadri Dunmer Male Holamayan Monastery beraren sadri
Berel Sala Dunmer Male Justice Offices, Vivec, Temple Canton berel sala
Berela Andrano Dunmer Male Ghostgate berela andrano
Berengeval Bosmer Male Sadrith Mora berengeval
Bertis Uvani Dunmer Male Odirnamat Bertis Uvani
Bervaso Thenim Dunmer Male Molag Mar Temple bervaso thenim
Bervyn Lleryn Dunmer Male St. Olms Waistworks, Vivec bervyn lleryn
Berwen Bosmer Female Berwen: Trader, Tel Mora berwen
Bethes Sarothril Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth bethes sarothril
Bevadar Bels Dunmer Male Venim Manor bevadar bels
Bevene Releth Dunmer Female Bevene Releth: Clothier, Ald'ruhn bevene releth
Beyte Fyr Dunmer Female The Onyx Hall beyte fyr
Bhusari Khajiit Female Shushan bhusari
Bidsi Gilvayn Dunmer Female Shushan bidsi gilvayn
Big Head Argonian Male Big Head's Shack big head
Big Helende Altmer Female Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub big helende
Bildren Areleth Dunmer Male Bildren Areleth: Apothecary, Tel Aruhn bildren areleth
Bilen Velothril Dunmer Male Mat bilen velothril
Bilos Andrethi Dunmer Male Hlormaren bilos andrethi
Birama Andaram Dunmer Female Pinsun birama andaram
Birard Adrognese Breton Male Ebonheart Birard Adrognese
Birer Indaram Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold birer indaram
Bivale Teneran Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn, Manor District bivale teneran
Bjadmund Nord Male Ihinipalit, Vivec bjadmund
Blatta Hateria Imperial Female Ebonheart Blatta Hateria
Bodean Redguard Male Ashalmawia bodean
Boderi Farano Dunmer Female Ald Skar Inn, Ald'ruhn boderi farano
Bodsa Nothryon Dunmer Female Tin-Ahhe Bodsa Nothryon
Bogakh gro-Mar Orsimer Male Kaushtarari bogakh gro-mar
Bogdub gra-Gurakh Orsimer Female Fort Darius bogdub gra-gurakh
Bolayn Rethan Dunmer Male Dren Plantation, Rethan's Shack Bolayn Rethan
Boldrisa Andrano Dunmer Female Redoran Council Hall boldrisa andrano
Boler Bandas Dunmer Male Mat boler bandas
Bolnor Andrani Dunmer Male Hlaalu Council Manor, Balmora bolnor andrani
Bolrin Bosmer Male Ebonheart Bolrin
Bolvus Ieneth Dunmer Male Ansi Bolvus Ieneth
Bolvyn Venim Dunmer Male Venim Manor bolvyn Venim
Bolyn Elval Dunmer Male Arobar Manor, Ald'ruhn bolyn
Bormir Nord Male Sha-Adnius bormir
Borug gro-Lazgarn Orsimer Male Sinsibadon borug gro-lazgarn
Borwen Bosmer Female The Covenant, Tel Mora borwen
Boryn Varen Dunmer Male Sanabi boryn varen
Boss Crito Imperial Male Arkngthand Boss Crito
Both gro-Durug Orsimer Male Wolverine Hall, Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub both gro-durug
Botrir Nord Male Grazelands botrir
Bovkinna Breton Female Ald Daedroth bovkinna
Bradil Elarven Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton bradil elarven
Bralas Mels Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Council Club bralas mels
Bralis Seralas Dunmer Male Yansirramus bralis seralas
Brallion Bosmer Male Sadrith Mora brallion
Bralsea Seloth Dunmer Female Hinnabi bralsea seloth
Bralyn Androthi Dunmer Male Sudanit Mine bralyn androthi
Brarayni Sarys Dunmer Male Tel Aruhn Tower Entry braryani sarys
Brasteir Nord Female Azura's Coast brasteir
Bratheru Oran Dunmer Male Edryno Arethi's House, Vivec bratheru oran
Brathus Dals Dunmer Male No Name Club, Vivec, Hlaalu Canton brathus dals
Bravora Relavel Dunmer Female Zenarbael Bravora Relavel
Bravosi Henim Dunmer Male Sanni bravosi henim
Braynas Hlervu Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn braynas hlervu
Bredasu Gilaram Dunmer Female Halit Mine bredasu gilaram
Breech-Star Argonian Female Molag Mar breech-star
Brelar Andas Dunmer Male Andasreth brelar andas
Brelayne Verano Dunmer Female Ashir-Dan brelayne verano
Brelda Quintella Dunmer Female Ald Daedroth brelda quintella
Brelo Athelvis Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth brelo_athelvis
Brelyn Indarys Dunmer Male Mannammu Brelyn Indarys
Brelyna Andoril Dunmer Female Yassu Mine Brelyna Andoril
Brerama Selas Dunmer Male Shishi brerama selas
Brerayne Raloran Dunmer Female Vivec, Temple Canton brerayne ralran
Brethas Deras Dunmer Male Elven Nations Cornerclub, Vivec, Hlaalu Canton brethas deras
Brevasu Heran Dunmer Female Shallit brevasu heran
Breves Omoril Dunmer Male Kunirai breves omoril
Brevosi Indalen Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton brevosi indalen
Breynis Faryon Dunmer Male Ahinipalit Breynis Faryon
Breyns Othravel Dunmer Male Maar Gan Shrine breyns othravel
Breyns Randas Dunmer Male Dren Plantation breyns randas
Brildraso Nethan Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton brildraso nethan
Brilnosu Llarys Dunmer Female Hlormaren brilnosu llarys
Briras Tyravel Dunmer Male Tyravel Manor, Balmora briras tyravel
Briring Nord Male Ebonheart Briring
Brithroth Bosmer Male Sulipund brithroth
Broder Garil Dunmer Male Bal Isra broder garil
Brolmir Bosmer Male Sha-Adnius brormir
Bronosa Nedalor Dunmer Female Curio Manor, Vivec, Hlaalu Canton bronosa nedalor
Broris Fals Dunmer Male Hlaalu Ancestral Vaults, Vivec, Hlaalu Canton broris fals
Brothes Oran Dunmer Male Aharunartus brothes oran
Brurid Nord Male Khuul brurid
Bugdul gro-Kharbush Orsimer Male Bal Isra bugdul gro-kharbush
Bugdurash gra-Gashel Orsimer Female Maar Gan bugdurash gra-gashel
Bugharz gro-Ular Orsimer Male Mzuleft bugharz gro-ular
Bugrash gro-Gorzog Orsimer Male Mzuleft bugrash gro-gorzog
Bugrol gro-Bagul Orsimer Male West Gash burgol gro-bagul
Bula gra-Muk Orsimer Female Suran bula gra-muk
Bulak gra-Murug Orsimer Female Sheogorad bulak gra-murug
Bulfim gra-Shugarz Orsimer Female Maelkashishi bulfim_gra_shugarz
Bum gra-Logob Orsimer Female Panat bum gra-logob
Bumbub gro-Murgol Orsimer Male Valenvaryon bumbub gro-murgol
Bun-Teemeeta Argonian Male Assarnud bun-teemeeta
Bunish Argonian Male Shushan bunish
Buoyant Armiger Dunmer Male Ghostgate buoyant armiger_wander
Burcanius Varo Imperial Male Varo Tradehouse, Vos burcanius varo
Burub gra-Bamog Orsimer Female Ashunartes burub gra-bamog
Burul gro-Orbuma Orsimer Male Kaushtarari burul gro-orbuma
Burzob gra-Sharbag Orsimer Female Zaintiraris burzob gra-sharbag
Busheeus Argonian Male St. Olms Plaza, Vivec, St. Olms Canton busheeus

C[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Caccian Hers Imperial Male Nund Caccian Hers
Caius Cosades Imperial Male Caius Cosades' House, Balmora caius cosades
Calmaninde Altmer Female Assumanu calmaninde
Calvario Imperial Male Nerano Ancestral Tomb calvario
Camandil Altmer Female Falensarano camandil
Camas Redguard Male Almurbalarammi camas
Caminda Redguard Female Desele's House of Earthly Delights, Suran redguard dancer girl
Canctunian Ponius Imperial Male East Empire Company Hall, Ebonheart Canctunian Ponius
Cania Mico Imperial Female Tel Vos Barracks and Armory cania mico
Canodia Felannus Imperial Female Canodia Felannus' House, Caldera canodia felannus
Carecalmo Altmer Male Ashalmimilkala carecalmo
Caryarel Altmer Male Gnaar Mok caryarel
Cassius Olcinius Imperial Male St. Delyn Plaza, Vivec, St. Delyn Canton cassius olcinius
Cavortius Albuttian Imperial Male Ebonheart Cavortius Albuttian
Celegil Bosmer Female Shishi celegil
Celegorn Bosmer Male Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub, Sadrith Mora celegorn
Celria Altmer Female Elegnan: Clothier, Tel Mora Celria
Chalone Redguard Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter chalone
Chalureel Argonian Male Zebabi chalureel
Chanil-Lee Argonian Female Six Fishes Tavern, Ebonheart Chanil_Lee
Chaplain Ogrul Orsimer Male Fort Darius chaplain orgul
Chark Redguard Male Esutanamus chark
Cheesh-Meeus Argonian Female Hinnabi cheesh-meeus
Chirranirr Khajiit Female South Wall Cornerclub, Balmora chirranirr
Chiwish Argonian Male Rotheran chiwish
Chrelm Redguard Male Minabi chrelm
Chulz Argonian Male chulz
Chuna Argonian Male Lucky Lockup, Balmora chuna
Cidius Caro Imperial Male Tel Vos Barracks and Armory cidius caro
Ciel Nestal Breton Male Telvanni Tower, Vivec ciel nestal
Cienne Sintieve Breton Female Cienne Sintieve: Alchemist, Ald'ruhn cienne sintieve
Cinda Imperial Female Ashir-Dan Cinda
Cinia Urtius Imperial Female cinia urtius
Ciralinde Altmer Female Tel Aruhn ciralinde
Cirges Adrard Breton Male Telvanni Tower, Vivec cirges adrard
Cirwedh Bosmer Female Telvanni Tower, Vivec cirwedh
Clagius Clanler Imperial Male Clagius Clanler: Outfitter, Balmora clagius clanler
Clasomo Imperial Male Galom Daeus clasomo
Clecentor Aerius Imperial Male Pinsun Clecentor Aerius
Clendil Bosmer Male Ald Daedroth clendil
Clibergus Urgelian Imperial Male Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora clibergus urgelian
Clilias Pullia Imperial Female Madach Tradehouse, Gnisis clilias pullia
Cluson Redguard Male Pinsun Cluson
Cocistian Quaspus Imperial Male Buckmoth Legion Fort cocistian quaspus
Codus Callonus Imperial Male Codus Callonus: Bookseller, Ald'ruhn codus callonus
Coirtene Liore Imperial Male Arkngthand Coirtene Liore
Company Guard Imperial Male East Empire Company Hall Company Guard_unique
Conoon Chodala Dunmer Male Cavern of the Incarnate ghost_npc_conoon chodal
Corrudus Secunia Imperial Male corrudus secunia
Craetia Jullalian Imperial Female Vivec Mages Guild craetia jullalian
Crassius Curio Imperial Male Curio Manor, Vivec crassius curio
Crazy Batou Nord Male Maren Ancestral Tomb crazy_batou
Crazy-Legs Arantamo Dunmer Male Simine Fralinie: Bookseller, Vivec arantamo
Cristus Lync Nord Male Arkngthand Cristus Lync
Crottus Cedus Imperial Male Shurinbaal Crottus Cedus
Crulius Pontanian Imperial Male Moonmoth Legion Fort crulius pontanian
Culumaire Altmer Female Lucky Lockup, Balmora culumaire
Cumanya Altmer Female Dubdilla cumanya
Cun Bosmer Male Tel Branora cun
Cunius Pelelius Imperial Male Governor's Hall, Caldera cunius pelelius
Cuunel Bosmer Female Sulipund cuunel

D[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Dabienne Mornardl Breton Female Sadrith Mora Mages Guild dabienne mornardl
Daglin Selarar Nord Male Ministry of Truth daglin selarar
Dahleena Khajiit Female Slave Shack Two, Caldera Mining Company dahleena
Dahnara Khajiit Female Hlormaren dahnara
Dakin Kuntarnammu Dunmer Male Ashlands dakim kuntarnammu
Dalam Gavyn Dunmer Male Fatleg's Drop Off, Hla Oad Dalam Gavyn
Dalami Hlaalu Dunmer Female Dissapla Mine dalami hlaalu
Daldur Sarys Dunmer Male Saturan daldur sarys
Dalin Norvayne Dunmer Male Onnissiralis dalin_norvayne
Dalmil Varen Dunmer Male Sargon dalmil varen
Dalnorea Arvel Dunmer Female Punsabanit Dalnorea Arvel
Dalos Golathyn Dunmer Male dalos golathyn
Dals Sadri Dunmer Male Telvanni Tower, Vivec dals sadri
Dalse Adren Dunmer Female Vivec, Arena Canton dalse adren
Dalvus Helothran Dunmer Male St. Olms Waist South-Two, Vivec dalvus helothran
Dalyne Arvel Dunmer Female Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora dalyne arvel
Dan-Ru Argonian Male Abebaal Egg Mine dan_ru
Danar Dalomo Dunmer Male Hlaalu Council Manor, Balmora danar dalomo
Danaronea Daryon Dunmer Female Milk danaronea daryon
Danasi Ralen Dunmer Female Saren Manor, Vivec danasi ralen
Dandera Selaro Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn dandera selaro
Danders Breton Male Nerano Ancestral Tomb Danders]
Dandsa Redguard Female Abernanit Dandsa
Dandynea Rothalen Dunmer Female Odibaal dandynea rothalen
Danel Indaren Dunmer Male Sudanit Mine danel indaren
Dangor Bosmer Male Elith-Pal Mine dangor
Danoso Andrano Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn Temple danoso andrano
Danso Indules Dunmer Female Vivec, Temple Canton danso indules
Daracy Redguard Male Ashir-Dan daracy
Daral Thireloth Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth daral thireloth
Darane Mencele Dunmer Female Bal Fell darane mencele
Daras Aryon Dunmer Male Maar Gan daras aryon
Daren Adryn Dunmer Male Nadene Rotheran's Shack, Gnaar Mok daren adryn
Darene Bienne Breton Female Punabi darene bienne
Dareru Omalas Dunmer Female Andasreth dareru omalas
Daric Bielle Breton Male Desele's House of Earthly Delights daric bielle
Daris Adram Dunmer Male Vas daris adram
Daris Norvayne Dunmer Male Onnissiralis daris norvayne
Darius Imperial Male Madach Tradehouse, Gnisis general darius
Darns Tedalen Dunmer Male Sudanit Mine darns tedalen
Daroder Helni Dunmer Male Shurinbaal Daroder Helni
Daroso Sethri Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton daroso sethri
Dartis Dreleth Dunmer Male Halit Mine dartis dreleth
Darvala Romothran Dunmer Female Zainsipilu darvala romothran
Darvam Hlaren Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Council Club darvam hlaren
Darvame Hleran Dunmer Female Seyda Neen darvame hleran
Darvasa Vedas Dunmer Female Tel Branora Tower Guardpost darvasa vedas
Darvynea Hleran Dunmer Female Punammu Darvynea Hleran
Daryn Vedralu Dunmer Male Dunirai Caverns daryn vedralu
Dather Manel Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Council Club dather manel
Dathman Mochtuis Nord Male Arkngthand Dathman Mochtuis
Dathus Selvilo Dunmer Male Marandus dathus selvilo
Davas Aralas Dunmer Male Abaelun Mine Davas Aralas
Davina Redguard Female Tel Aruhn davina
Davis Nelaram Dunmer Male Masseranit Davis Nelaram
Davur Githendas Dunmer Male Ashinabi Davur Githendas
Daynali Dren Dunmer Female Tel Mora Lower Tower daynali dren
Daynas Darys Dunmer Female Azura's Coast Daynas Darys
Daynasa Telandas Dunmer Female Ascadian Isles Daynasa Telandas
Daynasa Tharen Dunmer Female Odibaal daynasa tharen
Daynes Redothril Dunmer Male Daynes Redothril: Pawnbroker, Ald'ruhn daynes redothril
Daynil Farandas Dunmer Male Rotheran daynil farandas
Daynila Andrano Dunmer Female Kumarahaz Daynila Andrano
Daynila Valas Dunmer Female Shulk Egg Mine Daynila Valas
Daynillo Lleran Dunmer Female Holamayan Monastery daynillo lleran
Dead Adventurer Imperial Female Varies dead random female
Dead Adventurer Imperial Male Varies dead random male
Dead Body Varies Varies Varies Varies
Dead Dreamer Dunmer Male Odrosal dreamer_dead
Dead Egg Miner Dunmer Male Varies miner_dead00
Dead Elite Ordinator Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth dead elite ord
Dead Hero Varies Varies Varies Varies
Dead Ordinator Dunmer Male Assemanu dead ordinator
dead ordinator_key
Dead Smuggler Varies Varies Varies Smuggler_Dead_01
Dead Warlock Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth dead warlock
Debentien Sylbenitte Breton Male Vas debentien sylbenitte
Dedaenc Dunmer Male St. Delyn Plaza, Vivec Dedaenc
Deesh-Meeus Argonian Female Shushishi deesh-meeus
Deldasa Thirandus Dunmer Female Telvanni Plaza, Vivec deldasa thirandus
Delmene Helas Dunmer Female Hall of Wisdom, Vivec delmene helas
Delmon Famori Dunmer Male Tin-Ahhe Delmon Famori
Delmus Rurvyn Dunmer Male St. Delyn Plaza, Vivec delmus rurvyn
Delte Fyr Dunmer Female The Onyx Hall, Tel Fyr delte fyr
Delvam Andarys Dunmer Male Mawia delvam andarys
Delyna Mandas Dunmer Female The Onyx Hall, Tel Fyr delyna mandas
Depusanis Denian Imperial Male Maelkashishi depusanis denian
Derar Hlervu Dunmer Female Bal Ur derar hlervu
Deras Girando Dunmer Male St. Delyn Waistworks, Vivec deras girando
Derayna Llervu Dunmer Female Punammu Derayna Llervu
Derelle Ysciele Breton Female Vas derelle ysciele
Dethresa Saren Dunmer Male Molag Mar Temple dethresa saren
Deval Beleth Dunmer Male Tuveso Beleth: Smith, Redoran Council Hall, Ald'ruhn deval beleth
Devas Irano Dunmer Male Vivec, Foreign Quarter devas irano
Dhaunayne Aundae Altmer Female Ashmelech dhaunayne aundae
dialog placeholder Argonian Male dialog placeholder
Dilami Androm Dunmer Female Molag Mar dilami andron
Dileno Lloran Dunmer Female High Fane, Vivec dileno lloran
Dils Heladren Dunmer Male Zaintirari Dils Heladren
Dilvene Venim Dunmer Female Venim Manor, Ald'ruhn dilvene venim
Din Redguard Male West Gash din
Dinara Othrelas Dunmer Female Llethri Manor Entrance, Ald'ruhn dinara othrelas
Dinere Hlen Dunmer Female dinere hlen
Dinok Redguard Male Ascadian Isles dinok
Dinor Thilandas Dunmer Male Andasreth dinor thilandas
Dinuro Ienith Dunmer Female Bal Ur dinuro ienith
Dirara Drom Dunmer Female Ascadian Isles dirara drom
Dirding Bosmer Male Aharnabi dirding
Diren Vendu Dunmer Female Tel Mora Tower Services diren vendu
Direr Arano Dunmer Male Arano Plantation direr arano
Direr Velendas Dunmer Male Zaintirari Direr Velendas
Dissu Ashalkimallit Dunmer Female Ashlands dissu ashalkimallit
Distel Bosmer Female Shishara distel
Divayth Fyr Dunmer Male Hall of Fyr, Tel Fyr divayth fyr
Dolmesa Sarano Dunmer Female Halit Mine dolmesa sarano
Dolmyn Thirelas Dunmer Male Yassu Mine Dolmyn Thirelas
Dolsa Gilvani Dunmer Female St. Delyn Potter's Hall, Vivec dolsa gilvani
Dolvasie Veloren Dunmer Female Rotheran dolvasie veloren
Dolyn Rols Dunmer Male St. Delyn Potter's Hall, Vivec dolyn rols
Domalen Redguard Male Foreign Quarter Plaza, Vivec domalen
Domba Redguard Female Ald Daedroth domba
Domesea Sarethi Dunmer Female Sarethi Manor, Ald'ruhn domesa sarethi
Dondir Bosmer Male Beshara dondir
Dondos Driler Dunmer Male Hlaalu Council Manor, Balmora dondos driler
Dondreth Bosmer Female Manabi dondreth
Dorisa Darvel Dunmer Female Dorisa Darvel: Bookseller, Balmora dorisa darvel
Dortodd Redguard Male Addadshashanammu dortodd
Dorynu Verendas Dunmer Female Marandus dorynu verendas
Dothasi Mothryon Dunmer Female Nund Dothasi Mothryon
Dothiel Bosmer Female Saturan dothiel
Dothruviel Bosmer Female Hlormaren dothruviel
Dovres Verethi Dunmer Male Mannammu Dovres Verethi
Dovrosi Varyon Dunmer Female Shurinbaal Dovrosi Varyon
Dralas Gilu Dunmer Male Pelagiad Dralas Gilu
Dralasa Nithryon Dunmer Female Dralasa Nithryon: Pawnbroker, Balmora dralasa nithryon
Dralisi Ienith Dunmer Female Yesamsi dralisi ienith
Dralosa Athren Dunmer Female Balmora dralosa athren
Dralsea Arethi Dunmer Female Balmora dralsea arethi
Dralval Andrano Dunmer Male Balmora Temple dralval andrano
Dram Bero Dunmer Male St. Olms Haunted Manor, Vivec dram bero
Dramis Maryon Dunmer Male Milk dramis maryon
Dranas Dradas Dunmer Male Balmora dranas dradas
Dranas Sarathram Dunmer Male Suran Slave Market dranas sarathram
Drandryn Omoran Dunmer Male Minabi drandryn omoran
Dranos Sandus Dunmer Male Ainat Dranos Sandus
Draramu Hloran Dunmer Female Abanabi draramu hloran
Drarayne Girith Dunmer Male Plot and Plaster, Tel Aruhn Drarayne Girith
Drarayne Thelas Dunmer Female Drarayne Thelas' House, Balmora drarayne thelas
Drarel Andus Dunmer Male Ralen Tilvur: Smith, Vivec drarel andus
Draren Thiralas Dunmer Male Draren Thiralas' House, Seyda Neen draren thiralas
Draron Benelas Dunmer Male Odirnamat Draron Benelas
Drarus Berano Dunmer Male Arenim Manor, Gnaar Mok drarus berano
Draryn Andrano Dunmer Male Zebabi drayn andrano
Dratha Dunmer Female Tel Mora Upper Tower dratha
Drathyn Andavel Dunmer Male Esutanamus drathyn andavel
Dravasa Andrethi's Dunmer Male Dravasa Andrethi's House, Ald'ruhn Dravasa Andrethi
Dravil Omavel Dunmer Male Panat dravil omavel
Dravynea Fatheran Dunmer Female Zenarbael Dravynea Fatheran
Dreaded-Water Argonian Male Hlormaren dreaded_water
Dreamer Dunmer Varies Varies Varies
Dreamer Guard Dunmer Male Mamaea dreamer guard
Dreamer Prophet Dunmer Female Foreign Quarter Underworks, Vivec dreamer prophet
Dreamer Worker Dunmer Male Akulakhan's Chamber dreamer worker
Dredase Arvel Dunmer Male Arvel Manor, Arvel Plantation dredase arvel
Dredyni Salvani Dunmer Female Sanabi dredyni salvani
Dreggs Orsimer Male Gro-Bagrat Plantation dreggs
Drelasa Ramothran Dunmer Female Halfway Tavern, Pelagiad drelassa ramothran
Drelayn Dredayn Dunmer Male The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise, Vivec drelayn dredayn
Drelis Ondyn Dunmer Male St. Delyn Potter's Hall, Vivec drelis ondyn
Drelse Dralor Dunmer Male Redoran Vaults, Vivec drelse dralor
Drelyne Llenim Dunmer Female Ghostgate drelyne llenim
Drendrisa Fareloth Dunmer Female Kunirai drendisa fareloth
Drerel Indaren Dunmer Male Ashlands drerel indaren
Dreveni Hlaren Dunmer Female Assu dreveni hlaren
Dreynis Nothro Dunmer Male Bitter Coast dreynis nothro
Dreynos Elvul Dunmer Male Vos dreynos elvul
Dreyns Nelas Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold dreyns nelas
Dreyns Telmon Dunmer Male Tel Branora Lower Tower dreyns telmon
Dridas Salvani Dunmer Male Arenim Manor, Gnaar Mok dridas salvani
Dridyn Berethi Dunmer Male Sinsibadon dridyn berethi
Drilame Githrano Dunmer Female St. Delyn Canal North-One, Vivec drilame githrano
Driloru Uvaram Dunmer Female Marandus driloru uvaram
Drinar Varyon Dunmer Male Drinar Varyon's House, Ald'ruhn drinar varyon
Drireri Berano Dunmer Female Ularradallaku drireri berano
Dro'Barri Khajiit Male St. Delyn Plaza, Vivec dro'barri
Dro'Qanar Khajiit Male Telvanni Canalworks, Vivec dro'qanar
Dro'Sakhar Khajiit Male St. Olms Canal South-Two, Vivec dro'sakhar
Dro'Shavir Khajiit Male Dro'Shavir's House, Caldera dro'shavir
Dro'Tasarr Khajiit Male The Rat in the Pot, Ald'ruhn dro'tasarr
Dro'Zah Khajiit Male Abebaal Egg Mine dro'zah
Dro'Zaymar Khajiit Male St. Delyn Canal South-Three, Vivec dro'zaymar
Dro'zharim Khajiit Male Tel Vos Jail Dro'Zharim
Dro'Zhirr Khajiit Male Shushishi dro'zhirr
Drodos Galen Dunmer Male Tel Naga Great Hall, Sadrith Mora drodos galen
Drolora Salen Dunmer Female Ascadian Isles drolora salen
Dronos Llervu Dunmer Male Ghostgate dronos llervu
Drorayni Tharam Dunmer Female Ahinipalit Drorayni Tharam
Drores Arvel Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth drores arvel
Drulene Falen Dunmer Female West Gash drulene falen
Drulvan Rindo Dunmer Male Hlaalu Plaza, Vivec drulvan rindo
Drurile Valaai Dunmer Female Glassworker's Hall, Vivec, St. Delyn Canton drurile valaai
Dryngheid Nord Male Zaintiraris dryngheid
Dudley Redguard Male Yasamsi dudley
Duke Vedam Dren Dunmer Male Grand Council Chambers, Ebonheart Vedam Dren
Duke's Guard Imperial Male Imperial Commission, Ebonheart Duke's Guard
Duke's Guard_tomb
Duke's Guard_tomb2
Dul gro-Dush Orsimer Male Gnisis dul gro-dush
Dular gro-Buzga Orsimer Male The Rat in the Pot, Ald'ruhn dular gro-buzga
Duldrar Saren Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth duldrar saren
Duldresi Senim Dunmer Female Odibaal duldresi senim
Dulian Redguard Female Buckmoth Legion Fort dulian
Dulnea Ralaal Dunmer Female Eight Plates, Balmora dulnea ralaal
Duluk gro-Ghash Orsimer Male Mzuleft duluk gro-ghash
Duma gro-Lag Orsimer Male Ghorak Manor, Caldera
Khartag Point
duma gro-lag
duma gro-lag2
Dumbuk gro-Bolak Orsimer Males Wolverine Hall
Gnisis Barracks
dumbuk gro-bolak
Dumburz gro-Bulfish Orsimer Male Khartag Point dumburz gro-bulfish
Dun-Ilu Assurnumausur Dunmer Male Caldera Mine dun-ilu assurnumausur
Dunel Saryon Dunmer Male Pilgrim's Rest Inn, Molag Mar dunel saryon
Dunius Valodius Imperial Male Shushan dunius valodius
Dunsalipal Dun-Ahhe Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora, Morag Tong Guild dunsalipal dun-ahhe
Dur gro-Grambak Orsimer Male Azura's Coast dur gro-grambak
Dura gra-Bol Orsimer Female Dura gra-Bol's House, Balmora dura gra-bol
Durbul gro-Rush Orsimer Male Odai Plateau durbul gro-rush
Durgash gro-Rushub Orsimer Male Ashurnibibi durgash gro-rushub
Durgat gra-Glurkub Orsimer Female Mzuleft durgat gra-glurkub
Durus Marius Imperial Male Assernerairan durus marius
Durz gra-Rimph Orsimer Female Assurdirapal durz gra-rimph
Durz gro-Olor Orsimer Male Valenvaryon durz gro-olor
Durzol gro-Dumulg Orsimer Male Shashpilamat durzol gro-dumlug
Durzub gro-Bogamakh Orsimer Male Bal Fell durzub gro-bogamakh
Durzum gro-Shagrak Orsimer Male Hlormaren durzum gro-shagrak
Dutadalk Dunmer Male Dutadalk's Yurt, Ahemmusa Camp dutadalk
Duvianus Platorius Imperial Male St. Olms Waistworks, Vivec duvianus platorius

E[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Earmil Altmer Male Assurnabitashpi earmil
Edd "Fast Eddie" Theman Dunmer Male Fast Eddie's House, Balmora edd theman
Edras Oril Dunmer Male Ascadian Isles edras oril
Edril Vules Dunmer Male Bal Fell edril vules
Edryno Arethi Dunmer Female Edryno Arethi's House, Vivec, Hlaalu Canton edryno arethi
Edwinna Elbert Breton Female Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages edwinna elbert
Egg Miner Dunmer Male Ahallaraddon Egg Mine
Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine
Hawia Egg Mine
Panud Egg Mine
Eigma Nord Female Ald Daedroth eigma
Eindel Bosmer Female Llethri Manor Entrance, Ald'ruhn eindel
Eiruki Hearth-Healer Nord Female Skyrim Mission, Ebonheart Eiruki Hearth-Healer
Ekapi Khajiit Female Panat ekapi
Ekkhi Nord Female Castle Ebonheart Ekkhi
El-Lurasha Argonian Female Telvanni Canalworks, Vivec el-lurasha
Elam Andas Dunmer Male Office of the Watch, Vivec, Temple Canton elam andas
Elante Altmer Female Ibar-Dad elante
Eldafire Altmer Female Seyda Neen eldafire
Eldil Bradyn Dunmer Male Buckmoth Legion Fort eldil bradyn
Eldrar Fathyron Dunmer Male Telvanni Canalworks, Vivec eldrar fathyron
Eldrasea Helas Dunmer Female Punabi eldrasea helas
Eldrilu Dalen Dunmer Female Vos Chapel eldrilu dalen
Eleedal-Lei Argonian Male Abebaal Egg Mine eleedal_lei
Elegal Bosmer Male Sadrith Mora elegal
Elegnan Bosmer Female Elegnan: Clothier, Tel Mora elegnan
Elenwen Altmer Female Dun-Ahhe elenwen
Elethus Tobor Dunmer Male St. Delyn Potter's Hall, Vivec elethus tobor
Elibael Puntumisun Dunmer Male Grazelands elibael puntumisun
Elitlaya Assonirishpal Dunmer Female Berandas elitlaya assonirishpal
Elmera Verethi Dunmer Female Glassworker's Hall, Vivec, St. Delyn Canton elmera verethi
Elms Llervu Dunmer Male Redoran Waistworks, Vivec elms llervu
Elmussa Damori Dunmer Female Elmussa Damori's House, Caldera elmussa damori
Elo Arethan Dunmer Male Hlaalu Waistworks, Vivec elo arethan
Eloe Imperial Female Galom Daeus eloe
Elone Redguard Female Arrille's Tradehouse, Seyda Neen elone
Eloroth Bosmer Male Hlaalu Waistworks, Vivec eloroth
Elphiron Bosmer Female Tel Mora Upper Tower elphiron
Elumabi Maliiran Dunmer Female West Gash elumabi malibiran
Elvas Savel Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Redoran Stronghold elvas savel
Elvasea Thalas Dunmer Female Ghostgate elvasea thalas
Elvil Vidron Dunmer Male Suran elvil vidron
Elynea Norvayn Dunmer Female Mining Company Office, Caldera Mining Company elnyea norvayn
Elynu Saren Dunmer Female Suran Temple elynu saren
Emelia Duronia Imperial Female Caldera Mages Guild emelia duronia
Emelin Bosmer Female Tel Mora emelin
Emul-Ran Dunmer Male Grazelands emul-ran
Emusette Bracques Breton Female Plot and Plaster, Tel Aruhn emusette bracques
Ena Redguard Female Mannammu Ena
Enar Dralor Dunmer Male Ghostgate enar dralor
Enar Releth Dunmer Male Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora enar releth
Endar Drenim Dunmer Male Tel Naga Upper Tower, Sadrith Mora endar drenim
Endase Avel Dunmer Female Tel Aruhn endasa avel
Endring Bosmer Male Tel Branora endring
Endris Dilmyn Dunmer Male Endris Dilmyn's Shack, Khuul Endris Dilmyn
Endroni Dalas Dunmer Female Ald Daedroth endroni dalas
Endryn Llethan Dunmer Male High Fane, Vivec, Temple Canton endryn llethan
Endul Rothandus Dunmer Male Telvanni Waistworks, Vivec endul rothandus
Engaer Bosmer Male Tel Naga Upper Tower, Sadrith Mora engaer
Enjine Redguard Female Shurinbaal Enjine
Ennah Redguard Male Tel Branora ennah
Ennbjof Nord Male The Lizard's Head, Vivec, Telvanni Canton ennbjof
Eno Hlaalu Dunmer Male Arena Hidden Area, Vivec eno hlaalu
Eponis Vinipter Imperial Female Shurinbaal Eponis Vinipter
Eraamion Altmer Male Caldera Mages Guild eraamion
Eradan Bosmer Male Addadshashanammu eradan
Eralane Hledas Dunmer Female St. Olms Canal North-One, Vivec Eralane Hledas
Eraldil Bosmer Female Hlaalu Waistworks, Vivec eraldil
Ereel-Lei Argonian Female Sadrith Mora argonian slave female
Erene Llenim Dunmer Male Seyda Neen erene llenim
Erer Darothril Dunmer Male Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub, Sadrith Mora erer darothril
Ereven Velas Dunmer Male Rotheran ereven velas
Ergnir Nord Male Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild ergnir
Erirvase Drinith Dunmer Female Hlaalu Temple, Vivec erirvase drinith
Eris Telas Dunmer Male High Fane, Vivec, Temple Canton eris telas
Erissare Altmer Female Aharnabi erissare
Erla Redguard Female Moonmoth Legion Fort erla
Ernand Thierry Breton Male Caldera Mages Guild ernand thierry
Ernard Genis Breton Male Onnissiralis ernard genis
Ernil Omoran Dunmer Male West Gash ernil omoran
Erns Maren Dunmer Male Ashalmawia, Shrine erns maren
Ernse Llervu Dunmer Female The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise, Vivec ernse llervu
Erradan Bosmer Male Shishara erradan
Erranil Altmer Female Ald'ruhn Mages Guild erranil
Ertius Fulbenus Imperial Male Madach Tradehouse, Gnisis ertius fulbenus
Erundil Altmer Male Indoranyon erundil
Erur-Dan Dunmer Male Cavern of the Incarnate ghost_npc_erur-dan
Erval Bosmer Male Erval's House, Pelagiad erval
Ervas Aradil Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth ervas aradil
Ervesa Romandas Dunmer Female Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold ervesa romandas
Ervis Ules Dunmer Male Ginith Ancestral Tomb ervis ules
Ervona Barys Dunmer Female Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, Ebonheart Ervona Barys
Ervyna Hlervu Dunmer Female Ervyna Hlervu's Shack, Tel Branora ervyna hlervu
Ery Redguard Female Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora ery
Esar-Don Dunsamsi Dunmer Male Tel Vos esar-don dunsamsi
Esdrufus Harsinia Imperial Male Ashinabi Esdrufus Harsinia
Esib-Nummu Assunudadnud Dunmer Male Gnisis Temple esib-nummu assunudadnud
Estalenya Altmer Female estalenya
Estinan Bosmer Female Tel Branora estinan
Estirdalin Altmer Female Balmora Mages Guild estirdalin
Estoril Altmer Female The Rat in the Pot, Ald'ruhn estoril
Ethal Seloth Dunmer Female Temporary Telvanni Housing, Vivec ethal seloth
Ethasi Rilvayn Dunmer Female Morag Tong Guild, Balmora ethasi rilvayn
Ethes Evos Dunmer Male Arobar Manor, Ald'ruhn ethes evos
Ethys Savil Dunmer Male Black Shalk Cornerclub, Vivec ethys savil
Eutei Argonian Female Saturan eutei
Evesa Omalas Dunmer Female Holamayan Monastery evesa omalas
Evilu Indrano Dunmer Female Shushan evilu indrano
Evos Goran Dunmer Male Evos Goran's House, Tel Branora evos goran
Eydis Fire-Eye Nord Female Balmora Fighters Guild eydis fire-eye

F[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Fadase Selvayn Dunmer Female Fadase Selvayn: Trader, Tel Branora fadase selvayn
Fadile Balvel Dunmer Female Hla Oad Fadila Balvel
Fadren Dalis Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth fadren dalis
Fainertil Altmer Male Ebonheart Fainertil
Faire Altmer Female Maba-Ilu faire
Falam Hlaalu Dunmer Male Halit Mine falam hlaalu
Falanaamo Altmer Male Falanaamo: Clothier, Caldera falanaamo
Falanu Indaren Dunmer Female Ashlands falanu indaren
Faldan Bosmer Male Tel Naga General Quarters, Sadrith Mora faldan
Falena Hlaren Dunmer Female Fara's Hole in the Wall, Sadrith Mora falena hlaren
Falion Bosmer Female Kudanat falion
Falso Sadrys Dunmer Male St. Olms Plaza, Vivec falso sadrys
Falura Llervu Dunmer Female Tel Aruhn falura llervu
Falvel Arenim Dunmer Male Hlaalu Council Manor, Balmora falvel arenim
Falvis Tunel Dunmer Male Fatleg's Drop Off, Hla Oad Falvis Tunel
Fammana Imperial Female Galom Daeus fammana
Fanar Fork-Beard Nord Male Fanar Fork-Beard's House, Dagon Fel fanar fork-beard
Fanasa Ienith Dunmer Female Beshara Fanasa Ienith
Fandus Puruseius Imperial Male Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub, Sadrith Mora fandus puruseius
Fanildil Altmer Male Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, Ebonheart Fanildil
Fanisea Irano Dunmer Female Fanisea Irano's Farmhouse, Vos fanisea irano
Fanuse Farano Dunmer Female Punammu Fanuse Farano
Fara Bosmer Female Fara's Hole in the Wall, Sadrith Mora fara
Faral Retheran Dunmer Female Redoran Treasury, Vivec faral retheran
Faralenu Henim Dunmer Female The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise, Vivec faralenu henim
Farare Othril Dunmer Female Odirniran farare othril
Faras Thirano Dunmer Female Ghostgate faras thirano
Farena Arelas Dunmer Female Arelas' House, Tel Uvirith farena arelas
Fargoth Bosmer Male Seyda Neen fargoth
Faric Panoit Breton Male Hanud faric panoit
Farmin Redguard Male Arena Waistworks, Vivec, Arena Canton farmin
Farusea Salas Dunmer Female Pelagiad farusea salas
Farvam Faram Dunmer Male Molag Mar Temple farvam faram
Farvyn Oreyn Dunmer Male Bitter Coast farvyn oreyn
Fasele Viralaine Breton Female Hlaalu Plaza, Vivec fasele viralaine
Fasile Charascel Breton Female Balmora Fighters Guild fasile charascel
Fathasa Llethri Dunmer Female Llethri Manor, Ald'ruhn fathasa llethri
Fathusa Girethi Dunmer Female Ald Skar Inn, Ald'ruhn fathusa girethi
Faulgor Bosmer Male St. Olms Yngling Manor, Vivec faulgor
Favani Faryon Dunmer Female Telvanni Waistworks, Vivec favani faryon
Favas Nilem Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth favas nilem
Favel Gobor Dunmer Male Black Shalk Cornerclub, Vivec favel gobor
Favela Dralor Dunmer Female Dralor Manor, Vivec favela dralor
Faven Arns Dunmer Male St. Delyn Plaza, Vivec faven arns
Faver Seran Dunmer Male Milk faver seran
Faves Andas Dunmer Male Shishi faves andas
Favilea Sathendas Dunmer Female Ramoran Manor, Ald'ruhn favilea sathendas
Favise Selaren Dunmer Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter favise selaren
Favona Gilnith Dunmer Female St. Olms Waist North-Two, Vivec favona gilnith
Fedar Davus Dunmer Male Fedar Davus's House, Tel Branora fedar davus
Fedris Tharen Dunmer Male Koal Cave fedris tharen
Fedura Sethan Dunmer Female St. Olms Farmers and Laborers Hall, Vivec fedura sethan
Felara Andrethi Dunmer Female Tel Aruhn Tower Living Quarters felara andrethi
Felara Thimalvel Dunmer Female Ahinipalit Felara Thimalvel
Felayn Andral Dunmer Male Holamayan Monastery felayn andral
Feldrelo Sadri Dunmer Female Balmora Temple feldrelo sadri
Felen Maryon Dunmer Male Therana's Chamber, Tel Branora Upper Tower felen maryon
Felisa Ulessen Dunmer Female Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora felisa ulessen
Felisi Serano Dunmer Male Ashalmawia Shrine felisi serano
Felmena Falavel Dunmer Female Justice Offices, Vivec, Temple Canton felmena falavel
Felsa Hleran Dunmer Female Sanabi felsa hleran
Felsu Telas Dunmer Female Hlormaren felsu telas
Felvos Droryn Dunmer Male Black Shalk Cornerclub, Vivec felvos droryn
Femer Veralor Dunmer Male Telvanni Prison Cells, Vivec femer veralor
Fenas Madach Breton Male Madach Tradehouse, Gnisis fenas madach
Fendel Alam Dunmer Male Adanumuran Fendel Alam
Fendel Hlaren Dunmer Male Hlaren Residence, Vivec fendel hlaren
Fendros Varys Dunmer Male Punammu Fendros Varys
Fendryn Delvi Dunmer Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton fendryn drelvi
Fentula Pevengius Imperial Female Ahinipalit Fentula Pevengius
Feralea Ramori Dunmer Female Halit Mine feralea ramori
Ferarilie Riscel Breton Male Telvanni Tower, Vivec ferarilie riscel
Ferele Athram Dunmer Male Ferele Athram: Trader, Tel Aruhn ferele athram
Feril Salmyn Dunmer Male Kogoruhn feril salmyn
Ferise Varo Dunmer Female Varo Tradehouse, Vos ferise varo
Ferone Veran Dunmer Female Ghostgate ferone veran
Feruren Oran Dunmer Male Elven Nations Cornerclub, Vivec feruren oran
Fervas Reloro Dunmer Male Zainsipilu fervas reloro
Fervsea Girothran Dunmer Female Odaishah fervsea girothran
Ferynu Indrano Dunmer Female Marandus ferynu indrano
Fevasa Saryon Dunmer Female Vivec fevasa saryon
Fevila Bethrano Dunmer Female Fevila Bethrano's Shack, Ald Velothi Fevila Bethrano
Fevris Senoril Dunmer Male Ramimilk fevris senoril
Fevus Aryon Dunmer Male Rotheran fevus aryon
Fevyn Ralen Dunmer Male Telvanni Mage, Vivec fevyn ralen
Fieryra Dunmer Female Ald Daedroth fieryra
Fiiriel Altmer Male East Empire North Warehouse, Ebonheart Fiiriel
Filbeneth Bosmer Female Assarnud filbeneth
Fillin Bosmer Male Hlormaren fillin
Findulain Bosmer Male Ascadian Isles findulain
Fine-Mouth Argonian Male Fine-Mouth's Shack, Seyda Neen fine_mouth
Fistelle Altmer Female Assu fistelle
Fjol Nord Male Bitter Coast Fjol
Fjorgeir Nord Male Odai Plateau Fjorgeir
Fjori the Stout Nord Male Minabi fjori the stout
Fjorrod Nord Male Fjorrod's House, Dagon Fel fjorrod
Flacassia Fauseius Imperial Female Vivec Mages Guild flacassia fauseius
Flaenia Amiulusus Imperial Female Balmora Fighters Guild flaenia amiulusus
Folms Mirel Dunmer Male Caldera Mages Guild folms mirel
Folsi Thendas Dunmer Female Suran folsi thendas
Folvalie Omalor Dunmer Female Andasreth folvalie omalor
Folvys Andalor Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Temple folvys andalor
Folyni Dran Dunmer Male Habinbaes folyni dran
Fomesa Tharys Dunmer Female fomesa tharys
Fonas Retheran Dunmer Female Ghostgate fonas retheran
Fonus Rathryon Dunmer Male Ashlands fonus rathryon
Fore Paw Orsimer Male Ald Daedroth fore paw
Foronir Bosmer Male Tel Branora foronir
Forvse Nerethi Dunmer Female Curio Manor, Vivec, Hlaalu Canton forvse nerethi
Foryn Gilnith Dunmer Male Foryn Gilnith's Shack, Seyda Neen foryn gilnith
Fothas Thirandus Dunmer Male Elith-Pal Mine fothas thirandus
Fothyna Herothran Dunmer Male Ashanammu Fothyna Herothran
Foves Arenim Dunmer Male Governor's Hall, Caldera foves arenim
Fovus Faravel Dunmer Male Pinsun Fovus Faravel
Fraki Nord Male Holamayan Monastery fraki
Frald the White Nord Male Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, Ebonheart Frald the White
Fralvia Sibassius Imperial Female Punsabanit Fralvia Sibassius
Frelene Acques Breton Female Hlaalu Prison Cells, Vivec frelene acques
Frik Nord Male Imperial Chapels, Ebonheart Frik
Frink Ruuz Redguard Male Arkngthand Frink Ruuz
Frinnius Posuceius Imperial Male Dren Plantation Frinnius Posuceius
Frizkav Brutya Breton Male Ministry of Truth frizkav brutya
Frostien Ephine Breton Male Castle Ebonheart Frostien Ephine
Fruscia Abitius Imperial Female Ules Manor fruscia abitius
Fryfnhild Nord Female The End of the World, Dagon Fel fryfnhild
Furius Acilius Imperial Male Undergound Caves, Ebonheart Furius Acilius

G[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Gaban Breton Male Telvayn Ancestral Tomb bandit_scruffy_de_hrggh
Gadasu Serothan Dunmer Female Ashinabi Gadasu Serothan
Gadayn Andarys Dunmer Male Vivec, Hlaalu General Goods gadayn andarys
Gadela Andus Dunmer Female Vivec, Elven Nations Cornerclub gadela andus
Gaden Folvyn Dunmer Male Bal Isra gaden folvyn
Gaden Llarys Dunmer Male Dunirai Caverns gaden llarys
Gadyni Rethan Dunmer Female Yassu Mine Gadyni Rethan
Gaeldol Bosmer Male Ebonheart Gaeldol
Gaelion Dunmer Male Tel Branora Upper Tower gaelion
Gah Julan Argonian Male Ascadian Isles gah_julan
Gakkenfeld Orsimer Male Gro-Bagrat Plantation gakkenfeld
Galam Llendu Dunmer Male Beshara Galam Llendu
Galar Baren Dunmer Male Nammu Galar Baren
Galar Rothan Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House galar rothan
Galas Drenim Dunmer Female Ebonheart, Grand Council Chambers Galas Drenim
Galasa Uvayn Dunmer Female Vivec, Hlaalu Treasury galasa uvayn
Galbedir Bosmer Female Balmora Mages Guild galbedir
Galdal Omayn Dunmer Female Ghostgate galdal omayn
Galdiir Bosmer Female Shushishi galdiir
Galdres Ienith Dunmer Male Punammu Galdres Ienith
Galen Berer Dunmer Male Tel Branora, Galen Berer: Armorer galen berer
Galeri Uveleth Dunmer Female Sudanit Mine galeri uveleth
Galero Andaram Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House galero andaram
Galis Seleth Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Upper North-One galis seleth
Galmir Bosmer Male Sadrith Mora, Tel Naga Great Hall galmir
Galmis Dren Dunmer Male Nammu Galmis Dren
Galore Salvi Dunmer Female Ghostgate galore salvi
Galos Farethi Dunmer Male Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa Galos Farethi
Galos Mathendis Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House galos mathendis
Gals Arethi Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora gals arethi
Galsa Gindu Dunmer Female Galsa Gindu's House galsa gindu
Galsu Tedas Dunmer Female Nissintu galsu tedas
Galthragoth Bosmer Male Ald'ruhn, Galthragoth's House galthragoth
Galtis Guvron Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, The Rat in the Pot galtis guvron
Galtis Serethi Dunmer Male Shurinbaal Galtis Serethi
Galuro Belan Dunmer Female Vivec, Telvanni Apothecary galuro belan
Galvene Othrobar Dunmer Female Indarys Manor galvene othrobar
Galviso Heran Dunmer Female Vivec, Dralor Manor galviso heran
Galyn Arvel Dunmer Female Ald Velothi galyn arvel
Gam-Kur Argonian Male Pulk gam-kur
Ganalyn Saram Dunmer Male Vivec, Hlaalu Alchemist ganalyn saram
Ganciele Douar Imperial Male Seyda Neen, Census and Excise Office chargen door guard
Gancolm Redguard Male Shurinbaal Gancolm
Gandela Indoran Dunmer Female Milk gandela indoran
Gandosa Arobar Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn, Arobar Manor gandosa arobar
Ganus Lloryn Dunmer Male Ald Velothi ganus lloryn
Garalo Andalas Dunmer Female garalo andalas
Garas Seloth Dunmer Female Vivec, Telvanni Alchemist garas seloth
Garding the Bold Nord Male Vivec, St. Olms Haunted Manor garding
Garer Danoran Dunmer Male Vivec, Hlaalu Treasury garer danoran
Garila Vedas Dunmer Female Indarys Manor garila vedas
Garisa Llethri Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Llethri Manor garisa llethri
Garothmuk gro-Muzgub Orsimer Male Suran, Garothmuk gro-Muzgub: Smith garothmuk gro-muzgub
Garry Redguard Male Maar Gan Shrine garry
Garvs Ramarys Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Ramoran Manor garvs ramarys
Garyn Girith Dunmer Male Ald Velothi garyn girith
Garyne Uvenim Dunmer Female Vivec, Canon Quarters garyne uvenim
Garzonk gro-Mulakh Orsimer Male Ibishammus garzonk gro-mulakh
Gashna gro-Mogduk Orsimer Male Valenvaryon gashna gro-mogduk
Gashnakh gra-Mughol Orsimer Female Uvirith's Grave gashnakh gra-mughol
Gathal Llethri Dunmer Male Dren Plantation, Guard House Gathal Llethri
Gavesu Arelas Dunmer Male Sargon gavesu arelas
Gazalem Bosmer Male Yakanalit gazaleam
Geel-Lah Argonian Male Ebonheart, Argonian Mission Geel_Lah
Gelduin Bosmer Female Tel Mora Lower Tower gelduin
Gentleman Jim Stacey Redguard Male Vivec, Simine Fralinie: Bookseller stacey
Geor Matreinace Breton Male Molag Mar, St. Veloth's Hostel geor matreinace
Gergio Imperial Male Galom Daeus gergio
Germia Imperial Female Galom Daeus germia
Gerrilgor Bosmer Male gerrilgor
Ghamborz gro-Bagdub Orsimer Male Yansirramus ghamborz gro-bagdub
Ghamonk gro-Agadbu Orsimer Male Zebabi ghamonk gro-agadbu
Ghob gra-Gholob Orsimer Female Assurdirapal ghob gra-gholob
Ghoragdush gro-Kashug Orsimer Male Caldera, Ghorak Manor ghoragdush gro-kashug
Ghorlorz gro-Moghakh Orsimer Male Zergonipal ghorlorz gro-moghakh
Giden Nelvilo Dunmer Male Shallit giden nelvilo
Gih-Ja Argonian Female Sha-Adnius gih-ja
Gilan Daynes Dunmer Male Vivec, No Name Club gilan daynes
Gilas Inlador Dunmer Male Bal Fell gilas inlador
Gilas Llervu Dunmer Male Andasreth gilas llervu
Gildan Bosmer Female Ald'ruhn, Gildan's House gildan
Gilm Argonian Female Caldera Mine gilm
Gilmyn Andrilo Dunmer Male Zanabi Gilmyn Andrilo
Gils Drelas Dunmer Male Tel Branora, Therana's Chamber gils drelas
Gils Oril Dunmer Male Tusenend gils oril
Gilse Darethi Dunmer Female Dagon Fel, Sorkvild's Tower gilse darethi
Gilvas Barelo Dunmer Male Holamayan Monastery gilvas barelo
Gilyan Sedas Dunmer Male Balmora, Morag Tong Guild gilyan sedas
Gilyn Drobar Dunmer Male Adanumuran Gilyn Drobar
Gilyne Omoren Dunmer Male Indarys Manor gilyne omoren
Ginadura Andrethi Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Plaza ginadura andrethi
Gindas Ildram Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Farmers and Laborers Hall gindas ildram
Gindrala Hleran Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn gindrala hleran
Giningil Bosmer Female Sha-Adnius giningil
Ginur Marys Dunmer Male Surirulk Ginur Marys
Girara Teran Dunmer Female Mallapi girara teran
Giras Indaram Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold giras indaram
Giren Avilo Dunmer Male Surirulk Giren Avilo
Giron Manas Dunmer Male Tel Branora, Giron Manas's Shack giron manas
Girvani Sedas Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Plaza girvani sedas
Giryn Nirith Dunmer Male Andasreth giryn nirith
Girynu Gilnith Dunmer Female Hlormaren girynu gilnith
Gish Argonian Female Zebabi gish
Gladroon Altmer Male Ashmelech gladroon
Glallian Maraennius Imperial Male Castle Ebonheart Glallian Maraennius
Glannison Redguard Male Beshara Glannison
Glasha gra-Magar Orsimer Female Mzuleft glasha gra-magar
Glathel Bosmer Female Vivec, Elven Nations Cornerclub glathel
Glaum Bosmer Male Telvayn Ancestral Tomb bandit_scarred_de_hrggh
Glob gra-Ghasharzol Orsimer Female Sheogorad glob gra-ghasharzol
Glonagoth Bosmer Male Hla Oad Glonagoth
Gluronk gra-Shula Orsimer Female Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn gluronk gra-shula
Glush gro-Dul Orsimer Male Shashpilamat glush gro-dul
Gnaw Tooth Orsimer Male Ald Daedroth gnaw tooth
Godrod Hairy-Breeks Nord Male Ulummusa godrod hairy-breeks
Godros Bosmer Male Tel Branora Tower Guardpost godros
Gogrek Nord Male Hinnabi gogrek
Golana Giralvel Dunmer Female Sudanit Mine golana giralvel
Golar Omoran Dunmer Male Sanabi golar omoran
Goldyn Belaram Dunmer Male Suran, Goldyn Belaram: Pawnbroker goldyn belaram
Goler Andrethi Dunmer Male Tel Vos goler andrethi
Golmerea Othravel Dunmer Female Ahinipalit Golmerea Othravel
Gols Nilvon Dunmer Male Vivec, The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise gols nilvon
Golven Hleran Dunmer Male Marandus golven hleran
Golveso Senim Dunmer Female Vivec, Telvanni Waistworks golveso senim
Golvyni Faryon Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canal North-Two golvyni faryon
Gomeso Sarano Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Potter's Hall gomeso sarano
Gonk gra-Gurub Orsimer Female Vivec, Temporary Telvanni Housing gonk gra-gurub
Goras Andrelo Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Goras Andrelo's House goras andrelo
Gorchalas Bosmer Male Tel Branora Upper Tower gorchalas
Gordol Dunmer Male Ashalmawia, Sunken Vaults gordol
Goren Andarys Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Morag Tong Guildhall Goren Andarys
Gorenea Andrano Dunmer Female Sud gorenea andrano
Goris the Maggot King Dunmer Male Venim Ancestral Tomb Goris the Maggot King
Goron Lleran Dunmer Male Molag Mar, St. Veloth's Hostel goron lleran
Gorven Menas Dunmer Female Tel Uvirith, Menas' House gorven menas
Gothren Dunmer Male Tel Aruhn gothren
Gragus Lleran Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Sarethi Manor gragus lleran
Grand Inquisitor Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth grand inquisitor
Grat gra-Sharolg Orsimer Female Valenvaryon grat gra-sharolg
Grat gro-Gholfim Orsimer Male Ashunartes grat gro-gholfim
Grazob gra-Kharz Orsimer Female Assurdirapal grazob gra-kharz
Greidil Half-Troll Nord Female Dagon Fel, Greidil Half-Troll's House greidil half-troll
Grey-Throat Argonian Male Ascadian Isles grey_throat
Guard Varies Varies Varies Varies
Guard Captain Imperial Male Buckmoth Legion Fort
Fort Pelagiad
Moonmoth Legion Fort
imperial guard captain
Guarg gro-Yarzol Orsimer Male Vivec, Hlaalu Temple Gurag gro-Yarzol
Gudling the Rascal Nord Male Molag Mar, St. Veloth's Hostel gudling the rascal
Guldrise Dralor Dunmer Female Dren Plantation, Verethi and Dralor Guldrise Dralor
Gulena Girith Dunmer Female Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine Gulena Girith
Gulfim gra-Borbul Orsimer Female Caldera, Ghorak Manor gulfim gra-borbul
Gulitte Cienne Breton Female Vivec, Ihinipalit gulitte cienne
Guls Llervu Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Guls Llervu's House guls llervu
Gulvilie Arinith Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Underworks gulvilie arinith
Gurak gro-Bagrat Orsimer Male Gro-Bagrat Plantation gurak gro-bagrat
Guril Retheran Dunmer Male Vivec, The Flowers of Gold guril retheran
Gwen Redguard Female Nund Gwen

H[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Haakon Nord Male Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine haakon
Haema Farseer Nord Female Dagon Fel haema farseer
Haening Nord Male Ebonheart Haening
Haesmar Nord Male Ramimilk haesmar
Hainab Dunmer Female Urshilaku Camp hainab
Hainab Lasamsi Dunmer Male Gnisis hainab lasamsi
Hairan Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp hairan
Hairan Mannanalit Dunmer Female Vos, Varo Tradehouse hairan mannanalit
Hakar the Candle Nord Male Molag Mar, Redoran Stronghold hakar the candle
Haki Nord Male Vivec, St. Delyn Waistworks haki
Haki the Halt Nord Male Zaintiraris haki the halt
Haleneri Salor Dunmer Female Odirniran haleneri salor
Halof Nord Male Shushishi halof
Hamlof Red-Tooth Nord Male Zanabi Hamlof Red-tooth
Hamvir Nord Male Zebabi hamvir
Han-Ammu Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp han-ammu
Han-Tulm Argonian Male Sha-Adnius han-tulm
Hanarai Assutlanipal Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn, Hanarai Assutlanipal's House hanarai assutlanipal
Hannabi Zabynatus Dunmer Female Gnisis hannabi zabynatus
Hannat Zainsubani Dunmer Male Mamaea hannat zainsubani
Hansi Saharnatturapli Dunmer Female Berandas hansi saharnatturapli
Haran Argonian Male Zainsipilu haran
Harassa Khajiit Female Yakanalit harassa
Hasell Redguard Male Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild hasell
Hasphat Antabolis Imperial Male Balmora Fighters Guild hasphat antabolis
Hassour Zainsubani Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Ald Skar Inn hassour zainsubani
Hathei Argonian Male Pulk hathei
Hecerinde Altmer Male Balmora, Hecerinde's House hecerinde
Heddvild Nord Female Balmora heddvild
Heedul Argonian Male Kudanat heedul
Heem-La Argonian Male Ald'ruhn Mages Guild heem_la
Hefadmir Nord Male Grytewake hefadmir
Heidmir Nord Male Ebonheart, Skyrim Mission Heidmir
Heifnir Nord Male Dagon Fel, Heifnir: Trader heifnir
Heir-Zish Argonian Male Hinnabi heir-zish
Helga Nord Female Khuul, Helga's Shack helga
Helviane Desele Breton Female Suran, Desele's House of Earthly Delights helviane desele
Hemus Zelma-Alit Dunmer Male Salit Camp hemus zelma-alit
Heniele Milielle Breton Female Indarys Manor, Berendas' House Heniele Milielle
Hentus Yansurnummu Dunmer Male Gnisis hentus yansurnummu
Herd Nord Male Sinsibadon herd
Hetman Abelmawia Dunmer Male Gnisis, Abelmawia Hut hetman abelmawia
Hetman Guls Dunmer Male Bal Isra viras guls
Hibaddar Ilath-Pal Dunmer Male Molag Amur hibaddar ilath-pal
Hickim Redguard Male Balmora, Lucky Lockup hickim
Hides His Eyes Argonian Male Suran Tradehouse hides_his_eyes
Hides-His-Foot Argonian Male Dren Plantation hides_his_foot
High-Heart Argonian Male Molag Mar high-heart
Higil Nord Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canal North-Three higil
Hinald Redguard Male Gnaar Mok, Druegh-jigger's Rest hinald
Hinammu Shishara Dunmer Male Gnisis, Shishara Hut hinammu shishara
Hingor Bosmer Male Buckmoth Legion Fort hingor
Hinummu Siddurnanit Dunmer Female Berandas hinummu siddurnanit
Hirarend Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp hirarend
Hirnir Nord Male Bal Fell hirnir
Hisin Deep-Raed Nord Male West Gash hisin deep-raed
Hjoldir Nord Male Dagon Fel hjoldir
Hjotra the Peacock Nord Female Dagon Fel, End of the World Renter Rooms hjotra the peacock
Hjrondir Nord Male Seyda Neen Firemoth_Warrior
Hlaalu Guard Dunmer Male Varies hlaalu guard
hlaalu guard_outside
Hlaalu Sharpshooter Dunmer Male Ascadian Isles hlaalu sharpshooter
Hlar Nord Male Onnissiralis hlar
Hlaren Ramoran Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Ramoran Manor hlaren ramoran
Hlaroi Faryon Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Canal North-Two hlaroi faryon
Hlavora Sadas Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Records hlavora sadas
Hlendrisa Seleth Dunmer Female Tel Uvirith, Seleth's House hlendrisa seleth
Hlenil Neladren Dunmer Male Vivec, Curio Manor hlenil neladren
Hleras Gidren Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora, Hleras Gidren's House hleras gidran
Hlevala Madalvel Dunmer Female Dren Plantation, Hlevala's Shack Hlevala Madavel
Hlireni Indavel Dunmer Female Ald Daedroth hlireni indavel
Hlodala Savel Dunmer Female Rethan Manor hlodala savel
Hlora Long-Leg Nord Male Dagon Fel, Sorkvild's Tower hlora long-leg
Hloris Farano Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House hloris farano
Hlormar Wine-Sot Nord Male West Gash hlormar wine-sot
Hodlismod Nord Male Caldera, Hodlismod: Armorer hodlismod
Hoki Nord Male Ald'ruhn, Morag Tong Guildhall Hoki
Holmgeira Nord Female Bitter Coast holmgeira
Honthjolf Nord Male Aharnabi honthjolf
Horstar Home-Wrecker Nord Male Ramimilk horstar home-wrecker
Hort Ledd Dunmer Male Cavern of the Incarnate ghost_npc_hort_ledd
Horulia Jannus Imperial Male Maelkashishi horulia jannus
Hrargal the Crow Nord Male Dren Plantation Hrargal the Crow
Hreirek the Lean Nord Female Dagon Fel, End of the World Renter Rooms hreirek the lean
Hrisskar Flat-Foot Nord Male Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse hrisskar flat-foot
Hroa Nord Female Vivec, St. Olms Canal North-Three hroa
Hrondar Highlander Nord Male Hla Oad, Fadila Balvel's House Hrondar Highlander
Hrordis Nord Female Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern hrordis
Hrundi Nord Male Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall hrundi
Hul Argonian Female Balmora hul
Huleeya Argonian Male Vivec, Black Shalk Cornerclub huleeya
Hurg Nord Male Dagon Fel, Hurg's House hurg
Hurnfing Nord Male Assalkushalit hurnfing
Hurolf Nord Male Yakanalit hurolf
Hussonia Redguard Female Ashinabi hussonia
Huzei Argonian Male Assarnud huzei
Hyarnarenquar Altmer Male Assurnabitashpi hyarnarenquar
Hylf the Harrier Nord Male Vivec, Black Shalk Cornerclub hylf the harrier
Hyna Dorn'ke Bosmer Female Ministry of Truth hyna dorn'ke
Hyring Nord Female Onnissiralis hyring

I[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Ian Redguard Male Ebonheart ian
Ibanammu Assutladainab Dunmer Male ibanammu assutladainab
Ibarnadad Assirnarari Dunmer Male Suran ibarnadad assirnarari
Ibasour Sershurrapal Dunmer Male ibasour_sershurrapal
Idhassi Khajiit Female Rotheran idhassi
Idhdean Tailas Breton Male Arkngthand idhdean_tailas
Idlami Nord Male Yansirramus
Idonea Munia Imperial Female idonea_munia
Idrenie Nerothan Dunmer Female ghost_npc_idrenie nerot
Idronea Sadri Dunmer Female Assarnud idronea_sadri
Idros Givyn Dunmer Male Venim Manor, Ald'ruhn
Idroso Vendu Dunmer Female idroso vendu
Idula Moren Dunmer Female Kumarahaz idula_moren
Ienas Nadus Dunmer Male ienas_nadus
Ienas Sarandas Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn ienas_sarandas
Ienasa Radas Dunmer Female Vos ienasa radas
Ienase Relnim Dunmer Female St. Olms Plaza, Vivec City ienase relnim
Ienaso Adren Dunmer Female Ebernanit ienaso adren
Igna Nord Female igna
Iingail Bosmer Female Shishara lingail
Iirenoore Altmer Female Yesamsi iirenoore
Ilasour Tansumiran Dunmer Male Gnisis ilasour_tansumiran
Ilden Mirel Redguard Male Ministry of Truth ilden_mirel
Ildogesto Imperial Male ildogesto
Ildos Rothren Dunmer Male Andasreth
Ilen Faveran Dunmer Male Balmora, Temple ilen faveran
Ilet Tistar Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth ilet_tistar
Ilfhild Nord Female Grytewake ilfhild
Ilmeni Dren Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Canton ilmeni_dren
Ilmiril Altmer Male Ilmiril's House, Ald'ruhn ilmiril
Ilmyna Romoren Dunmer Female
Ilver Aralas Dunmer Male ilver_aralas
Im-Kilaya Argonian Male Argonian Mission, Ebonheart Im_Kilaya
Imare Altmer Female Balmora, Hlaalu Council Manor imare
Iminda Redguard Male Ashmelech iminda
Imsin the Dreamer Nord Female Imsin the Dreamer
Indrel Bosmer Female Shishi indrel
Indrele Rathryon Dunmer Female Seyda Neen indrele rathryon
Inee Argonian Male Sadrith Mora inee
Iner Raledran Dunmer Male Ebernanit iner_raledran
Inera Faryon Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton inera_faryon
Inerri Khajiit Female Vivec, Telvanni Canton inerri
Inganar Altmer Male Ularradallaku inganar
Ingokning Nord Female Ebonheart ingokning
Iniel Altmer Female Sadrith Mora Iniel
Inorra Khajiit Female inorra
Inwold Breton Male Palansour, West Gash Ingwold
Irarak Dunmer Male irarak
Iratian Albarnian Imperial Male iratian_albarnian
Irbran Kirbatha Breton Male Arkngthand irbran_kirbatha
Irer Nervion Dunmer Male Falasmaryon, Lower Levels "irer nervion"
Irgola Redguard Male Irgola: Pawnbroker, Caldera irgola
Irinwe Altmer Female Addadshashanammu irinwe
Irna Maryon Dunmer Female Tel Aruhn Tower Entry irna maryon
Iroroon Altmer Male Ashmelech iroroon
Irvama Othrelas Dunmer Female Gro-Bagrat Plantation irvama othrelas
Irver Fevur Dunmer Male Irver Fevur
Irvsie Othran Dunmer Female Rotheran irvsie_othran
Irwaen Bosmer Female Tel Branora irwaen
Itan Argonian Male itan
Itar the Gentle Nord Male Dagon Fel itar the gentle
Itermerel Altmer Male Eight Plates, Balmora itermerel
Iulus Truptor Imperial Male Iulus Truptor
Ivela Uvenim Dunmer Female
Iveri Llothri Dunmer Female iveri llothri
Ivramie Sarandas Dunmer Female
Ivrosa Verethi Dunmer Female Dren Plantation ivrosa_verethi

J[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
J'Dato Khajiit Male j'dato
J'Dhannar Khajiit Male Vivec, St. Olms Canton j'dhannar
J'Hanir Khajiit Male Fort Firemoth firemoth_cat
J'Jarsha Khajiit Male Sinsibadon j'jarsha
J'Jazha Khajiit Male Sadrith Mora
Gateway Inn
J'Kara Khajiit Male Arvel Plantation j'kara
J'Raksa Khajiit Male Rotheran j'raksa
J'Ram-Dar Argonian Male Hinnabi jram_dar
J'Rasha Khajiit Male Vivec, Foreign Quarter j'rasha
J'Saddha Khajiit Male Ashalmawia j_saddha
J'Zamha Khajiit Male Saturan j'zamha
J'Zhirr Khajiit Male Ebonheart
East Empire Company Hall
Jadier Mannick Breton Male Tel Aruhn jadier_mannick
Jaline Redguard Female Pinsun Jaline
Jamie Redguard Female Suran jamie
Janand Maulinie Breton Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter: Mages Guild janand_maulinie
Jart Redguard Male Assalkushalit
Jathlanie Redguard Male jathlanie
Je Tee Nord Male Ald Daedroth, Antechamber je_tee
Jeanciele Macile Breton Male Ashmelech jeanciele_macile
Jeanne Redguard Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter jeanne
Jeberilie Moniel Breton Female Vas jeberilie_moniel
Jeed-Ei Argonian Female jeed_ei
Jeelus-Tei Argonian Male Suran jeelus-tei
Jeer-Maht Argonian Male jeer_maht
Jelin Redguard Male Ebonheart jelin
Jerian Dolbanitte Breton Male Gnaar Mok
Jine Redguard Male Ashinabi jine
Jiub Dunmer Male Imperial Prison Ship jiub
Jo'Ren-Dar Khajiit Male Sterdecan's Farmhouse joren_dar
Jo'Thri-Dar Khajiit Male jo_thri_dar
Jobasha Khajiit Male jobasha
Jocien Ancois Breton Male jocien ancois
Jolda Redguard Female Tel Mora, Jolda: Apothecary jolda
Jolding Nord Female Addadshashanammu
Jolgeir Nord Male jolgeir
Jon Hawker Redguard Male Nammu jon_hawker
Joncis Dalomax Breton Male Ashurnibibi, Shrine joncis dalomax
Jonis Redguard Male Indaren Ancestral Tomb jonis
Jonus Maximus Imperial Male Ebonheart
Joshur Khajiit Male Ebonheart
Joslin Breton Female Ebonheart joslin
Junal-Lei Argonian Male Pelagiad junal_lei

K[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Kaasha Khajiit Female kaasha
Kal-Ma Argonian Female Arvel Plantation kal_ma
Kalorter Redguard Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton kalorter
Kammu Dunmer Female Ahemmusa Camp kammu
Kanat Assalatammis Dunmer Male kanat_assalatammis
Kanet Redguard Female Ansi kanet
Kanit Niladon Dunmer [?] kanit niladon
Kanud Odimabesser Dunmer Male kanud_odimabesser
Kar Alber Nord Female
Kardryn Altmer Male Ald Daedroth kardryn
Karlirah Redguard Female Balmora karlirah
Kasa Argonian Male Arvel Plantation kasa
Kashtes Ilabael Dunmer Male Grazelands kashtes_ilabael
Katie Redguard Female Tel Mora, Tel Mora Lower Tower katie
Kausha Mantashpi Dunmer Female Ashamanu Camp kausha mantashpi
Kaushad Dunmer Male Zainab Camp
Ashkhan's Yurt
Kausi Dunmer Male Ahemmusa Camp kausi
Kaye Redguard Male Ebonheart kaye
Keel-Raniur Argonian Female Keel-Raniur's House keel_raniur
Khadba gro-Uzgurn Orsimer Male Mzuleft khadba_gro_uzgurn
Khagra gro-Lurkul Orsimer Male Masseranit khagra_gro_lurkul
Khamuzi Khajiit Female Molag Mar khamuzi
Khargol gro-Boguk Orsimer Male Dagon Fel, Vacant Tower Khargol gro-Boguk
Kharzug gra-Gat Orsimer Female Valenvaryon kharzug_gra_gat
Khazura Khajiit Female Caldera Mine khazura
Khinjarsi Khajiit Female Desele's House of Earthly Delights Khinjarsi
Kind Erushara Dunmer Male Maar Gan kind_erushara
King Hlaalu Helseth
Kirginia Redguard Female Punsabanit kirginia
Kirsty Bosmer Female Tel Mora kirsty
Kiseena Khajiit Female Slave Shack One, Caldera Mining Company kiseena
Kishni Khajiit Female Aharunartus kishni
Kisimba Khajiit Female Habinbaes kisimba
Kisisa Khajiit Female Rotheran kisisa
Kitbael Assurnumanit Dunmer Male Yakaridan Camp kitbael_assurnumanit
Kjeld Nord Male Druscashti Ruins kjeld
Knurguri Nord Male
Koffutto Gilgar Orsimer Male Gimothran Ancestral Tomb koffutto gilgar
Kummi-Namus Almu Dunmer Male Gnisis Eggmine kummi-namus_almu
Kummu Dunmer Female Erabenimsun Camp kummu
Kund Assarnibani Dunmer Male kund assarnibani
Kunthar Nord Male Pelagiad Kunthar
Kurapli Dunmer Female Urshilaku Camp "kurapli"
Kushishi Dunmer Female Erabenimsun Camp kushishi

L[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Ladia Flarugrius Imperial Female Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern ladia flarugrius
Lagakh gra-Lorga Orsimer Female Mzuleft lagakh_gra_lorga
Laire Redguard Female Beshara laire
Lalaine Essagan Imperial Female Arkngthand lalaine_essagan
Lalatia Varian Imperial Female Lalatia Varian
Lambug gra-Lurn Orsimer Female Valenvaryon lambug_gra_lurn
Lanabi Dunmer Female Lanabi's Yurt lanabi
Lanald Redguard Male Ahinipalit lanald
Landa Redguard Female Vivec, Telvanni Canton landa
Landorume Altmer Male Ebonheart landorume
Lanie Endre Breton Male Shishi lanie endre
Largakh gro-Bulfim Orsimer Male Largakh gro-Bufirm
Larienna Macrina Imperial Female Nchurdamz
Larisus Dergius Imperial Male Yasamsi Larisus Dergius
Larrius Varro Imperial Male Moonmoth Legion Fort larrius varro
Lassinia Mussillius Imperial Female Ebonheart lassinia_mussillius
Lassour Zenammu Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Morag Tong Guildhall "Lassour Zenammu"
Lauravenya Dunmer Female Ald Velothi Outpost lauravenya
Lazgar gra-Durog Orsimer Female Khartag Point lazgar_gra_durog
Leles Birian Breton Female Ascadian Isles (4,-8) leles birian
Leone Imperial Female leone
Lesley Redguard Male Nund lesley
Letreius Muco Imperial Male Vivec, Foreign Quarter Letreius Muco
Lette Redguard Female Tel Mora lette
Levus Musilchiotus Imperial Male
Lidebras Redguard Male lidebras
Lielle Vette Breton Female lielle vette
Liette Bosmer Female Tel Mora, Liette's House liette
Linus Iulus Imperial Male Mount Kand linus_iulus
Lirielle Stoine Breton Female The Rat in the Pot lirielle_stoine
Listien Bierles Breton Male listien bierles
Llaalam Dredil Dunmer Male Ebonheart Llalam Dredil
Llaalam Madalas Dunmer Male llaalam madalas
Llaalamu Sathren Dunmer Female
Llaals Ores Dunmer Male Tel Aruhn llaals ores
Llaalsa Dralor Dunmer Female Adanumuran llalsa_dralor
Llanas Drilvi Dunmer Male llanas_drilvi
Llandrale Varam Dunmer Female Ald Sotha llandrale_varam
Llandras Belaal Dunmer Male Balmora llandras belaal
Llandris Thirandus Dunmer Male Vivec City, Temple Canton: High Fane llandris thirandus
Llanel Brenos Dunmer Male Llethri Manor llanel brenos
Llarar Bereloth Dunmer Male Sulipund llarar_bereloth
Llarara Omayn Dunmer Female Balmora, Temple llarara_omayn
Llarel Llenim Dunmer Male
Llaren Terano Dunmer Male Rotheran llaren_terano
Llaro Llethri Dunmer Male Dren Plantation llaro_llethri
Llaros Uvayn Dunmer Female Caldera llaros_uvayn
Llarusea Andrethi Dunmer Female Aharnabi
Llathise Dralas Dunmer Female Ald Sotha llathise_dralas
Llathyno Hlaalu Dunmer Female Balmora, Temple llathyno_hlaalu
Llavam Adas Dunmer Male llavam_adas
Llavane Hlas Dunmer Female Arobar Manor llavane hlas
Llavelea Nelvani Dunmer Female llavelea_nelvani
Llavesa Drom Dunmer Female Red Mountain Region llavesa drom
Llaynasa Othran Dunmer Female Gro-Bagrat Plantation llaynasa_othran
Lledsa Vari Dunmer Female
Lledsea Relas Dunmer Female Ald Velothi lledsea relas
Llemisa Marys Dunmer Female Hla Oad, Fatleg's Drop Off
Lleran Andoril Dunmer Male Andasreth lleran_andoril
Llerar Mandas Dunmer Male Ebonheart llerar_mandas
Llerar Vinden Dunmer Male Ald Velothi Llerar Vinden
Lleras Andalen Dunmer Male Elith-Pal Mine lleras_andalen
Lleris Rathryon Dunmer Male Kunirai lleris_rathryon
Llero Lloran Dunmer Male Sargon llero_lloran
Llerusa Hlaalu Dunmer Female Ascadian Isles llerusa hlaalu
Llether Vari Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Llether Vari: Enchanter llether vari
Llevana Salaren Dunmer Female Molag Mar, Temple llevana salaren
Llevas Fels Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora
Llevel Seri Dunmer Male Halit Mine llevel_seri
Llevena Sendas Dunmer Female Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold llevena sendas
Llirala Sendas Dunmer Female
Lliram Alvor Dunmer Male lliram_alvor
Lliros Tures Dunmer Male
Lliryn Fendyn Dunmer Male Rethan Manor lliryn_fendyn
Llivas Othravel Dunmer Female Ebonheart llivas_othravel
Lloden Tenim Dunmer Male Maelkashishi lloden tenim
Llonas Felder Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton llonas_felder
Llondresa Reloth Dunmer Female Llondresa Reloth
Llondryn Hlaalo Dunmer Male
Llorayna Sethan Dunmer Female Tel Branora llorayna sethan
Lloros Sarano Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Temple lloros sarano
Llovyn Andus Dunmer Male Ascadian Isles llovyn_andus
Llunela Hleran Dunmer Female llunela hleran
Lorbumol gro-Aglakh Orsimer Male Vivec, Foreign Quarter lorbumol_gro_aglakh
Lorchel Bosmer Female Panat lorchel
Lord Cluttermonkey Argonian Male Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go! lord cluttermonkey
Lorod Nord Male Hlormaren lorod
Lorurmend Altmer Female Ashmelech lorurmend
Lorzub gro-Bogla Orsimer Male Caldera lorzub_gro_bola
Lucan Ostorius Imperial Male lucan_ostorius
Lucretinaus Olcinius Imperial Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton lucretinaus_olcinius
Lugdum gro-Lagdub Orsimer Male lugdum_gro_lagdub
Lugrub gro-Ogdum Orsimer Male Gnisis Eggmine lugrub gro-ogdum
Lunia Menanius Imperial Female Lunia Menanius
Lurius Lalelius Imperial Male Zainsipilu lurius lalelius
Lurog gro-Khagdum Orsimer Male Valenvaryon lurog_gro_khagdum
Luspinian Hertarian Imperial Male luspinian hertarian
Luven Imperial Male

M[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
M'aiq the Liar Khajiit Male M'aiq's Island, Sheogorad m'aiq
M'Shan Khajiit Male Rotheran mshan
Ma'Dara Khajiit Male Arvel Plantation ma_dara
Ma'Jidarr Khajiit Male Shushishi ma_jidarr
Ma'Khar Khajiit Male Rotheran ma_khar
Ma'Zahn Khajiit Female Zebabi mazahn
Mabarrabael Dunmer Male Ahemmusa Camp mabarrabael
Mabrelle Geles Breton Female Maar Gan Mabrelle Geres
Madaynu Aravel Dunmer Female Sanabi madaynu_aravel
Madrale Thirith Dunmer Female Balmora, Council Club madrale_thirith
Madran Ulvel Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora madran_ulvel
Madres Navur Dunmer Male Pelagiad, Madres Navur's House madres navur
Madsu Dreth Dunmer madsu_dreth
Madura Seran Dunmer Female madura seran
Maela Kaushad Dunmer Female Vos maela kaushad
Maeli Dunmer Female Maeli
Maeonius Man-llu Dunmer Male Gnisis maeonius_man-llu
Maeonius Yentimilal Dunmer Male maeonius_yentimilal
Maering Nord Male Pulk maering
Maesa Gabinia Imperial Female Telvanni Canton maesa_gabinia
Maesat Shinirbael Dunmer Male Maesat's Yurt maesat_shinirbael
Mal Mibishanit Dunmer Male Sobitbael Camp, Mal's Yurt mal_mibishanit
Malay Ranarbatus Dunmer Male malay_ranarbatus
Malexa Redguard Female Ashalmawia Shrine malexa
Malielle Broles Breton Female Sulipund malielle_broles
Maline Masolaude Breton Female Ebonheart maline_masolaude
Mallam Ryon Dunmer Male Mallam Ryon
Malpenix Blonia Imperial Male Malpenix Blonia: Trader malpenix_blonia
Mals Faralen Dunmer Male Zaintirari mals_faralen
Malsa Ules Dunmer Female malsa ules
Malven Romori Dunmer Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter: Mages Guild malven romori
Mamea Dunmer Female Ahemmusa Camp mamaea
Mamaea Ashun-Idantus Dunmer Female
Mamaea Ularshanentus Dunmer Female mamaea_ularshanentus
Mamusa Shashmassamsi Dunmer Female mamusa shashmassamsi
Man-Ilu Ashananapal Dunmer Female man_ilu_ashananapal
Manabi Kummimmidan Dunmer Female mababi_kummimmidan
Manara Othan Dunmer Female Telvanni Canton manara_othan
Manat Shimmabadas Dunmer Male Mila-Nipal manat_shimmabadas
Manat Varnan-Adda Dunmer Male Ascadian Isles (Grid Location 3, -6) "Mananat varnan-adda"
Mandran Indrano Dunmer Male Ghostgate mandran indrano
Mandur Omalen Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Redoran Stronghold mandur omalen
Mandyn Ralas Dunmer Male Vos mandyn ralas
Manel Amori Dunmer Male
Maner Uvaren Dunmer Male Kushtashpi
Manicky Redguard Female Manicky
Manilian Scerius Imperial Male Tel Aruhn
Manirai Dunmer Female Erabenimsun Camp
Wise Woman's Yurt
Manirai Mirshamammu Dunmer Female manirai_mirshamammu
Manis Virmaulese Breton Male Ald'ruhn Mages Guild manis virmaulese
Manos Othreleth Dunmer Male Dren Plantation manos othreleth
Manos Vavyn Dunmer Male Tel Branora manos vavyn
Manse Andus Dunmer Female Maar Gan garry
Mansilamat Vabdas Dunmer Gnisis Eggmine mansilamat_vabdas
Manu Odirnapal Dunmer Female Ashlands manu_odirnapal
Manu Zainab Dunmer Female Ashamanu Camp manu zainab
Manwe Dunmer Female Punabi manwe
Mara Bosmer Female Seyda Neen Firemoth_Archer
Maralie Ares Dunmer Female Rotheran maralie_ares
Maranique Jolvanne Breton Female Abanabi
Marara Imperial Female marara
Marasa Aren Dunmer Female Council Club, Balmora marasa_aren
Marayn Dren Dunmer Male Balmora Mages Guild marayn dren
Marcel Maurard Breton Male Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks marcel maurard
Marelle Breton Female Suran, Desele's House of Earthly Delights breton_dancer_girl
Maren Uvaren Dunmer Female Tel Aruhn, Maren Uvaren: Enchanter maren uvaren
Margonet Redguard Female Tel Mora margonet
Marielle Amedee Breton Female Shishi marielle amedee
Marilia Saram Dunmer Female Adanumuran marilia_saram
Maros Gimayn Dunmer Male Zainsipilu maros gimayn
Marsus Tullius Imperial Male marsus talius
Marthe Arthe Breton Female Mallapi
Masalinie Merian Breton Female Balmora Mages Guild masalinie merian
Mash gro-Burol Orsimer Male Dren Plantation, Shipping House Mash gro-Burol
Masque Imperial Male Molag Mar, Saetring the Nord: Smith Masque
Massarapal Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp massarapal
Massour Asserrumusa Dunmer Male West Gash
Mastrius Dunmer Male mastrius
Mathesa Helvi Dunmer Female Helvi's Shack Mathesa Helvi
Mathis Dalobar Dunmer Male Rothan Ancestral Tomb mathis dalobar
Mathyn Bemis Dunmer Male Hlaalu Ancestral Vaults mathyn_bemis
Matuk gro-Magrish Orsimer Male matuk_gro_magrish
Matus Mido Imperial Male Ebonheart Matus Mido
Mauhul gor-Burish Orsimer Male Ashunartes mauhul_gor_burish
Maurrie Aurmine Breton Female On the road to Balmora from Seyda Neen maurrie aurmine
Mausur Dunmer Male Ahemmusa Camp mausur
Mausur Ababael Dunmer Male Gnisis Eggmine mausur ababael
Mausur Assaplit Dunmer Male Ashlands mausur_assaplit
Mavis Nadram Dunmer Male mavis nadram
Mavon Drenim Dunmer Male Telvanni Tower, Vivec City mavon_drenim
Mavus Ules Dunmer Male Dren Plantation Mavus Ules
Meanen Altmer Male Caldera Mine meanen
Mebestian Ence Breton Male Pelagiad, Trader mebestian ence
Mecilvus Gabenagus Imperial Male Nund mecilvus_gabenagus
Meder Nulen Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora meder nulen
Medila Indaren Dunmer Female Caldera Mages Guild medila_indaren
Medresi Ofemalen Dunmer Female Punsabanit medresi_ofemalen
Medyn Gilnith Dunmer Male Ashlands, Shishara medyn gilnith
Meeh-Mei Argonian Female Shushishi meeh_mei
Meen-Sa Argonian Female Minabi meen_sa
Meer Argonian Male Hlormaren meer
Mehra Drora Dunmer Female Gnisis, Temple mehra drora
Mehra Milo Dunmer Female Library of Vivec
Ministry of Truth
Holamayan Monastery
Melar Baram Dunmer Male Addamasartus Melar Baram
Meldor Bosmer Male Balmora meldor
Melie Frenck Breton Female Vivec, Telvanni Canton melie frenck
Melsu Indalas Dunmer Female Hlormaren melsu_indalas
Meluria Seleth Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Meluria Seleth's House meluria_seleth
Melvona Marvayn Dunmer Female Omani Manor melvona_marvayn
Melvuli Hlaalu Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton melvuli_hlaalu
Melvure Rindu Dunmer Female Hall of Justice melvure rindu
Mendel Eves Nord Male Bladder of Clovis
Menelin Bosmer Female Molag Mar, St. Veloth's Hostel menelin
Menelras Bosmer Male Tel Aruhn menelras
Menus Felas Dunmer Male Vos menus felas
Merard Geves Breton Male merard_geves
Meril Hlaano Dunmer Male Eight Plates meril_hlaano
Merta Nord Female
Merthierry Laelippe Breton Male Ald Skar Inn Merthierry Laelippe
Mertis Falandas Dunmer Male Tower of Dusk mertis falandas
Mertisi Andavel Dunmer Male Tel Branora Upper Tower mertisi andavel
Mervis Dunmer Male Abaelun Mine mervis
Mervs Uvayn Dunmer Male Hlaalu Council Manor mervs uvayn
Meryaran Altmer Male Ashalmimilkala meryaran
Methal Seran Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Temple methal_seran
Methas Hlaalu Dunmer Male Balmora methas hlaalu
Methulu Ienith Altmer Female Almurbalarammi methulu ienith
Mette Nord Female Dagon Fel mette
Mevel Fererus Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton mevel fererus
Meven Uvaren Dunmer Male Hlormaren meven_uvaren
Mevil Molor Dunmer Male Vivec, Arena Canton mevil_molor
Mevrenea Aryon Dunmer Female Halit Mine mevrenea_aryon
Mevure Hlen Dunmer Female St. Olms Tailors and Dyers Hall mevure hlen
Mi-Ilu Massitisun Dunmer Female Sobitbael Camp mi-ilu_massitisun
Miara Viake Dunmer Female Ministry of Truth miara_viake
Mibdinahaz Addunipu Dunmer Male Holamayan mibdinahaz addunipu
Midar Aravel Dunmer Male Vivec, Temple Canton midar_aravel
Midnabi Sobdishapal Dunmer Female midnabi_sobdishapal
Milah Argonian Female milah
Milar Maryon Dunmer Male Tel Vos milar maryon
Milara Vedran Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Milara Vedran's House milara_vedran
Milbereth Bosmer Female Hlormaren milbereth
Miles Gloriosus Imperial Male Maar Gan Miles Gloriosus
Milie Hastien Breton Female milie_hastien
Milos Argonian Male Sadrith Mora milos
Mils Andrethi Dunmer Male Sudanit Mine mils_andrethi
Miluru Andus Dunmer Female Hlormaren miluru_andus
Milvonu Terandas Dunmer Female Marandus Milvonu Terandas
Milyn Faram Dunmer Male Milyn Faram
Milynea Andrethi Dunmer Female Sargon milynea_andrethi
Mim-Jeen Argonian Female Vivec, Telvanni Canton mim_jeen
Mimanu Zeba-Adad Dunmer Female Shashurari Camp mimanu_zeba_adad
Minabibi Assardarainat Dunmer Female Favel Ancestral Tomb minabibi assardarainat
Minasi Bavani Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora minasi bavani
Minassour Dunmer Male Zainab Camp, Minassour's Yurt minassour
Mindeli Saren Dunmer Female Yasammidan mindeli saren
Minedhel Bosmer Male Dagon Fel, Sorkvild's Tower minedhel
Miner Arobar Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Arobar Manor, Bedrooms miner arobar
Miner Gor Redguard Male Shulk Egg Mine
Miner Juillen Breton Male Shulk Egg Mine
Miner Kati Redguard Female Shulk Egg Mine
Miner Lisaa Nord Female
Minglos Bosmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton minglos
Miniel Redguard Female Molag Mar, The Pilgrim's Rest miniel
Minisun Ulirbabi Dunmer Female East of Ald Velothi Minisun Ulirbabi
Minnibi Selkin-Adda Dunmer Male Vivec, Arena Canton minnibi_selkin_adda
Miraso Seran Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House: Entry miraso seran
Mirkrand Altmer Female Ashmelech mirkrand
Mirnelea Terilu Dunmer Female Surirulk mirnelea_teriu
Miron Garer Dunmer Male Khuul miron garer
Mirvon Andrethi Dunmer Male Tel Vos mirvon_andrethi
Missamsi Timmiriran Dunmer Female Azura's Coast missamsi_timmiriran
Missun Akin Dunmer Male Falasmaryon, Missun Akin's Hut "missun akin"
Missun Hainterari Dunmer Male Maesat's Yurt missun_hainterari
Mistress Brara Morvayn Dunmer Female Morvayn Quarters brara_morvayn
Miun-Gei Argonian Male Foreign Quarter: Enchanter miun_gei
Mivanu Andrelo Dunmer Female Redoran Council Hall, Ald'ruhn mivanu_andrelo
Mivanu Retheran Dunmer Female Redoran Council Hall mivanu_retheran
Mivul Urvon Dunmer Male Ald Sotha mivul_urvon
Mogak gra-Ugruma Orsimer Female Tel Aruhn mogak_gra_ugruma
Moghakh gro-Bagdub Orsimer Male Pulk moghakh_gro_bagdub
Moghakh gro-Bar Orsimer Male Kaushtarari moghakh_gro_bar
Mollimo of Cloudrest Altmer Male Tel Branora mollimo of cloudrest
Molvirian Palenix Imperial Male
Mondros Balur Dunmer Male Morvayn Quarters mondros_balur
Monsey Redguard Female Shushishi monsey
Monthadan Bosmer Male Tel Branora monthadan
Moranarg Altmer Male Ashmelech Moranarg
Morbash gro-Shagdub Orsimer Male Pelagiad, Fort Pelagiad morbash gro-shagdub
Moria Uulentanus Imperial Female moria_uulentanus
Moris Imperial Male Nerano Ancestral Tomb moris
Morning-Star-Steals-Away-Clouds Argonian Male Ules Manor morning_clouds
Mornsu Omalor Dunmer Female Grazelands mornsu_omalor
Moroni Uvelas Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton moroni_uvelas
Mororurg Altmer Male Ashmelech mororurg
Morusu Varen Dunmer Female Vivec, Arena Canton morusu_varen
Mossanon Altmer Male Sadrith Mora
Volmyni Dral's House
Movis Darys Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn
Ald'ruhn Mages Guild
movis darys
Movisa Andas Dunmer Female Suran, Suran Tradehouse movisa andas
Mubdan Assantinalit Dunmer Male West Gash mubdan_assantinalit
Mubdan Esurnadarpal Dunmer Male Ashlands mubdan_esurnadarpal
Mug gro-Dulob Orsimer Male Fort Darius mug gro-dulob
Mugdul gro-Yagarz Orsimer Male Mzuleft mugdul_ gro_yagarz
Muk gro-Dula Orsimer Male muk_gro_dula
Muldroni Rendas Dunmer Female Tel Branora muldroni rendas
Mulvisie Othril Dunmer Female Addamasartus Mulvisie Othril
Munbebi Addarari Dunmer Female Azura's Coast munbebi_addarari
Mundrila Ienith Dunmer Female Molag Mar, The Pilgrim's Rest mundrila ieneth
Murag gro-Atumph Orsimer Male Kudanat murag_gro-atumph
Murberius Harmevus Imperial Male Pelagiad, His House murberius harmevus
Muriel Sette Breton Female Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub muriel_sette
Murkub gro-Ushul Orsimer Male Vivec City murkub gro-ushul
Murob gra-Loghash Orsimer Female murob_gra_loghash
Murudius Flaeus Imperial Male Hla Oad, His house Murudius Flaeus
Murzol gro-Ulfimph Orsimer Male murzol_gro-ulfimph
Murzush gra-Bulfim Orsimer Female Bal Fell murzush_gra_bulfim
Musa Yahaz Dunmer Female musa yahaz
Musan Zaintashara Dunmer Male musan_zaintashara
Mush-Mere Argonian Male Mush-Mere's Shack, Gnaar Mok mush_mere
Mut Urshan-Adairan Dunmer Male Ashlands mut_urshan_adairan
Muvis Moran Dunmer Male Desele's House of Earthly Delights, Suran muvis moran
Muvrulea Daryon Dunmer Female Shallit muvrulea_daryon
Muz-Ra Argonian Female Zainsipilu muz-ra
Muzgonk gro-Borbog Orsimer Male Ashurnibibi muzgonk gro-borbog

N[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Nachael Redguard Male Balmora nachael
Nadene Rotheran Dunmer Female Gnaar Mok nadene rotheran
Nads Tharen Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton nads_tharen
Nael Bosmer Male Sulipund nael
Nag gro-Shumba Orsimer Male Hlormaren nag gro-shumba
Nakuma Argonian Female Rotheran nakuma
Nalami Veleth Dunmer Female Vivec, Hlaalu Canton nalami_veleth
Nalasa Sarothren Dunmer Female Elven Nations Cornerclub nalasa sarothren
Nalcarya of White Haven Altmer Female nalcarya
Nalion Bosmer Male Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn nalion
Nalis Gals Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Canton nalis gals
Nalmen Athren Dunmer Male nalmen_athren
Nalmila Thelas Dunmer Female Vivec, Temple Canton nalmila_thelas
Nalosi Alari Dunmer Male Vivec City, Temple Canton nalosi alari
Nals Indrano Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth nals_indrano
Nalsie Radas Dunmer Female Andasreth
Nalur Indrano Dunmer Male Kudanat nalur_indrano
Nalvilie Saren Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton nalvilie_saren
Nalvyna Sarinith Dunmer Female nalvyna sarinith
Nam-La Argonian Female Rotheran nam_la
Namanian Facian Imperial Male namanian_facian
Nammu Man-llu Dunmer Female Gnisis mammy man-ilu
Nande Altmer Male Molag Mar nande
Nanine Redguard Female Tel Mora nanine
Nannithon Redguard Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton nannithon
Nar gro-Shagramph Orsimer Male Hlaalu Plaza, Vivec City nar_gro_shagramph
Naral Othreleth Dunmer Male Dunirai Caverns naral othreleth
Nargol gra-Uftharz Orsimer Female Tusenend
Narile Sadoro Dunmer Female The Rat in the Pot narile_sadoro
Narile Sadoro Dunmer Female The Rat in the Pot narile_sadoro
Naris Selaren Dunmer Male naris_selaren
Nartise Arobar Dunmer Female Tel Naga
Nash gro-Khazor Orsimer Male Gnisis nash gro-khazor
Naspis Apinia Imperial Male Moonmoth Legion Fort naspis_apinia
Natalinus Flavonius Imperial Male natalinus flavonius
Natesse Bosmer Female Tel Mora, The Covenant natesse
Nathala Herendas Dunmer Female Ald Sotha nathala_herendas
Nathien Bosmer Female Tel Mora Nathien
Nathyn Ilnith Dunmer Male Marandus
Nathyne Uvelas Dunmer Female Venim Manor Nathyne Uvelas
Navam Veran Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn navam veran
Navil Ienith Dunmer Male Dren's Villa navil_ienith
Nebia Amphia Imperial Female Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison Nebia Amphia
Nedeni Tenim Dunmer Female Vivec City, Temple Canton nedeni_tenim
Nedhelas Bosmer Male Caldera nedhelas
Nedhelorn Bosmer Male Ebonheart Nedhelorn
Neesha Argonian Female neesha
Neetinei Argonian Male Dren Plantation neetinei
Nelacar Altmer Male Dunirai Caverns nelacar
Neldris Llervu Dunmer Male Suran neldris llervu
Nelix Fly-Breath Argonian Male Dralas Ancestral Tomb nelix_fly_breath
Nelmil Hler Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton nelmil_hler
Nelmyne Andules Dunmer Female Khuul nelmyne andules
Nelos Onmar Dunmer Male Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern nelos onmar
Neloth Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora, Tel Naga Upper Tower neloth
Nels Llendo Dunmer Male Ascadian Isles
Halfway Tavern
Nelso Salenim Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House: Entry nelso salenim
Nelvon Radas Dunmer Male Zaintirari nelvon_radas
Nelyn Sadri Dunmer Male Yansirramus nelyn sadri
Neminda Redguard Female Redoran Council Entrance neminda
Nerer Beneran Dunmer Male Sargon nerer beneran
Nervana Verelas Dunmer Female Hall of Justice nervana verelas
Nethyn Valno Dunmer Male Marandus Nethyn Valno
Nevena Ules Dunmer Female nevena ules
Nevil Malvayn Dunmer Male Canon Quarters, Vivec, Temple Canton nevil_malvayn
Nevon Verilnith Dunmer Male Hlormaren nevon_verilnith
Nevos Urns Dunmer Male Vivec City
No Name Club
nevos urns
Nevosi Hlan Dunmer Male Ebonheart nevosi hlan
Nevrasa Dralor Dunmer Female Road nevrasa_dralor
Nevrila Areloth Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Nevrila Areloth's House nevrila areloth
Nevusa Veleth Dunmer Female West Gash Region nevusa veleth
New-Shoes Bragor Bosmer Male Pelagiad, Fort Pelagiad new_shoes bragor
Nibani Maesa Dunmer Female Urshilaku Camp nibani maesa
Nidara Herandus Dunmer Female Ald Sotha nidara_herandus
Niden Naros Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton niden_naros
Nidryne Redas Dunmer Female Venim Manor nidryne_redas
Night Mother
Nilas Brilyn Dunmer Male Ald Sotha nilas_brilyn
Nileno Dorvayn Dunmer Female Hlaalu Council Manor, Balmora nileno dorvayn
Nilera Ieneth Dunmer Female Nilera's Farmhouse nilera_ieneth
Nilioniel Bosmer Female Molag Mar, The Pilgrim's Rest nilioniel
Nilos Talds Dunmer Male Morvayn Quarters ninlos talds
Nilvyn Drothan Dunmer Female Ghostgate, Ghostgate Temple nilvyn drothan
Nina Dunmer Female nina
Nind Dudnebisun Dunmer Male nind_dudnebisun
Nine-Toes Argonian Male Nine Toes' House, Balmora nine_toes
Ninirrasour Dunmer Male Urshilaku Camp ninirrasour
Nirai Ashishpalirdan Dunmer Female Ashlands nirai_ashishpalirdan
Nirait Shin-Ilu Dunmer Male Ashlands nirait_shin_llu
Niras Farys Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora
Telvanni Council House: Chambers
niras farys
Nirasa Aren Dunmer Female Nirasa Aren
Nireli Farys Dunmer Female Tel Branora nireli farys
Nirtunus Crunus Imperial Male
Nisaba Khajiit Female Hlormaren Underground
Nistacey Redguard Male Zainsipilu nistacey
Nitterius Rato Imperial Male Aharunartus nitterius_rato
Nivel Madryon Dunmer Male Hinnabi nivel_madryon
Nivos Drivam Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Canton nivos drivam
Noldrasi Bedas Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton noldrasi bedas
Noleon Sele Breton Male Hanud noleon_sele
Nona Bosmer Female Tel Mora, Nona's House nona
Norionil Altmer Male Bitter Coast norionil
Norring Nord Male Ebonheart norring
Norus Marvel Dunmer Male Marandus Norus Marvel
Nothasea Beni Dunmer Female Nallit nothasea_beni
Novor Drethan Dunmer Male Dissapla Mine novor_drethan
Novor Gorvas Dunmer Male Venim Manor Guard Quarters, Ald'ruhn Novor Gorvas
Novrynea Falen Dunmer Female Mat norvynea_falen
Nuleno Tedas Dunmer Female nuleno tedas
Nummu Assudiraplit Dunmer Female Ashamanu Camp nummu_assudiraplit
Nund Assurnipilu Dunmer Male Ashlands nund_assurnipilu
Nuralg Argonian Female Zebabi nuralg
Nurisea Selarys Dunmer Female Hlaalu Ancestral Vaults nurisea selarys

O[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Odairan Addaribantes Dunmer Male odairan_Addaribantes
Odairan Ashummi-Ammus Dunmer Male Odairan Ashummi-Ammus' House
Odaishah Yasalmibaal Dunmer Male Bensiberib Camp odaishah yasalmibaal
Odmi Nord Male Ashmelech odmi
Odral Helvi Dunmer Male Governor's Hall in Caldera odral helvi
Odron Omoran Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold odron omoran
Ogrumbu gro-Bugarn Orsimer Male Valenvaryon ogrumbu_gro_bugarn
Ohibaal Assintashiran Dunmer Male ohibaal assintashiran
Oisig Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth, Outer Shrine oisig
Okan-Shei Argonian Male Ebonheart Okan_Shei
Okaw Argonian Male Addamasartus okaw
Okur Argonian Female Hla Oad, Okur's House Okur
Olank-Neeus Argonian Female olank_neeus
Oleen-Gei Argonian Male Kudanat oleen-gei
Olfin gro-Logrob Orsimer Male Ebonheart Olfin gro-Logrob
Olink-Nur Argonian Male Shushan olink-nur
Olquar Altmer Male Buckmoth Legion Fort olquar
Olumba gro-Boglar Orsimer Male Governor's Hall, Caldera olumba gro-boglar
Omesu Hlarys Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton galis_seleth
On-Wan Argonian Female Argonian Mission, Ebonheart On-Wan
On-Wazei Argonian Female on_wazei
Onasha Argonian Female Argonian Mission, Ebonheart Onasha
Ondar Sarendas Dunmer Male Hlormaren
Ondi Nord Female Khuul ondi
Ondres Nerano Dunmer Male Nerano Manor [?]
Only-He-Stands-There Argonian Male South Wall Cornerclub onlyhestandsthere
Onmi Hard-Mouth Nord Male Dagon Fel onmi hard-mouth
Optio Bologra Orsimer Male Gnisis optio bologra
Orakh gro-Badbu Orsimer Male Hlormaren orakh_gro_badbu
Orbul gra-Lumob Orsimer Female
Orero Omothan Dunmer Female Ald Velothi orero omothan
Oritius Maro Imperial Male oritius_maro
Ormax Geles Breton Male Ihinipalit ormax geles
Orns Omaren Dunmer Male Molag Mar, St. Veloth's Hostel orns omaren
Orrent Geontene Breton Male Ald'ruhn Mages Guild orrent geontene
Orval Llaren Dunmer Male Odirnamat orval llaren
Orvas Dren Dunmer Male Orvas Dren Druglord
Orvona Vadryon Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Canton orvona_vadryon

P[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Pallia Ceno Imperial Female Hla Oad Pallia Ceno
Pania Cadiusus Imperial Female
Patababi Dunmer Male Zainab Camp, Patababi's Yurt patababi
Patus Assumanallit Dunmer Male patus_assumanallit
Paur Maston Breton Male Ascadian Isles (near Suran) paur maston
Peakstar Dunmer Female ghost_npc_peakstar
Peeradeeh Argonian Male Saturan peeradeeh
Pegasai Bosmer Male Indaren Ancestral Tomb pegasai
Pelena Acicius Imperial Female Addadshashanammu pelena acicius
Pelf Nord Male
Pellecia Aurrus Imperial Female pellecia aurrus
Pemenie Redguard Female West Gash [-4,3] pemenie
Penald Redguard Male Mannammu penald
Penglithil Bosmer Female penglithil
Peragon Bosmer Male Moonmoth Legion Fort peragon
Percius Mercius Imperial Male Fighters Guild Hall, Ald'ruhn percius mercius
Perien Aurelie Breton Male Hla Oad perien_aurelie
Phane Rielle Breton Male Phane Rielle
Pierlette Rostorard Breton Female Sadrith Mora, Pierlette Rostorard: Apothecary pierlette rostorard
Piernette Beluelle Breton Female Piernette's Farmhouse piernette beluelle
Pilper Muspidius Imperial Male
Pilu Shilansour Dunmer Female Ashlands pilu_shilansour
Pilun Ashapaladdon Dunmer Male pilun_ashapaladdon
Pilus Amatius Imperial Male Ebonheart pilus_amatius
Pretty Kitty Khajiit Female ToddTest todd_khajiit
Pritia Plalocius Imperial Male
Processus Vitellius Imperial Male Outside of Seyda Neen processus vitellius
Procyon Nigilius Imperial Male Sadrith Mora Mages Guild procyon nigilius
Punibi Yahaz Dunmer Male Gnisis punibi yahaz

Q[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Qa'Dar Khajiit Male Sadrith Mora qa_dar
Qorwynn Altmer Male Indoranyon qorwynn

R[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Ra'Gruzgob Orsimer Male Ald Daedroth, Antechamber ra'gruzgob
Ra'Karim Khajiit Male ra_karim
Ra'Kothre Khajiit Male Tel Vos ra'kothre
Ra'Mhirr Khajiit Male ra_mhirr
Ra'Sava Khajiit Male Kudanat ra'sava
Ra'Virr Khajiit Male Balmora, Ra'Virr: Trader ra'virr
Ra'Zahr Khajiit Male ra'zahr
Ra'Zhid Khajiit Male Hla Oad, Fatleg's Drop Off Ra'zhid
Rabinna Khajiit Female Hla Oad, Fatleg's Drop Off Rabinna
Radd Hard-Heart Nord Male
Radene Hlaalu Dunmer Female Vivec Temple radene_hlaalu
Radras Bosmer Female Tel Mora radras
Raesa Pullia Imperial Female Raesa Pullia
Raflod the Braggart Nord Male Arrille's Tradehouse, Seyda Neen raflod the braggart
Ragash gra-Shuzgub Orsimer Female Gnisis ragash gra-shuzgub
Raig Redguard Male Vivec City, Fighters Guild
Raishi Erarbadon Dunmer Female Azura's Coast Raishi Erarbadon
Rakoslod Nord Male Bal Ur rakoslod
Ralam Vilas Dunmer Male Venim Manor, Ald'ruhn Ralam Vilas
Raldenu Ieneth Dunmer Female Redoran Stronghold, Marandus raldenu ieneth
Ralds Oril Dunmer Male "ralds oril"
Ralen Hlaalo Dunmer Male Hlaalo Manor, Balmora ralen hlaalo
Ralen Tilvur Dunmer Male ralen_tilvur
Ralmyn Othren Dunmer Male ralmyn othren
Ralos Othrenim Dunmer Male Yasamsi Ralos Othrenim
Ralyn Farothran Dunmer Male Hlaalu Prison Cells ralyn_farothran
Ralyn Othravel Dunmer Male Tower of Dawn, Ghostgate
Ranabi Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp ranabi
Ranes Ienith Dunmer Male Dren's Villa ranes ienith
Ranis Athrys Dunmer Female Balmora Mages Guild ranis athrys
Ranmir the Seal Nord Male Kushtashpi ranmir_the_seal
Ranosa Gilvayn Dunmer Female Ranosa Gilvayn: Outfitter, Suran ranosa gilvayn
Rararyn Radarys Dunmer Male Balmora rararyn_radarys
Raril Giral Dunmer Male Black Shalk Cornerclub raril_giral
Rarusu Berethi Dunmer Female Hlormaren rarusu_berethi
Rarvela Teran Dunmer Female No Name Club
Raryn Daren Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn, Ramoran Manor, Private Quarters raryn daren
Rasamsi Esunamat Dunmer Female Manat's Yurt rasamsi_esunamat
Rasha (Morrowind) Argonian Male West Gash rasha
Rathal Barus Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton rathal_barus
Rathyne Thirano Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton rathyne_thirano
Raven Omayn Dunmer Female Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora raven omayn
Raviso Andalas Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Redoran Stronghold raviso andalas
Ravos Relarys Dunmer Male
Ravoso Aryon Dunmer Female Oran Manor
Rawia Ashirbibi Dunmer Female Aidanat Camp rawia ashirbibi
Raxle Berne Imperial Male raxle_berne
Rayna Drolan Dunmer Female Rayna Drolan's Shack rayna_drolan
Raynasa Rethan Dunmer Female Rethan Manor raynasa rethan
Raynila Aryon Dunmer Female Sargon raynila_aryon
Raynilie Andromo Dunmer Male Andasreth
Reberio Imperial Male Galom Daeus reberio
Recently slain Knight Dunmer Male Baram Ancestral Tomb Morty_dead00000000
Red Livia Imperial Female Arkngthand red_livia
Redoran Guard Dunmer Male/Female Ald'ruhn
Ald Velothi
Maar Gan
Molag Mar
Sudanit Mine
"redoran guard female"
"redoran guard male"
Reeh-Jah Argonian Male Molag Amur reeh_jah
Reemukeeus Argonian Male Hlormaren Underground
Reesa Argonian Male Sadrith Mora
Gateway Inn
Relam Arinith Dunmer Male Hla Oad, Fatleg's Drop Off Relam Arinith
Relamu Ulom Dunmer Female relamu ulom
Relas Arothan Dunmer Male Assernerairan relas arothan
Relen Hlaalu Dunmer Male Grand Council Chambers, Ebonheart relen hlaalu
Relie Jeannie Breton Female relie_jeannie
Relien Rirne Breton Male Hla Oad relien rirne
Relinda Redguard Female Odirnamat relinda
Relms Gilvilo Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton relms_gilvilo
Relosa Tharyon Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton relosa tharyon
Rels Tenim Dunmer Male Shallit rels_tenim
Relur Faryon Dunmer Male Hlaalu Canalworks
Relvese Velni Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton relvese_velni
Relyn Sarano Dunmer Male Arvel Plantation relyn_sarano
Remas Morvayn Dunmer Male Morvayn Manor, Ald'ruhn Remas Morvayn
Remasa Othril Dunmer Female Odirniran Remasa Othril
Rerilie Llandu Dunmer Female Beshara rerilie_llandu
Rernel Arano Dunmer Male Abaelun Mine rernel_arano
Reron Rinith Dunmer Male Mababi reron_rinith
Rervam Farethi Dunmer Male rervam farethi
Rerynea Salas Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Tel Naga Great Hall rerynea salas
Reynel Uvirith Dunmer Female Tel Uvirith
Reynis Ralvani Dunmer Male Dunirai Caverns reynis ralvani
Ri'Darsha Khajiit Male ri_darsha
Ri'Dumiwa Khajiit Male Habinbaes ri_dumiwa
Ri'Shajirr Khajiit Male Shenk's Shovel
Ri'Vassa Khajiit Male Sha-Adnius ri_vassa
Ri'Zaadha Khajiit Male Ules Manor ri'zaadha
Rianciene Aurilie Breton Female rianciene_aurilie
Ridena Othren Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora
Fara's Hole in the Wall
Rilas Arethan Dunmer Male Pinsun rilas arethan
Rilasi Ralvayn Dunmer Female Sanabi rilasi_ralvayn
Rilos Delms Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton rilos_delms
Rilvase Avani Dunmer Females Ghostgate rilvase avani
Rilver Andothan Dunmer Male Surirulk rilver_andothan
Rimintil Altmer Male Tel Vos rimintil
Rindral Dralor Dunmer Male Molag Mar rindral dralor
Ringvild Nord Female Bal Fell
Rinina Redguard Male Tel Aruhn Tower Living Quarters rinina
Rinori Ienith Dunmer Female Surirulk rinori_ienith
Riraynea Reladren Dunmer Female riraynea reladren
Rirnas Athren Dunmer Male rirnas athren
Rirns Uveran Dunmer Male
Rissinia Redguard Male Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub rissinia
Rithleen Redguard Female Rithleen's House, Balmora rithleen
Rithrannir Bosmer Male rithrannir
Rivame Samandas Dunmer Male Khuul rivame samandas
Rogdul gro-Bularz Orsimer Male Vivec, Arena Canton rogdul gro bularz
Roggvar Blue-Tooth Nord Male Bal Fell roggvar blue-tooth
Rolasa Oren Dunmer Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter rolasa oren
Rolfish gra-Dugul Orsimer Female Ashurnibibi rolfish gra-dugul
Rolis Garvon Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora rolis_garvon
Rols Ienith Dunmer Male Rotheran rols ienith
Ronerelie Philulanie Breton Female Tel Vos
Rostlogi Nord Female Gnaar Mok
Rothis Nethan Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton rothis_nethan
Rovone Arvel Dunmer Male Arvel Plantation rovone_arvel
Royal Guard
Ruccia Conician Imperial Female
Rufinus Alleius Imperial Male Imperial Commission, Ebonheart rufinus alleius
Rulfim gra-Ogdub Orsimer Female Buckmoth Legion Fort rulfim gra-ogdub
Rumare Altmer Male Molag Mar rumare
Runa Nord Female Suran, Desele's House of Earthly Delights nord dancer girl
Runethyne Andas Dunmer Female Vos runethyne andas
Ruran Stoine Breton Male Mallapi Ruran Stoine
Ruthrisu Andoril Dunmer Female Marandus ruthrisu andoril
Ruvene Ulven Dunmer Female Mat ruvene_ulven

S[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
S'Bakha Khajiit Male Tel Aruhn sbakha
S'Radirr Khajiit Male Pulk s'radirr
S'Rava Khajiit Male Sadrith Mora
Gateway Inn
S'Raverr Khajiit Male Minabi s_raverr
S'Renji Khajiit Male Hlormaren Underground
S'Vandra Khajiit Male Hlormaren Dome
Sadal Doren Dunmer Female Ald Velothi sadal doren
Sadela Areth Dunmer Female Tel Mora sadela_areth
Sader Redguard Male Ebonheart sader
Sadryn Volos Dunmer Male Ald Skar Inn Sadryn Volos
Saetring Nord Male Molag Mar, Smith saetring
Sakin Sanammasour Dunmer Male Suran Tradehouse sakin sanammasour
Sakiran Dunmer Female sakiran
Sakulerib Dunmer Male Zainab Camp sakulerib
Sal Pudashara Dunmer Male Azura's Coast sal_pudaashara
Salama Andrethi Dunmer Female Tel Mora, Tower Services salama andrethi
Salattanat Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp salattanat
Salay Yessur-Disadon Dunmer Male Ashlands salay_yessur_disadon
Salen Ravel Dunmer Male Maar Gan
Maar Gan Shrine
Tribunal Temple
salen ravel
Salmat Elarrapal Dunmer Male Azura's Coast salmat_elarrapal
Salmus Kaushmamanu Dunmer Male Ashlands salmus_kaushmamanu
Salora Salobar Dunmer Female Telvanni Tower salora salobar
Salvas Areleth Dunmer Male Ald Daedroth salvasareleth
Salver Lleran Dunmer Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton: Sorcerer salver_lleran
Salyn Sarethi Dunmer Male Ghostgate salyn sarethi
Salyni Nelvayn Dunmer Female Morag Tong Guildhall, Ald'ruhn Salyni Nelvayn
Samia Bosmer Female Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern Samia
Samsi Ulannanit Dunmer Female Maesat's Yurt samsi_ulannanit
Sannit Kil Dunmer Male Azura's Coast sannit_kil
Santinti Assarbeberib Dunmer Female Ashlands santinti_assarbeberib
Sanvyn Llethri Dunmer Male Llethri Manor sanvyn llethri
Sanyon Altmer Male Assurnabitashpi sanyon
Saprius Entius Imperial Male
Saras Orelu Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Temple saras orelu
Sarayn Sadus Dunmer Male sarayn sadus
Sargon Santumatus Dunmer Male Massahanud Camp sargon_santumatus
Sarmosia Vant Imperial Female Sarmosia Vant
Sarnir the Clerk Nord Male Dagon Fel sarnir the clerk
Saruse Hloran Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton saruse_hloran
Sarvil Sadus Dunmer Male Ginith Ancestral Tomb sarvil_sadus
Sarvur Sadri Dunmer Male sarvur_sadri
Saryn Sarothril Dunmer Male Maar Gan saryn sarothril
Sason Redguard Male West Gash sason
Sathas Rivul Dunmer Male Ald Velothi sathas rivul
Sathasa Nerothren Dunmer Female Ashanammu sathasa_nerothren
Satheri Rothandus Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Canton satheri_rothandus
Satyana Dunmer Female Arenim Ancestral Tomb
Sauleius Cullian Imperial Male Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels Sauleius Cullian
Savard Nord Male Vivec, Redoran Canton savard
Savesea Mothryon Dunmer Female Tel Naga General Quarters
Savile Imayn Dunmer Female Tel Aruhn savile imayn
Savure Uvalor Dunmer Male Pinsun
Scelian Plebo Imperial Male Sadrith Mora scelian_plebo
Seanwen Altmer Male Vivec, Arena Canton, Vivec City seanwen
Seba Anurnudai Dunmer Female seba_anurnudai
Sedam Omalen Dunmer Male Ald Velothi Outpost sedam omalen
Sedrane Arvel Dunmer Male Arvel Plantation sedrane_arvel

T[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Tedur Hlarar Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton tedur_hlarar
Tedysa Andarys Dunmer Female tedysa_andarys
Tee-Lan Argonian Male The Rat in the Pot tee_lan
Teegla Argonian Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton teegla
Teleri Helvi Dunmer Female Seyda Neen teleri helvi
Telinturco Altmer Male Ashlands telinturco
Telis Salvani Dunmer Male Balmora Temple telis salvani
Tels Girano Dunmer Male Hinnabi tels_girano
Telura Ulver Dunmer Female Shal telura ulver
Telvanni Guard Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora
Tel Aruhn
Tel Mora
Tel Vos
Telvanni Sharpshooter Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora
Tel Aruhn
Tel Mora
Tel Vos
Telvon Llethan Dunmer Male telvon_llethan
Temis Romavel Dunmer Male Shishi "temis romavel"
Tenaru Romoren Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton tenaru_romoren
Tendren Hlervu Dunmer Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton tendren_hlervu
Tendris Vedran Dunmer Male Telvanni Council House
Tenisi Lladri Dunmer Female Vivec City, Hlaalu Vaults Tenisi Lladri
Tens Nolar Dunmer Male tens nolar
Tenyeminwe Altmer Female Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub tenyeminwe
Terenu Uveran Dunmer Female Ulummusa terenu_uveran
Terer Helothan Dunmer Male Almurbalarammi terer helothan
Tereri Irethi Dunmer Female Venim Manor tereri_irethi
Teres Arothan Dunmer Male Dissapla Mine teres arothan
Teril Savani Dunmer Female Ghostgate
Teris Raledran Dunmer Male Ascadian Isles teris_raledran
Termanwe Altmer Female Nallit termanwe
Tern-Feather Argonian Female Molag Mar tern-feather
Teruise Girvayne Dunmer Female Arrille's Tradehouse
Teruise Girvayne's House
teruise girvayne
Tervur Braven Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Delyn Canton, Vivec City tervur_braven
Teryne Hlaalu Dunmer Female Ashinabi teryne_hlaalu
Teshmus Assebiriddan Dunmer Male teshmus_assebiriddan
Tevyn Athin Dunmer Male Marandus Tevyn Athin
Thadar Ertis Dunmer Male The Rat in the Pot thadar_ertis
Thaden Ralas Dunmer Male Ashinabi thaden_ralas
Thaeril Bosmer Female Tel Mora
The Covenant
Thalestris Nord Female Dagon Fel thalestris
Thalurea Thirvayn Dunmer Female Mannammu thalurea_thirvayn
Thanelen Velas Dunmer Male thanelen velas
Tharer Rotheloth Dunmer Male Molag Mar, Temple tharer_rotheloth
Thavere Vedrano Dunmer Female Seyda Neen Lighthouse, Seyda Neen thavere vedrano
Thelama Indalas Dunmer Female Hlormaren thelama_indalas
Thelama Indaren Dunmer Female Abernanit Thelama Indaren
Theldyn Virith Dunmer Male Ald Velothi Outpost theldyn_virith
Thelsa Dral Dunmer Female thelsa_dral
Thelvamu Sarano Dunmer Female Hlormaren thelvamu_sarano
Thengil Khajiit Male Ald'ruhn
Council Club
Therana Dunmer Female Tel Branora Upper Tower
Therana's Chamber
Thervam Drelas Dunmer Male Yasamsi thervam drelas
Thetrard Phirrienele Breton Male Buckmoth Legion Fort thetrard phirrienele
Thilse Aralas Dunmer Female Vos thilse aralas
Tholer Saryoni Dunmer Male Vivec City, High Fane tholer saryoni
Thongar Nord Male Khuul thongar
Thorek Nord Male thorek
Thoromlallor Bosmer Male Ebonheart thoromlallor
Thoronor Bosmer Male Fields of Kummu [?]
Thoryn Samori Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton thoryn_samori
Thovasi Alen Dunmer Female Assarnatamat thovasi alen
Thraccenia Urgusiso Imperial Female Thraccenia Urgusiso
Threvul Serethi Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora thervul serethi
Throknolf the Craven Nord Male Kudanat throknolf_the_craven
Thunmund Nord Female
Thurek Nord Male Yansirramus thurek
Thurisea Thando Dunmer Female Adanumuran thurisea_thando
Tibdan Shalarnetus Dunmer Male Aharasaplit Camp tibdan_shalarnetus
Ticemius Conciatius Imperial Male Ashmelech ticemius_conciatius
Tidras Deltis Dunmer Male Venim Manor Tidras Deltis
Tidros Indaram Dunmer Male Molag Mar Tidros Indaram
Tiela Redguard Female tiela
Tilena Thalor Dunmer Female Zanabi Tilena Thalor
Tilore Andrethi Dunmer Female Punsabanit tilore_andrethi
Tim-Jush Argonian Male Suran tim-jush
Tinaso Alan Dunmer Female Tel Mora, Tower Services Tinaso Alan
Tininnus Scinia Imperial Male tininnus_scinia
Tinos Drothan Dunmer Male Ascadian Isles tinos_drothan
Tiram Gadar Dunmer Male Vivec City tiram gadar
Tiras Sadus Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Tiras Sadus
Tirasie Andalen Dunmer Female Rotheran tirasie andalen
Tirele Aralas Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Olms Canton tirele aralas
Tirer Belvayn Dunmer Male Shara tirer belvayn
Tirnur Thirano Dunmer Male Desele's House of Earthly Delights, Suran tirnur thirano
Tis Abalkala Dunmer Male tis_abalkala
Tissamsi Asharapli Dunmer Female Ashlands tissamsi_asharapli
Tivam Sadri Dunmer Male Holamayan tivam sadri
Todd's Super Tester Guy Dunmer Male ToddTest todd
Todwendy Redguard Female Lucky Lockup todwendy
Tolmera Relenim Dunmer Female Vivec, Telvanni Tower tolmera relenim
Tolvise Othralen Dunmer Female Arrille's Tradehouse tolvise othralen
Tolvone Sarendas Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora tolvone_sarendas
Tonas Telvani Dunmer Female Tel Mora. tonas telvani
Tonasi Belas Dunmer Female Assarnatamat tonasi belas
Tongue-Toad Argonian Male The Rat in the Pot tongue_toad
Toranu Rothalnim Dunmer Female Ashmelech toranu_rothalnim
Toris Saren Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton toris_saren
Torline Redguard Male torline
Torosi Othreloth Dunmer Female Ashinabi torosi_othreloth
Tragrim Altmer Male Ashmelech tragrim
Tralan Redguard Male Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild tralan
Tralas Rendas Dunmer Male Maar Gan Shrine tralas rendas
Tralayn Vavas Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Canton tralayn_vavas
Traldrisa Tervayn Dunmer Female No Name Club
Trasteve Redguard Male Hla Oad, Fatleg's Drop Off Trasteve
Travelling-New-Woman Argonian Female Small Farmhouse, Ascadian Isles travellingnewwoman
Traven Marvos Dunmer Male Balmora traven marvos
Traynili Senim Dunmer Female Dissapla Mine traynili senim
Trebonius Artorius Imperial Male Vivec Mages Guild trebonius artorius
Tredere Llaren Dunmer Female Ginith Ancestral Tomb tredere_llaren
Tredyn Venim Dunmer Male Omani Manor tredyn venim
Trelam Falvani Dunmer Male Ashalmawia trelam_falvani
Tremona Maren Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn
Mages Guild
tremona maren
Trendrus Drals Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora trendrus_drals
Treram Milar Dunmer Male Indarys Manor treram_milar
Treras Dres Dunmer Male Hanud treras_dres
Trerayna Dalen Dunmer Female Tel Branora trerayna dalen
Trevyn Fedos Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth trevyn_fedos
Trilam Drolnor Dunmer Male Vos, Trilam Drolnor's Farmhouse trilam drolnor
Trivon Llaren Dunmer Male Marandus trivon llaren
Trivura Arenim Dunmer Female Ald Velothi,
trivura arenim
Truan Tibashipal Dunmer Male truan_tibashipal
Tsabhi Khajiit Female Panat tsabhi
Tsajadhi Khajiit Female Shushishi tsajadhi
Tsalani Khajiit Female Ules Manor tsalani
Tsiya Khajiit Female Balmora tsiya
Tsrazami Khajiit Female Vivec, Foreign Quarter tsrazami
Tubilalk Mirathrernenum Dunmer Male Yanemus Mine tubilalk_mirathrernenum
Tul Argonian Male Northwest of Suran tul
Tuls Valen Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn Temple tuls_valen
Tumsa Darethi Dunmer Female Hlaalu Plaza, Vivec City tumsa_darethi
Tunengore Altmer Male Zaintiraris tungengore
Tunila Omavel Dunmer Female Tel Uvirith tunila_omavel
Tunipy Shamirbasour Dunmer Female Ghostgate tunipy shamirbasour
Turedus Talanian Imperial Male Aryon's Chambers, Tel Vos turedus_talanian
Tussi Dunmer Female Zainab Camp, Tussi's Yurt tussi
Tussurradad Dunmer Male tussurradad
Tuundir Bosmer Male Ald Skar Inn Tuundir
Tuvene Arethan Dunmer Female Imperial Commission, Ebonheart Tuvene Arethan
Tuvenie Varam Dunmer Female Ansi tuvenie_varam
Tuveso Beleth Dunmer Female Redoran Council Hall, Tuveso Beleth: Smith tuveso_beleth
Twice-Bitten Argonian Male Ules Manor twice_bitten
Tyermaillin Altmer Male Tyermaillin's House, Balmora tyermaillin
Tyronius Imperial Male Indaren Ancestral Tomb tyronius

U[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Ubaasi Khajiit Female Saturan ubaasi
Udarra Khajiit Female udarra
Ugdumph gro-Lumbuk Orsimer Male Khartag Point ugdumph_gro_lumbuk
Ughash gro-Batul Orsimer Male Gnisis ughash gro-batul
Ukawei Argonian Male Argonian Mission, Ebonheart Ukawei
Ula Argonian Male Panat ula
Ulabael Dunmer Male Ahemmusa Camp ulabael
Ulam gro-Shugham Orsimer Male Zergonipal ulam gro-shugham
Ulath-Pal Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp ulath-pal
Ulenea Beloren Dunmer Female Kudanat ulenea_beloren
Uleni Heleran Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mages Guild uleni heleran
Ulibabi Dunmer Female Erabenimsun Camp Ulibabi
Ulisamsi Saddarnuran Dunmer Female Maar Gan ulisamsi saddarnuran
Ulmesi Baryon Dunmer Female Vivec, Arena Hidden Area ulmesi_baryon
Ulmiso Maloren Dunmer Female Tower of Dawn, Ghostgate ulmiso maloren
Ulms Drathen Dunmer Male Armigers Stronghold Ulms Drathen
Ulms Saren Dunmer Male Kushtashpi ulms saren
Uloth gra-Ushar Orsimer Female Fort Darius uloth gra-sharob
Ultis Salam Dunmer Male Vivec, Arena Canton ultis_salam
Ulumpha gra-Sharob Orsimer Female Fort Darius ulumpha gra-sharob
Ulvena Arobar Dunmer Female Punsabanit ulvena_arobar
Ulveni Daram Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton ulveni_daram
Ulves Marvel Dunmer Male Ainat ulves_marvel
Ulvil Llothas Dunmer Male Vos ulvil llothas
Ulvon Uleni Dunmer Male Odibaal ulvon_uleni
Ulwaen Bosmer Male Non-existent ulwaen
Ulyne Henim Dunmer Female Vas ulyne henim
Ulyno Uvirith Dunmer Female Vivec, Redoran Canton ulyno_uvirith
Umbacano Altmer Male Yassu Mine Umbacano
Umbra Orsimer Male umbra
Umug gro-Mashnar Orsimer Male Valenvaryon umag_gro_mashnar
Undil Altmer Male Ashlands, Morrowind undil
Unila Berendas Dunmer Female Rethan Manor unila_berendus
Unjara Khajiit Female Ules Manor unjara
Uradras Sadalas Dunmer Male Ularradallaku uradras sadalas
Uram gro-Glorzuf Orsimer Male shilipuran zama-rasour
Urandile Selandas Dunmer Female Vivec, Hlaalu Canton urandile_selandas
Urene Arvel Dunmer Female Arvel Plantation uruene_arvel
Uresa Omoril Dunmer Female Azura's Coast, Ald Daedroth uresa omoril
Ureso Drath Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn, Temple ureso drath
Ureval Dralayn Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn ureval_dralayn
Urfing Nord Male urfing
Urim gro-Bulag Orc Male Bal Fell
Urjorad Khajiit Male Ashalmimilkala urjorad
Urnel Relas Dunmer Male Beshara urnel_relas
Urshamusa Rapli Dunmer Female Ahemmusa Camp urshamusa rapli
Ursine Nord Female Nerano Ancestral Tomb ursine
Urtisa Romayn Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Urtisa Romayn's House urtisa_romayn
Urtiso Faryon Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Sorcerer urtiso faryon
Urul gro-Ghorak Orsimer Male Caldera Urul gro-Ghorak
Urven Davor Dunmer Male Vivec urven davor
Uryne Nirith Dunmer Female Hlaalu Manor, Balmora Uryne Nirith
Urzog gro-Shadbuk Orsimer Male Sheogorad urzog_gro_shadbuk
Urzoth gra-Bargamph Orsimer Female Tel Aruhn urzoth_gra_bargamph
Urzul gra-Agum Orsimer Female Valenvaryon urzul_gra_agum
Ushamph gro-Shamub Orsimer Male Dren Plantation, Shipping House Ushamph gro-Shamub
Ushat gra-Gulfim Orsimer Male Hlormaren ushat_gra-gulfim
Ushug gra-Olurba Orsimer Female Ashurnibibi ushug gra-olurba
Utadeek Argonian Male Madach Tradehouse
servant arg male
Uthrel Sarys Dunmer Male Vivec, Redoran Canton uthrel_sarys
Uulernil Altmer Male Pelagiad, Armorer uulernil
Uupse Fyr Dunmer Female Onyx Hall [?]
Uvele Berendas Dunmer Male Indarys Manor, Berendas' House uvele berendas
Uvisea Benethran Dunmer Female Mannammu uvisea_benethran
Uvoo Llaren Dunmer Female Ghostgate uvoo_llaren
Uvren Tures Dunmer Male Rethan Manor uvren tures

V[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Vabbar Dinadad Dunmer Female West Gash vabbar_dinadad
Vaden Belas Dunmer Male Sadrith Mora vaden belas
Vadeni Rethan Dunmer Female Kunirai vadeni_rethran
Vadramea Farano Dunmer Female Punsabanit vadramea_farano
Vadusa Sathryon Dunmer Female Council Club, Balmora vadusa sathryon
Val Nord Female Tusenend
Vala Catraso Imperial Female vala_catraso
Vala Herennius Imperial Male vala_herennius
Valund Nord Male Aharunartus valund
Valveli Arelas Dunmer Female Priggage, Gnaar Mok valveli arelas
Valvesu Indaram Dunmer Female Habinbaes
Valvius Mevureius Imperial Male
Valvosa Maryon Dunmer Female Vivec, Hall of Records valvosa maryon
Valyne Vedaren Dunmer Female Odirniran valyne_vedaren
Vampire Cattle Varies Varies Varies Varies
Vanel Serven Dunmer Male Tel Naga General Quarters vanel serven
Vanjirra Khajiit Female Molag Mar vanjirra
Vantustius Pundus Imperial Male
Varasa Dreloth Dunmer Female Beshara varasa_dreloth
Varenu Indaram Dunmer Female Ashir-Dan varenu_indaram
Vares Reram Dunmer Male Tel Naga
Varian Angius Imperial Male varian_angius
Varis Ginith Dunmer Male Ashir-Dan varis ginith
Varner Hleras Dunmer Male Alas Ancestral Tomb varner_hleras
Varon Sadralo Dunmer Male Sargon varon_sadralo
Varona Nelas Dunmer Female Assumanu varona nelas
Varus Vantinius Imperial Male Ebonheart Varus Vatinius
Varvsa Athram Dunmer Female Sargon varvsa_athram
Varvur Sarethi Dunmer Males varvur sarethi
Vasesius Viciulus Imperial Male Molag Mar, Trader vasesius viciulus
Vatollia Apo Dunmer Male Gnisis Vatollia Apo
Vaval Orethi Dunmer Male Dren Plantation vaval_orethi
Vaval Selas Dunmer Male Vivec, St. Olms Canton vaval selas
Vaveli Dralas Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Morag Tong Guild vaveli_dralas
Vaves Virith Dunmer Male Kunirai vaves_virith
Vavran Reni Dunmer Male Ramimilk vavran_reni
Vedelea Othril Dunmer Femle Odirniran vedelea othril
Vedran Balen Dunmer Male Vivec, Hlaalu Canton vedran balen
Velanda Omani Dunmer Female Omani Manor velanda omani
Velfred the Outlaw Nord Male Grytewake velfred
Velms Sadryon Dunmer Male Library of Vivec, Vivec, Temple Canton velms_sadryon
Velsa Orethi Dunmer Female Venim Manor Velsa Orethi
Velsa Salaron Dunmer Female Gro-Bagrat Plantation velsa_salaron
Velyn Farethan Dunmer Male Halit Mine velyn_farethan
Vendrela Aravel Dunmer Female Venim Manor, Ald'ruhn Vendrela Aravel
Verara Rendo Dunmer Female Suran verara rendo
Veresa Salvani Dunmer Female Venim Manor, Ald'ruhn veresa salvani
Verick Gemain Breton Male Caldera
Vertilvius Cines Imperial Male Gnisis vertilvius_cines
Vevos Nerethi Dunmer Male vevos_nerethi
Vevrana Aryon Dunmer Female Azura's Coast
Vevul Alver Dunmer Male Ald'ruhn vevul alver
Vianis Tiragrius Imperial Female Kudanat vianis_tiragrius
Viatrix Petilia Imperial Female viatrix petilia
Viccia Claevius Imperial Female Ebonheart viccia claevius
Vienne Gilelle Breton Female Assumanu, Sheogorad vienne gilelle
Vilamon Redguard Male Ebonheart
Vilval Relvani Dunmer Male Shallit vilval relvani
Vilvyni Uveran Dunmer Female Shushishi vilvyni uveran
Vilyn Rervam Dunmer Male Vivec, Arena Canton vilyn_rervam
Vindamea Drethan Dunmer Female Ashirbadon vindamea_drethan
Vindyne Belvani Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn Vindyne Belvani
Vinnus Laecinnius Imperial Male Ebonheart vinnus_laecinnius
Viraninde Altmer Female Falensaran, Lower Level viraninde
Virene Mene Breton Female Dren Plantation, Guard House Virene Mene
Vireveri Darethran Dunmer Female Ald Velothi Vireveri Darethran
Virgerd Nord Male Esutanamus virgerd
Virvyn Athren Dunmer Male Outside Marandus Virvyn Athren
Vistha-Kai Argonian Male Corprusarium, Tel Fyr vistha_kai
Vivyne Andrano Dunmer Female Vivec, St. Delyn Canton vivyne_andrano
Vobend Dulfass Dunmer Male Ministry of Truth vobend_dulfass
Vodunius Nuccius Imperial Male Census and Excise Office Warehouse, Seyda Neen vodunius nuccius
Volanaro Altmer Male Dunirai Caverns volanaro
Volene Llervu Dunmer Female Ald'ruhn volene llervu
Volmyni Dral Dunmer Female Sadrith Mora, Her house volmyni dral
Volrina Quarra Imperial Female volrina quarra
Vonden Mano Dunmer Male Practice Room vonden_maro
Voneri Renim Dunmer Female Maba-Ilu voneri_renim
Vongvild Nord Male Dagon Fel vongvild
Vorar Helas Dunmer Male Balmora vorar_helas
Vori Nord Female Sadrith Mora vori
Voruse Bethrimo Dunmer Male Red Mountain, Dagoth Ur's Facility Voruse Bethrimo
Vuldronu Girith Dunmer Female Marandus vuldronu girith
Vulyne Rothari Dunmer Female Ginith Ancestral Tomb vulyne rothari
Vuvil Seni
Wadarkhu Khajiit Male Druegh-jigger's Rest, Gnaar Mok wadarkhu
Wanan-Dum Argonian Male Sadrith Mora wanan_dum
Wayn Redguard Male Balmora Fighters Guild wayn
Weeltul Argonian Female Saturan weeltul
Weer Argonian Male Yakanalit weer
Widow Vabdas Dunmer Female West Gash
Wih-Eius Argonian Male Rotheran wih_eius
Wud-Neeus Argonian Male Vivec, Telvanni Canton wud_neeus
Wuleen-Shei Argonian Male Aharunartus [?]
Wulf Imperial Male Tower of Dusk Lower Level, Ghostgate wulf
Yadba gro-Khash Orsimer Male Valenvaryon yadba_gro_khash
Yagrum Bagarn Dwemer Male Corprusarium Bowels yagrum bagarn
Yahaz Ashurnasaddas Dunmer Male yahaz ashurnasaddas
Yak gro-Skandar Orsimer Male The Rat in the Pot yak_gro_skandar
Yakin Bael Dunmer Male Vos Chapel yakin bael
Yakov Altmer Male Suran yakov
Yakum Hairshashishi Dunmer Male Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern yakum hairshashishi
Yam gro-Muzgur Orsimer Male Valenvaryon yam_gro_muzgur
Yambagorn gor-Shulor Orsimer Male Buckmoth Legion Fort yambagorn gor-shulor
Yambul gro-Bogrol Orsimer Male Fort Darius yambul gro-bogrol
Yan Assinabi Dunmer Male Vos yan assinabi
Yan-Ahhe Darirnaddunumm Dunmer Female Yanemus Mine Yan-Ahhe Darirnaddunumm
Yanabani Ashushshirari Dunmer Female yanabani_ashushshishari
Yanibi Adur-Dan Dunmer Female yanibi_adur-dan
Yanit Sehabani Dunmer Male Kaushtababi Camp, Azura's Coast yanit_sehabani
Yanniss Altmer Male Dralas Ancestral Tomb yanniss
Yantus Dunmer Male Erabenimsun Camp [?]
Yapal Esatliballit Dunmer Male yapal_esatliballit
Yargol gro-Bashnag Orsimer Male Zergonipal "yargol gro-bashnag"
Yashnarz gro-Ufthamph Orsimer Male Gnisis
West Gash
Yassour Hairshumusa Dunmer Male yassour_hairshumusa
Yatur gro-Shak Orsimer Male Aharunartus
Yazgash gra-Boga Orsimer Female Shashpilamat yazgash_gra-boga
Yeherradad Dunmer Male yeherradad
Yen Dunmer Male Urshilaku Camp, Sakiran's Yurt Yen
Yenabi Laserbillahemmi Dunmer Female Ashlands yenabi laserbillahemmi
Yenammu Dunmer Male Ahemmusa Camp yenammu
Ygfa Nord Female Pelagiad, Fort Pelagiad ygfa
Ylbert Meric Breton Male Falensarano, Lower Level ylbert meric
Yngling Half-Troll Nord Male St. Olms Yngling Manor, Vivec City yngling_half_troll

Z[edit | edit source]

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Ref ID
Zaba Dunmer Female Zainab Camp zaba
Zabamund Dunmer Male zabamund
Zabarbael Dunmer Male Molag Mar zabarbael
Zabi Adidshina Dunmer Female zabi adidshina
Zahraji Khajiit Female Zebabi zahraji
Zainat Ahalkalun Dunmer Male zainat_ahalkalun
Zairan Enturnabaelul Dunmer Male zairan enturnabaelul
Zalabelk Saladnius Dunmer Male East of Ald Velothi zalabelk saladnius
Zalit Salkatanat Dunmer Male zalit_salkatanat
Zallay Subaddamael Dunmer Male zallay subaddamael
Zallit Dunmer Male Outside Ahemmusa Camp zallit
Zallit Assattadaishah Dunmer Male Ghostgate zalit assattadalshah
Zanat Assarnuridan Dunmer Male Near Maar Gan zanat assarnuridan
Zanmulk Sammalamus Dunmer Male Gnisis Temple zanmulk sammalamus
Zanummu Dunmer Female Zanummu
Zebba Dunmer Female Erabenimsun Camp zebba
Zebba Asharnalit Dunmer Female zebba_asharnalit
Zebba Benamamat Dunmer Male Gnisis zebba benamamat
Zebdusipal Mantiti Dunmer Male Eggmine, Gnisis zebdusipal mantiti
Zelaku Assarrapanat Dunmer Male zelaku_assarrapanat
Zelay Sobbinisun Dunmer Male
Zenabi Samma Dunmer Male zenabi_samma
Zennammu Dunmer Female zennammu
Zennammu Urshumusa Dunmer Male Azura's Coast zennamu_urshumusa
Zula Dunmer Female
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