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A member of the Imperial Watch, patrolling around Cyrodiil.

Non-player characters, or NPCs, are any characters in the game world that are not controlled by the player. NPCs are controlled by Radiant AI, a complex system in which NPCs move about the world in a non-scripted, lifelike manner and perform daily tasks including shopping, hunting for food, going to church, painting, selling, or even going on a mission of assassination. In general, the term "NPC" refers specifically to humanoid NPCs, meaning all races, including those which are not playable. 

Types of non-player charactersEdit

Details about non-player charactersEdit

Day to day schedulesEdit

Many of the NPCs within cities and towns often have a day to day schedule. An NPC may do a variety of different things during the day, including:

  • Eating food
  • Sleeping
  • Talking
  • Killing or fighting other NPCs
  • Adventuring to a certain area or areas
  • Staying inside their house when it rains
  • Change dialogue due to other recent events


  • NPCs can be healed using a spell or a scroll that restores Health on target, cured of a poison or cured of paralysis.

Fighting NPCsEdit

  • When hovering the cursor over certain NPCs, a crown icon indicates that the character is an essential NPC, and cannot be killed. They can still be fought and knocked unconscious, but they will eventually rise again. This method can be used as a way of gaining experience, as the character will not remember the attack, and the player will not suffer any consequenses of it apart from either a prison sentence or a bounty.
  • When in combat with an NPC, they are able of chasing the player as they run through rooms, caves or wilderniss. They can flee from the player when they are about to be defeated, or if they have been demoralized.

List of all NPCsEdit


Main article: Altmer (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Ancotar Altmer Male Fort Caractacus 000975B8 0002F86D Ancotar Visible
Angalmo Altmer Male Chorrol Mages Guild 00023508 000234BB Angalmo1
Angalsama Altmer Female Sheogorath's Shrine 00026AE8 00026ADB Angalsama
Ardaline Altmer Female Bravil Mages Guild 0002F080 0002D01B Ardaline
Areldil Altmer Female Imperial City 000A977D 0001FDD5 Areldil
Arkved Altmer Male Arkved's Tower 00098CEC 0001EC12 Arkved
Arquen Altmer Female Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 00003987 00036308 Arquen
Arterion Altmer Male Skingrad 00035A19 00035A18 Arterion
Aryarie Altmer Male Bravil Mages Guild 0002EE73 0002D01D Aryarie
Astante Altmer Female Brindle Home 00059D30 00059D2F Astante
Atraena Altmer Female Imperial City 0002F879 0002F876 Atraena
Calindil Altmer Female Mystic Emporium 0001D214 00015EA9 Calindil
Caminalda Altmer Female Brina Cross Inn 0002DC09 0002DC08 Caminalda
Carahil Altmer Female Anvil Mages Guild 0002D06A 0002CD1E Carahil
Carandial Altmer Female Bravil 0000A12C 0000A108 Carandial
Caranya Altmer Female Arcane University 00034EAE 00034EAD Caranya
Celedaen Altmer Female Leafrot Cave 00036484 000355F8 Celedaen
Earana Altmer Female Chorrol Mages Guild 000277F0 000224E2 Earana
Eilonwy Altmer Female Cheydinhal Mages Guild 0000364A 0002D023 Eilonwy
Elante of Alinor Altmer Female Brittlerock Cave 00003447 00003435 Elante of Alinor
Elidor Altmer Male Desolate Mine 000288AC 00027F93 Elidor
Enrion Altmer Male Bloodmayne Cave 0004962F 00009C3B Enrion
Erissare Arenim Altmer Female Imperial City 0002C565 0002C0EB ErissareArenim
Errandil Altmer Female The Great Chapel of Arkay 0000364E 000034C8 Errandil
Faelian Altmer Male Imperial City 0002F877 0002F875 Faelian
Falcar Altmer Male Cheydinhal Mages Guild 0002E547 0002CD21 Falcar
Gilgondorin Altmer Male Silverhome on the Water 0000A129 0000A084 Gilgondorin
Henantier Altmer Male Bravil Mages Guild 0002CA3E 0002CA35 Henantier
Hindaril Altmer Male Redwater Slough 000977DB 000977DA Hindaril
Hirtel Altmer Male Anvil 0005D2C4 0002D6FF Hirtel
Hlidara Mothril Altmer Male Leyawiin 00035336 00034E8D HlidaraMothril
Honditar Altmer Male Honditar's House 000C8B80 000234B9 Honditar
Karinnarre Altmer Male Bruma 0003E18F 0003E188 Karinnarre
Lithnilian Altmer Male Imperial Bridge Inn 00185375 00185374 Lithnilian
Mankar Camoran Altmer Male N/A 0003392D 00033908 Mankar Camoran
Mannimarco Altmer Male Echo Cave 00016488 00016487 Mannimarco (Oblivion)
Merandil Altmer Female Kvatch 00028A92 00028035 Merandil
Merildor Altmer Female Brindle Home 00059D32 00059D2E Merildor
Mirie Altmer Female Peryite's Shrine 0001ECC0 0001ECAF Mirie
Varulae Altmer Male The Serpent's Wake 00095A61 00095A45 Varulae
Nerussa Altmer Female Wawnet Inn 000BB9CC 000BB9CB Nerussa
Ocato Altmer Female Imperial City 0001469A 00014699 Ocato
Ohtesse Altmer Female Great Chapel of Arkay 00000364D 000034C7 Ohtesse
Ohtimbar Altmer Male Cheydinhal Fighters Guild 0000363A 000034D0 Ohtimbar
Orintur Altmer Male Cheydinhal Mages Guild 0000364B 0002D022 Orintur
Ormil Altmer Male Imperial City Waterfront 00014730 0000C1D4 Ormil
Palonirya Altmer Female Divine Elegance 0001D207 00015EA8 Palonirya
Ranaline Altmer Female Bravil 0000A12F 0000A083 Ranaline
Raven Camoran Altmer Male N/A 00022CCC 0000ABB5 Raven Camoran
Ruma Camoran Altmer Female N/A 0001FB2E 0002952D Ruma Camoran
Salmo Altmer Male Skingrad 0002949B 00029495 Salmo
Seridur Altmer Male Imperial City 0001E078 0001CF76 Seridur
Sinderion Altmer Male West Weald Inn 0003E92C 0003E92B Sinderion
Suurootan Altmer Male Bruma 00036267 00035EB3 Suurootan
Tandilwe Altmer Male Imperial City 00015407 000153B9 Tandilwe
Termanwe Altmer Female Castle Leyawiin 0001C170 0001C16D Termanwe
Tilmo Altmer Male Grateful Pass Stables 000545DA 000545D9 Tilmo
Tumindil Altmer Male Great Chapel of Julianos 00028F9C 00028F9D Tumindil
Umbacano Altmer Male Umbacano Manor 0002B445 0002AB4E Umbacano (Oblivion)
Ungarion Altmer Male A Warlock's Luck 0000A122 0000A088 Uugarion
Volanaro Altmer Male Bruma Mages Guild 00026162 0002D01F Volanaro
Voranil Altmer Male Riverview 00003640 000034D6 Voranil


Main article: Argonian (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Ah-Malz Argonian Male Skingrad 000293D4 000293D5 Ah-Malz
Ajum-Kajin Argonian Male Leyawiin 000356DE 000356CD Ajum-Kajin
Amusei Argonian Male Imperial City Waterfront 000034A7 0003563B Amusei
Beewos Argonian Female Sheogorath's Shrine 00026AE9 00026ADA Beewos
Bejeen Argonian Female Leyawiin 000359C0 00034E84 Bejeen
Bur-Meema Argonian Female Shrine of Azura 0009786C 0009786B Bur-Meema
Cat-Face Argonian Male Leyawiin 0005322E 000479F5 Cat-Face
City-Swimmer Argonian Female Bravil 0000A12E 0000A109 CitySwimmer
Dar Jee Argonian Male Leyawiin 0003599B 00034E76 DarJee
Geel Argonian Male Leyawiin 00001731 00034E7D Geel
Hears-Voices-in-The-Air Argonian Male Blackwood Company Hall 000B1671 000B1671 Hears-Voices-In-The-Air
Jee-Tah Argonian Male The Lonely Suitor Lodge 0002FF2B 0002FF2A Jee-Tah
Mahei Argonian Male Leyawiin 00132AFA 00034E7F Mahei
Beewos Argonian Female Sheogorath's Shrine 00026AE9 00026ADA Beewos
Bejeen Argonian Female Leyawiin 000359C0 00034E84 Bejeen
Bur-Meema Argonian Female Shrine of Azura 0009786C 0009786B Bur-Meema
Dar-Ma Argonian Female Chorrol 000280FA 000280C9 Dar-Ma
Deeh the Scalawag Argonian Male Leyawiin 0000932B 00015D89 DeehTheScalawag
Deetsan Argonian Female Cheydinhal Mages Guild 0002E5E4 0002D021 Deetsan
Deetum-Ja Argonian Male Harlun's Watch 000B6C03 000514C5 Deetum-ja
Dreet-Lai Argonian Male Bloodmayne Cave 0004962E 00009C3A Dreet-Lai
Druja Argonian Female Skingrad Mages Guild 000293EF 000293EE Druja
Er-Teeus Argonian Male Shrine of Peryite 0001ECC4 0001ECB1 Er-Teeus
Geem Jasaiin Argonian Male Imperial City 0001EB83 0001EB82 GeemJasaiin
Gin-Wulm Argonian Male Imperial City, Market District 0003E92E 0003E92D Gin-Wulm
Grey-Throat Argonian Male Imperial City 0001E074 0001D252 Grey-Throat
Hal-Liurz Argonian Female Castle Skingrad 0002EC2E 00028FB0 Hal-Liurz
Hauls-Ropes-Faster Argonian Male Anvil 000976C8 0000A297 Hauls-Ropes-Faster
Hides-His-Heart Argonian Male Francois Motierre's House 0002F255 000234B3 Hides-His-Heart
Hunting Tail Argonian Male Hircine's Shrine 0009823C 00098295 HuntingTail
Jeelius Argonian Male Lake Arrius Caverns 00024E3B 00024E0A JeeliusAlive
Jeetum-Ze Argonian Male Leyawiin 000356ED 000356EC Jeetum-Ze
Kud-Ei Argonian Female Bravil 0002F07F 0002CD1F Kud-Ei
Mach-Na Argonian Female Cheydinhal 00003641 00023FEA Mach-Na
Marz Argonian Female Great Chapel of Mara 0000A125 0000A08B Marz
Numeen Argonian Female Leyawiin 00035993 00034E7E Numeen
Ocheeva Argonian Female Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 00025050 000224EC Ocheeva
On-Staya Sundew Argonian Female Castle Leyawiin 00048CFA 00033906 On-Staya Sundew
Otumeel Argonian Male Leyawiin 000359BB 00034E88 Otumeel
Pajeen Argonian Male Shrine of Boethiah 000A3835 000A3833 Pajeen
Quill-Weave Argonian Female Anvil 0000BC69 0000A2A0 Quill-Weave
Rana Argonian Female Blackwood Company Hall 00001730 00034E7B Rana
Reenum Argonian Male Bravil 0000A136 0000A112 Reenum
Right-Wind Argonian Male Bruma 00036273 00035EC1 Right-Wind
Sakeepa Argonian Male Aleswell 0002F862 0002F85F Sakeepa
Saliith Argonian Male Imperial City, Arena District 000A7141 000A713C Saliith
Scar-Tail Argonian Male Bogwater 0003558D 0003558A ScarTail
Seed-Neeus Argonian Female Northern Goods and Trade 000234FD 000234B8 Seed-Neeus
Shaleez Argonian Female Flooded Mine 0003018F 0003018E Shaleez2
Sings-Like-Thunder Argonian Male Leyawiin 000B166F 000B166E Sings-Like-Thunder
Skaleel Argonian Female Vahtacen 00035F4A 00035F43 Skaleel
Tar-Meena Argonian Male Arcane University 00034EBC 00034EB2 Tar-Meena
Teekeeus Argonian Male Chorrol Mages Guild 00023507 000234BC Teekeeus
Teinaava Argonian Male Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 000250FD 00023E34 Teinaava
Tooth-in-the-Sea Argonian Male North of Bravil 0003C166 0003C165 Tooth-in-the-Sea
Tun-Zeeus Argonian Male The Dividing Line 00035294 00034E69 Tun-Zeeus
Usheeja Argonian Male Umbacano Manor 00007B2D 0002B5EA Usheeja
Weebam-Na Argonian Male Leyawiin 000359BF 00034E83 Weebam-Na
Weedum-Ja Argonian Female Kvatch: Refugee Camp 0002ECBB 0002D6EE Weedum-Ja
Witseidutsei Argonian Female Five Claws Lodge 0002C8D9 0002C8D8 Witseidutsei
Wumeek Argonian Male Imperial City 0001EB80 0001EB7F Wummek


Main article: Bosmer (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Adanrel Bosmer Female Imperial City 0001FB59 0001FB56 Adanrel
Aengvir Bosmer Male Harlun's Watch 000B6C05 000514C4 Aengvir
Aenvir Bosmer Male Lelles' Quality Merchandise 0003573 00035726 Aenvir
Alawen Bosmer Male Gold Road 0003C160 0003C15F Alawen
Andragil Bosmer Female Andragil's House 0000A131 0000A10B Andragil
Anedhel Bosmer Female Clavicus Vile's Shrine 00026B3D 00026B36 Anedhel
Anguilon Bosmer Male The Fo'c's'le 0000BC7F 0000A299 Anguilon
Adoring Fan Bosmer Male Arena District 000AED41 000AED40 Adoring Fan
Athragar Bosmer Male Chorrol Mages Guild 00023506 000234BA Athragar
Athrelor Bosmer Male Kvatch: Refugee Camp 0002ECB9 0002D6FD Athrelor
Baenlin Bosmer Male Baenlin's House 0002D6DD 00023F0B Baenlin
Baeralorn Bosmer Male Anvil Castle 0000BE4D 0000A28C Baeralorn
Boroneth Bosmer Female Hircine's Shrine 0098225 00098252 Boroneth
Bothiel Bosmer Female Arcane University 00034EBA 00034EB7 Bothiel
Brodras Bosmer Male Leyawiin Fighters Guild 0003598F 00034E72 Brodras
Caenlin Bosmer Male Baenlin's House 0007327A 00073279 Caenlin
Caenlorn Bosmer Male The Flowing Bowl 0000BC7B 0000A27D Caenlorn
Carwen Bosmer Female Methredhel's House 0001FB5A 0001FB57 Carwen
Ciindil Bosmer Female Mephala's Shrine 00098227 0001ECD8 Ciindil
Cingaer Bosmer Male Hrota Cave 00002E9F 00002E95 Cingaer2
Cingor Bosmer Male Cingor's House 000359BD 00034E86 Cingor
Daenlin Bosmer Male The Archer's Paradox 0000A11C 0000A089 Daenlin
Dagail Bosmer Female Leyawiin Mages Guild 000314E3 0002CD22 Dagail
Dairihill Bosmer Female Anvil Castle 0000BE4B 0000A289 Dairihill
Degil Bosmer Female Namira's Shrine 000B11D5 000B11D4 Degil
Dennilwen Bosmer Female Hrota Cave 0000342C 00002E9B Dennilwen
Elragail Bosmer Female Imperial City 0001FDDC 0001FDD0 Elragail
Elsynia Bosmer Female Leyawiin 0003E185 0003E183 Elsynia
Engorm Bosmer Male Shrine of Sanguine 00097009 0001C150 Engorm
Enilroth Bosmer Male Morvayn's Peacemakers 0003630B 00036307 Enilroth
Eridor Bosmer Male Skingrad 000039A7 000039A6 Eridor
Erthor Bosmer Male Bleak Flats Cave 0002D743 0002D6E6 Erthor
Faurinthil Bosmer Male Shrine of Sanguine 0009700B 0009700A Faurinthil
Fithragaer Bosmer Male Nenyond Twyll 00085219 0000BEE6 Fithragaer
Foroch Bosmer Male Gottshaw Inn 0003AB52 0003AB51 Foroch
Ganredhel Bosmer Male Ganredhel's House 00003636 000034DB Ganredhel
Gelephor Bosmer Male Imperial City, Market District 0001D20C 00015EA3 Gelephor
Githriian Bosmer Male Hrota Cave 0000342D 00002E99 Githriian
Glarthir Bosmer Male Glarthir's House 000294C8 000294C3 Glarthir
Gundalas Bosmer Male Best Goods and Guarantees 00035292 00034E68 Gundalas
Gwinas Bosmer Male First Edition 00022B02 00022466 Gwinas
Hagaer Bosmer Male Hagaer's House 0001DA95 0001DA95 Hagaer
Hasathil Bosmer Male Anvil 0000BC75 0000A29C Hasathil
Hundolin Bosmer Male Imperial City, Arena District 00127673 00029D75 Hundolin
Huurwen Bosmer Female Anvil Fighters Guild 0000BC8D 0000A294 Huurwen
Idrolian Bosmer Female Hrota Cave 0000342E 00002E9A Idrolian
Laenafil Bosmer Female Fort Sutch 000314DB 00028FA7 Laenafil
Laralthir Bosmer Female Chapel of Dibella 0000BC6B 0000A286 Laralthir
Maenlorn Bosmer Male The Flowing Bowl 0000BC7A 0000A27C Maenlorn
Maglir Bosmer Male West Weald Inn 0002AE31 00024165 Maglir
Mandil Bosmer Male Talos Plaza District 0001C4C2 00016060 Mandil
Methredhel Bosmer Female Methredhel's House 00035642 00034E99 Methredhel
Nedhelfin Bosmer Female Hrota Cave 00002E9E 00002E97 Nedhelfin
Nilawen Bosmer Female Bravil 0000A123 0000A087 Nilawen
Niraegaer Bosmer Female Hrota Cave 00002E9D 00002E9D Niraegaer
Nordinor Bosmer Male Bravil 0003E180 0003E17E Nordinor2
Parwen Bosmer Male Skingrad 000293E3 000293E3 Parwen
Rindir Bosmer Male Imperial City, Market District 0001D15E 00015E9C Rindir
Sister Angrond Bosmer Female Gottlesfont Priory 000ACE74 000ACE6D Sister Angrond
Telaendril Bosmer Female Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 000250FC 000251CE Telaendril
Thamriel Bosmer Female Thamriel's House 0001FDDB 0001FDCB Thamriel
Thaurron Bosmer Male Anvil Mages Guild 0002D06B 0002D018 Thaurron
Thiirchel Bosmer Female Hrota Cave 0000342F 00002E94 Thiirchel
Thoronir Bosmer Male Imperial City 0001D15D 00015E9E Thoronir
Thrangirfin Bosmer Male Hrota Cave 00002E9C 00002E98 Thrangirfin
Thurindil Bosmer Male Anvil 0000BC80 0000A29A Thurindil
Umbra Bosmer Female Vindasel 00026BA2 00026B1B Umbra
Ungolim Bosmer Male Bravil 0003630C 000301C4 Ungolim
Uuras the Shepherd Bosmer Male Skingrad 00028E83 00028E84 UurasTheShepherd
Uurwen Bosmer Male Cheydinhal Mages Guild 00003645 0002D025 Uurwen


Main article: Breton (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Bernadette Peneles Breton Female Skingrad 000294B6 000294AF Bernadette Peneles
Biene Amelion Breton Female Water's Edge 00009219 000091F5 BieneAmelion
Ferrum Breton Male Cloud Ruler Temple 000A3168 000A3165 Ferrum
Achille Breton Male Cloud Ruler Temple 000A316E 000A3166 Achille
Baragon Breton Male Cloud Ruler Temple 000A316D 000A3167 Baragon
Blanche Mastien Breton Female Namira's Shrine 000B11D7 000B11D6 BlancheMastien
Bradon Lirrian Breton Male Bruma 00036281 00035EC6 Bradon
Brucetus Festinius Breton Male Roxey Inn 0002C8D1 0002AF42 BrucetusFestinius
Callia Bincal Breton Female Crestbridge Camp 0003186B 00031869 CalliaBincal
Candice Corgine Breton Female Pell's Gate 000243C9 000243C8 Candice
Caroline Breton Female Cloud Ruler Temple 0003759F 00037575 Caroline
Chana Mona Breton Female Great Chapel of Mara 0000A126 0000A08C ChanaMona
Christophe Marane Breton Male Brina Cross Inn 0002DC05 0002DC04 ChristopheMarane
Claude Maric Breton Male Roxey Inn 0002C8D0 0002AF05 ClaudeMaric
Claudette Perrick Breton Female The Gilded Carafe 0001D212 00015EAB ClaudettePerrick
Colin Stedrine Breton Male Anvil Castle 00098339 000982F8 ColinStedrine
Corrick Northwode Breton Male Harm's Folly 00189D02 00189D01 CorrickNorthwode
Damian Magius Breton Male Imperial City Waterfront District 00048738 0001DFB1 DamianMagius
Captain Gepard Montrose Breton Male Imperial Prison Sewer 00095333 00095331 CaptainGepardMontrose
Davide Surilie Breton Male Skingrad 000294BC 000294BF Davide Surilie
Delphine Jend Breton Female Bravil Mages Guild 0002CB2E 0002CB2D Delphine Jend
Didier Aumilie Breton Male The Count's Arms 0000BC79 0000A281 DidierAumilie
Edgar Vautrine Breton Male Edgar's Discount Spells 0001FBAC 00015E9D Edgar Vautrine
Eduard Denile Breton Male Harlun's Watch 00034598 00034597 Eduard Denile
Eduard Retiene Breton Male Water's Edge 000327BC 000327BA Eduard Retiene
Elisa Pierrane Breton Female Imperial City 0001C4BC 00016063 Elisa Pierrane
Erline Lirrian Breton Female Bradon Lirrian's House 00036282 00035EC7 ErlineLirrian
Ernest Manis Breton Male The Foaming Flask 0001FDD7 0001FDCF ErnestManis
Estelle Renoit Breton Female Renoit's Books 000234DB 000234B0 EstelleRenoit
Eugal Belette Breton Male Chorrol 000234D1 000222AD EugalBelette
Evangeline Beanique Breton Female White-Gold Tower 00014C716 00014C715 EvangelineBeanique
First Mate Filch Breton Male Sea Tub Clarabella 000738E1 000738DB FirstMateFilch
Floyd Nathans Breton Male Blankenmarch 000B167E 000B167D Floyd Nathans
Francine Velain Breton Female Shrine of Nocturnal 00085116 0008510F FrancineVelain
Francois Motierre Breton Male Francois Motierre's House 000234D6 000222B1 Francois Motierre
Gan Luseph Breton Male Castle Bruma 00036278 00035EC0 Gan Luseph
Gaspar Stegine Breton Male Arcane University 00034EBF 00034EB1 GasparStegine
Gaston Surilie Breton Male Surilie Brothers Vineyards 000294C1 000294C0 Gaston Surilie
Gaston Tussaud Breton Male Marie Elena 00049356 00025299 GastonTussaud
Gerard Melie Breton Male Fort Sutch 000314DA 00028FA6 Gerard Melie
Goblin Jim Breton Male Goblin Jim's Cave 00087034 00031317 GoblinJim1
Grantham Blakeley Breton Male Niben Bay 000366B8 000347B2 The Forlorn Watchman (Ghost)
Gregory Arne Breton Male Sheogorath's Shrine 00026AEA 00026ADC GregoryArne
Guilbert Jemane Breton Male Newlands Lodge 0002B735 00023E86 Guilbert Jemane
Guilbert Selone Breton Male Chapel of Akatosh 0018AD6C 0018AD6B Guilbert Selone
Hannibal Traven Breton Male Arcane University 00034E17 00034E16 Hannibal Traven
Hastrel Ottus Breton Male Hastrel Ottus' House 0001D5BA 0001D345 HastrelOttus
Irene Metrick Breton Female Market District 0001C4BE 00016058 IreneMetrick
Isabeau Bienne Breton Female Bay Roan Stables 0004D824 00026B4F IsabeauBienne
Istirus Brolus Breton Male Istrius Brolus' House 00036283 00035EC8 Istirus Brolus
Springheel Jak Breton Male Imperial City 00015300 000148D5 Jakben
Jauffre Breton Male Weynon Priory 0001CB98 00023999 Jauffre
Jeanne Frasoric Breton Female Bruma 0000BF55 0002CD20 JeanneFrasoric
Jhared Strongblade Breton Male Knights of the Thorn Lodge 000335B2 000335B1 JharedStrongblade
Jolie Retiene Breton Female Water's Edge 000327C0 000327BF Jolie Retiene
Julienne Fanis Breton Female Arcane University 00024AC2 00034EAF JulienneFanis
Kastus Sintav Breton Male Kastus Sintav's House 0001C4BA 00016064 KastusSintav
Lazare Milvan Breton Male Skingrad 00028E71 00028E72 Lazare Milvan
Luciana Galena Breton Female Luciana Galena's House 0000A130 0000A10A LucianaGalena
Marcel Amelion Breton Male Water's Edge 000A345C 000A345B Marcel Amelion
Marc Gulitte Breton Male Anvil Mages Guild 0002D06D 0002D01A Marc Gulitte
Marguerite Diel Breton Male The All-Saints Inn 0001D5B6 00033904 Marguerite Diel
Marie Alouette Breton Female Marie Alouette's House 000327BD 000327BB Marie Alouette
Marie Palielle Breton Female Great Chapel of Julianos 00028F9E 00028F9F Marie Palielle
Mariette Rielle Breton Female Nenyond Twyll 00090716 000038B3 Mariette Rielle
Mathieu Bellamont Breton Female Anvil Lighthouse 0000398B 0000398A Mathieu Bellamont
Matilde Petit Breton Female Summitmist Manor 00028B77 000277D5 Matilde Petit
Matthias Draconis Breton Male Matthias Draconis' House 00031000 00030FDA Matthias Draconis
Melisande Breton Female Near Corbolo River 0003E932 0003E931 Melisande
Astav Wirich Breton Male Imperial City 00022B0C 00026093 Astav Wirich
Norbert Lelles Breton Male Lelles' Quality Merchandise 00035725 00035724 Norbert Lelles
Ogier Georick Breton Male The Main Ingredient 0001D159 00015E9A Ogier Georick
Philip Franc Breton Male Philip Franc's House 000B1682 000B1681 PhilipFranc
Prior Maborel Breton Male Weynon Priory 0001CB99 000223AB PriorMaborel
Raelynn the Gravefinder Breton Male Moss Rock Cavern 00185379 00185378 RaelynnTheGravefinder
Renald Viernis Breton Male Arcane University 00034EBD 00034EB6 Renald Viernis
Renault Breton Female Imperial Prison 00032A15 0002349F TESIV Character Captain Renault
Reynald Jemane Breton Male Chorrol, Weatherleah 000234C7 000222A8 ReynaldJemane
Rochelle Bantien Breton Female Imperial City 00016488 00016487 Rochelle
Roderic Pierrane Breton Male Roderic Pierrane's House 0001C4BD 0001623A Roderic Pierrane
Roland Jenseric Breton Male Imperial City 0001DB1D 0001D34B Roland Jenseric
Roxanne Brigette Breton Female Bravil Skooma Den 0000A135 0000A10F RoxannaBrigette
Roxy Aric Breton Female Telepe 00062C79 0008595B Roxy Aric
Rufio Breton Male Inn of Ill Omen 00025001 000224F0 Rufio
Sabine Laul Breton Female Chorrol Fighters Guild 0002350D 000234BD Sabine Laul
Salomon Geonette Breton Male Imperial City 0001DA8C 0001D34D Salomon Geonette
Samuel Bantien Breton Male Imperial City 0001FC59 0001FC52 Samuel Bantien
Shady Sam Breton Male Imperial City wall 000C45B8 000C45B5 Shady Sam
Sister Phebe Jeanard Breton Female Gottlesfont Priory 000ACE81 000ACE73 Sister Phebe Jeanard
Thorley Aethelred Breton Male Shardrock 0018AFDA 0018AFD9 Thorley Aethelred
Timothee LaRouche Breton Male Anvil 0000BC81 0002991A TimotheeLaRouche
Ulrich Leland Breton Male Cheydinhal 000055F8 000034CC Ulrich Leland
Ursanne Loche Breton Female Bravil 0000A116 0000A111 UrsanneLoche
Vicente Valtieri Breton Male Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 000250FE 00023E39 Vicente Valtieri
Vincent Galien Breton Male Bravil Fighters Guild 0000A11A 0000A094 Vincent Galien
Yvara Channitte Breton Female Bruma 00036277 00035EBC YvaraChannitte


Main article: Dremora (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Amkaos Dremora Male Paradise 0003CD19 0003CD1D Amkaos
Kathutet Dremora Male Paradise 0003C805 0003C807 Kathutet
Orthe Dremora Male Paradise 0003CD1B 0003CD1F Orthe
Ranyu Dremora Male Paradise 0003CD1A 0003CD1E Ranyu


Main article: Dunmer (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Adosi Serethi Dunmer Female Aleswell 0002F868 0002F865 AdosiSerethi
Aldos Othran Dunmer Male Cheydinhal 0003C8B4 000034DE AldosOthran
Alval Uvani Dunmer Female Leyawiin 000359C4 00030196 AlvalUvani
Alves Uvenim Dunmer Male Leyawiin 000314E5 0002D027 AlvesUvenium
Andel Indarys Dunmer Male Cheydinhal 0001FB9E 000034CA AndelIndarys
Arvena Thelas Dunmer Female Anvil 0003572C 0003571D ArvenaThelas
Arvin Dalvilu Dunmer Male Bleaker's Way 0009821E 0001ECC9 Arvin Dalvilu
Avrus Adas Dunmer Male Leyawiin 000359CC 00034E6A ArvusAdas
Aymar Douar Dunmer Female Vaermina's Shrine 00026B7C 00026B7B Aymar Douar
Banus Alor Dunmer Male Applewatch 00003989 0003630A Banus Alor
Boderi Farano Dunmer Female Arcane University 00034EBB 00034EB3 BoderiFarano
Bolor Savel Dunmer Male Echo Cave 00016484 00016483 Bolor Savel Ingame
Bongond Dunmer Male North Country Stables 0004D839 000234B6 Bongond
Bralsa Andaren Dunmer Female Wayshrine of Kynareth 0018B121 0003E92F BralsaAndaren
Cylben Dolovas Dunmer Male Imperial City 000947BC 000947BB Cylben Dolovas
First Mate Malvulis Dunmer Female Imperial City Waterfront 00049193 00048962 First Mate Malvulis
Davela Hlaren Dunmer Female Imperial Bridge Inn 0003AB4F 0003AB4E DavelaHlaren
Delos Fandas Dunmer Male Imperial City 0001D20D 00015EA2 DelosFandas
Dervera Romalen Dunmer Female Cheydinhal 00003639 000034C0 Dervera Romalen
Diram Serethi Dunmer Male Aleswell 0002F86A 0002F864 DiramSerethi
Dovesi Dran Dunmer Female Summitmist Manor 00028B78 000277D2 Dovesi Dran
Dovyn Aren Dunmer Male Imperial City 0001C4C6 0001605C DovynAren
Dralora Athram Dunmer Female Imperial City 0001FC5D 0001FC56 Dralora Athram
Dranas Lerano Dunmer Male Anvil 0003573A 00035728 DranasLerano
Dranas Llethro Dunmer Male Abandoned Shack 000477EE 000477EC DranasLlethro
Drarana Thelis Dunmer Female Harlun's Watch 000B6C02 0000BEA7 Drarana Thelis
Dredena Hlavel Dunmer Female Shrine of Mephala 00026B74 0001ECD6 DredenaHlavel
Drels Theran Dunmer Male Castle Bravil 0004CDD2 0000A093 Drels
Eronor Dunmer Male Weynon Priory 00028C8E 000223AF Eronor
Falanu Hlaalu Dunmer Female Skingrad 00028E74 00028E73 Falanu Hlaalu
Farwil Indarys Dunmer Male Knights of the Thorn Medallion 00031BC6 00031BC5 Farwil Indarys
Fathis Aren Dunmer Male Fathis Aren's Tower 0000A11F 0000A090 Fathis Aren
Fathis Ules Dunmer Male Chorrol 0000391B 0002BA47 FathisUles
Felen Relas Dunmer Male Anvil Mages Guild 0002D06C 0002D019 FelenRelas
Ferul Ravel Dunmer Male Sheogorath's Shrine 00026AE7 00026AD6 Ferul Ravel
Gilen Norvalo Dunmer Male Imperial City 0001E07 0001D24E Gilen Norvalo
Glistel Dunmer Female Chorrol 000234C8 000222A3 Glistel
Gureryne Selvilo Dunmer Male Chorrol 000234FA 000234AD Gureryne Selvilo (Oblivion)
Harrow Dunmer Male Lake Arrius Caverns 0003391B 00033905 Harrow
Ilvel Romayn Dunmer Male Shrine of Peryite 0001ECC2 0001ECAD Ilvel Romayn
Kylius Lonavo Dunmer Male Leyawiin 00181C65 00181C64 Kylius Lonavo
Lady Drad Dunmer Female Lord Drad's Estate 0001EC34 0001EC33 LadyDrad
Llensi Llaram Dunmer Female Anvil Fighters Guild 0000BC8C 0000A293 Llensi Llaram
Llevana Nedaren Dunmer Female Cheydinhal 00003649 000034DF LlevanaNedaren
Lord Drad Dunmer Male Lord Drad's Estate 0001EC32 0001EC31 Lord Drad
Malyani Dalvilu Dunmer Female Bleaker's Way 00098244 0001ECCC Malyani Dalvilu
Mels Maryon Dunmer Male Shrine of Azura 00097864 0001EBF7 Mels Maryon
Mensa Selas Dunmer Female Fisherman's Rock 00085959 0008521D MensaSelas
Minx Dunmer Female The Bloated Float 0000C1F6 0000C1D9 Minx
Mivryna Arano Dunmer Female Black Waterside Stables 0004BF2C 0004E887 Mivryna Arano
Modryn Oreyn Dunmer Male Chorrol Fighters Guild 00023510 000234C0 Modryn Oreyn
Mondrar Henim Dunmer Male Cursed Mine 00035A17 00035A16 Mondrar Henim
Myvryna Arano Dunmer Female Imperial City 0003529B 0003529A Myvryna Arano
Nardhil Dunmer Female North Country Stables 0004D83D 0004D83C Nardhil
Nivan Dalvilu Dunmer Male Bleaker's Way 0001ED0F 0001ECC8 Nivan Dalvilu
Norasa Adus Dunmer Female Hermaeus Mora's Shrine 0005D50E 0005D516 Norasa Adus
Noveni Othran Dunmer Female Wellspring Cave 000937FC 000353DF Noveni Othran
Olyn Seran Dunmer Male Molag Bal's Shrine 0005D52F 00026B4D OlynSeran
Othrelos Dunmer Male Imperial City 0001C4C3 0001605F Othrelos
Ralsa Norvalo Dunmer Female Imperial City 0001D5BE 0001D343 Ralsa Norvalo
Raynil Dralas Dunmer Male Bruma 0003859E 00035EAE RaynilDralas
Redas Dalvilu Dunmer Male Bleaker's Way 00098248 0001ECCA Redas Dalvilu
Rythe Lythandas Dunmer Male Cheydinhal 0001BC27 000034D2 Rythe Lythandas
Satha Dalvilu Dunmer Female Bleaker's Way 0009824A 0001ECCB Satha Dalvilu
Saveri Faram Dunmer Female Bruma 00036287 00035ECC Saveri Faram
Slythe Seringi Dunmer Male Sandstone Cavern 00185DCA 00185DC9 Slythe Seringi
Soris Arenim Dunmer Male Imperial City 0002C569 0002F1FD Soris Arenim
Tadrose Helas Dunmer Female Bravil Fighters Guild 0000A118 0000A096 Tadrose Helas
Tanasa Arano Dunmer Female Cheydinhal 0000363E 000034D8 TanasaArano
Pale Lady Dunmer Female Castle Skingrad 000838CF 0004B76F Pale Lady (Oblivion)
Tivela Lythandas Dunmer Female Cheydinhal 0001BBD1 000034D3 Tivela Lythandas
Tolisi Girith Dunmer Female Imperial City 0000363F 000034D7 Tolisi Girith
Tolvasa Sendas Dunmer Female Boethiah's Shrine 000A3834 000A3832 Tolvasa Sendas
Tovas Selvani Dunmer Male Black Waterside Stables 0004BF2B 000034E0 Tovas Selvani
Ulen Athram Dunmer Male Imperial City 0001FC5E 0001FC55 Ulen Athram
Ulene Hlervu Dunmer Female Castle Cheydinhal 00017EE9 000034CD UleneHlervu
Undena Orethi Dunmer Female Skingrad 00028E7E 00028E7D UndenaOrethi
Uravasa Othrelas Dunmer Female Bravil 0000A127 0000A08A UravasaOthrelas
Urnsi Serethi Dunmer Female Aleswell 0002F869 0002F866 Urnsi Serethi
Valen Dreth Dunmer Male Imperial City Prison 0001FC43 00025200 ValenDreth
Varel Morvayn Dunmer Male Anvil 0000BC6E 0000A283 Varel Morvayn
Varon Vamori Dunmer Male Bravil 0002F082 0002991C VaronVamori


Main article: Imperial (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Adamus Phillida Imperial Male Imperial City, Leyawiin 00015EB0 0002FB2B Adamus Phillida
Adrian Decanius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4BF 00016057 Adrian Decanius
Alessia Ottus Imperial Female Imperial City 0001D5BB 0001D346 Alessia Ottus
Aloys Bincal Imperial Male Cropsford 00031868 00031867 Aloys Bincal
Amantius Allectus Imperial Male Imperial City 000153AA 000097A5 Amantius Allectus
Amminus Gregori Imperial Male Cheydinhal 000A36A0 000A369F Amminus Gregori
Andreas Draconis Imperial Male The Drunken Dragon Inn 00031025 00030FDB Andreas Draconis
Antus Flonius Imperial Male Leyawiin Fighters Guild 0006741B 00067418 Antus Flonius
Antus Odiil Imperial Male Odiil Farm 00028BE3 000222A0 Antus Odiil
Arentus Falvius Imperial Male Bruma 0003626A 00035EB9 Arentus Flavius
Ariela Doran Imperial Female Chorrol 000234D3 000222B0 Ariela Doran
Arnora Auria Imperial Female Bruma 00036288 00035ECD Arnora Auria
Arriana Valga Imperial Female Leyawiin 0002BA83 000234AA Arriana Valga
Astia Inventius Imperial Female Anvil 0000BC73 0000A29E Astia Inventius
Astinia Atius Imperial Female Imperial City 0001FDD6 0001FDD1 Astinia Atius
Audens Avidius Imperial Male Imperial City 00026D9E 00026D9A Audens Avidius
Augusta Calidia Imperial Female Imperial City 0002F878 0002F874 Augusta Calidia
Aviera Nirol Imperial Female Vaermina's Shrine 0008ADCD 0008ADCC Aviera Nirol
Countess Alessia Caro Imperial Female Leyawiin 00035334 00034E8C Alessia Caro
Imus the Dull Imperial Male Anvil 00015D9A 00015D82 ImusTheDull
Penniless Olvus Imperial Male Anvil 00015D97 00015D7F PennilessOlvus
Cosmus the Cheat Imperial Male Bravil 00015DA0 00015D81 CosmusTheCheat
Wretched Aia Imperial Female Bravil 00015D9D 00015D80 WretchedAia
Bruccius the Orphan Imperial Male Cheydinhal 00015DAD 00015D85 BrucciusTheOrphan
Luckless Lucina Imperial Female Cheydinhal 00015DAB 00015D86 LucklessLucina
Lazy Kaslowyn Imperial Male Chorrol 00015DB7 00015D87 LazyKaslowyn
Nermus the Mooch Imperial Male Chorrol 00015DB4 00015D88 NermusTheMooch
Fralav the Faker Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C467 0001C459 FralavTheFaker
Simplicia the Slow Imperial Female Imperial City 0001C462 0001C458 SimpliciaTheSlow
No-Coins Draninus Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C466 0001C45A No-Coins Draninus
Ragbag Buntara Imperial Female Imperial City 0001C469 0001C45B Ragbag
Puny Ancus Imperial Male Imperial City 000165EE 000165ED PunyAncus
Foul Fagus Imperial Male Skingrad 00018499 00015D8B FoulFagnus
Nigidius the Needy Imperial Male Skingrad 00015D90 00015D8C NigidusTheNeedy
Belisarius Imperial Male Cloud Ruler Temple 0003759C 00037572 Belisarius
Belisarius Arius Imperial Male Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary 00003988 00036309 Belisarius Arius
Berich Inian Imperial Male Kvatch 000091A1 00028036 Berich Inian
Betto Plotius Imperial Male Leyawiin 00035997 00034E89 Betto Plotius
Pelagius Imperial Male Cloud Ruler Temple 000A3175 000A3164 Pelagius (Blades)
Fortis Imperial Male Cloud Ruler Temple 000A3176 000A3162 Fortis
Arcturus Imperial Male Cloud Ruler Temple 000A317A 000A3163 Arcturus (Oblivion)
Bremman Senyan Imperial Male Cheydinhal 00031BC8 00031BC7 Bremman Senyan
Brielus Gawey Imperial Male Chestnut Handy Stables 0006B32D 0006845A BrielusGawey
Britta Invel Imperial Female Castle Leyawiin 0001C167 0001C166 Britta Invel
Bronsila Kvinchal Imperial Male Imperial City 000477E0 000477DB Bronsila Kvinchal
Brotch Calus Imperial Male Bruma 0003628C 0002991E Brotch Calus
Brother Piner Imperial Male Weynon House 0001CB97 000223AD Piner
Bruscius Longus Imperial Male Shrine of Hermaeus Mora 0005D50D 0005D517 Bruscius Longus
Caelia Draconis Imperial Female Leyawiin 0004F130 00030FD9 Caelia Draconis
Camilla Lollia Imperial Female Bruma Mages Guild 00085881 000038B5 Camilla Lollia
Captain Baszone Patneim Imperial Male Anvil 000738E3 00094BE8 Captain Baszone Patneim
Carius Runellius Imperial Male Bruma 0003843D 00037F73 Carius Runellius
Carmalo Truiand Imperial Male Imperial City 00035C84 00035C83 Carmalo Truiand
Carmana Sintav Imperial Female Imperial City 00022B70 0001605A Carmana Sintav
Casta Flavus Imperial Female N/A 000A9489 000A9487 Casta Flavus
Casta Scribonia Imperial Femal Chorrol 000234D0 000222AC CastaScribonia
Caula Allectus Imperial Female Imperial City 0001DA8A 0001D34C Caula Allectus
Cicero Verus Imperial Male Imperial City 0001D208 00015EA7 Cicero Verus
Claudius Arcadia Imperial Male Imperial Prison 00071D4C 00071D4B Claudius Arcadia
Collatinus Vedius Imperial Male Imperial City 00007B12 0002B529 Collatinus Vedius
Contumeliorus Florius Imperial Male Chorrol Mages Guild 000234DD 000222B7 ContumeliorusFlorius
Cyronin Sintav Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4BB 00016059 Cyronin Sintav
Danus Artellian Imperial Male Castle Skingrad 0002EC37 00028FB9 Danus Artellian
Decentius Opsius Imperial Male Leyawiin 00035992 00034E8B Decentius Opsius
Denel Imperial Male Vahtacen 00035F53 00035F52 Denel
Dion Imperial Male Skingrad 0002EC29 00028FB2 Dion
Dumania Jirich Imperial Female Anvil 0000BC6C 0000A287 Dumania Jirich
Dynari Amnis Imperial Female Imperial City 0001FC5F 0001FC57 Dynari Amnis
Eduard Hodge Imperial Male Forsaken Mine 00074A95 00074A94 Eduard Hodge
Erina Jeranus Imperial Female Imperial City 00028F8F 00028F90 Erina Jeranus
Etira Moslin Imperial Female Hackdirt 000280E6 000280C7 Etira Moslin
Fadus Calidius Imperial Male Skingrad 0002F759 000293DB Fadus Calidius
Faustina Cartia Imperial Female Anvil 0003AA8A 0003AA89 Faustina Cartia
Galtus Previa Imperial Male Nonwyll Cavern 00038557 0002D728 Galtus Previa
Garrus Darelliun Imperial Male Cheydinhal 0003C2BF 00031C23 GarrusDarelliun
Gellius Terentius Imperial Male Bravil 0000A11E 0000A092 Gellius Terentius
Gemellus Axius Imperial Male Imperial City 0009DB16 0001FDD4 Gemellus Axius
Gerich Senarel Imperial Male Castle Bruma 00036263 00035EBF Gerich Senarel
Giovanni Civello Imperial Male Imperial City 00037E8E 00037E8D Giovanni Civello
Glenroy Imperial Male Imperial Prison 00032A16 00023F2B Glenroy
Gray Fox Imperial Male N/A 00014702 00014653 Gray Fox 2
Gruiand Garrana Imperial Male Cheydinhal 0000364F 000034C9 Gruiand Garrana
Helvius Cecia Imperial Male Bruma 0003628B 00035ED0 Helvius Cecia
Helvo Atius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001FC5B 0001FC50 Helvo Atius
Herminia Cinna Imperial Male Imperial City 0002E5C7 0002E5C6 Herminia Cinna
Hieronymus Lex Imperial Male Imperial City 00034879 0003486E Hieronymus Lex
Humilis Nonius Imperial Male Bruma 00054398 0003C97A Humilis Nonius
Ida Ottus Imperial Female Imperial City 0001D5BC 0001D347 Ida Ottus
Ida Vlinorman Imperial Female Imperial City 0001C4C5 0001605D Ida Vlinorman
Ilav Dralgoner Imperial Male Kvatch: Refugee Camp 0002ECB8 0002D6EC Ilav Dralgoner
Ilend Vonius Imperial Male Kvatch 00098138 0009812F Ilend Vonius
Iniel Sintav Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4B0 00016055 InielSintav
Irlav Jarol Imperial Male Arcane University 00034EAC 00034EAB IrlavJarol
Isa Raman Imperial Female Bruma 00036268 00035EB7 Isa Raman
Ita Rienus Imperial Female Bravil 0001EE38 0002D01C Ita Rienus
Itius Hayn Imperial Male Imperial City 00026D9C 00026D98 Itius Hayn
Janonia Aurunceia Imperial Female Castle Leyawiin 0004F77F 0004F77D Janonia Aurunceia
Jantus Brolus Imperial Female Bruma 00036284 00035EC9 Jantus Brolus
Januarius Aurunceia Imperial Male Leyawiin 0004F780 0004F77E Januarius Aurunceia
Janus Hassildor Imperial Male Skingrad 0002EC35 00028FAE Janus Hassildor
Jaras Invel Imperial Male Leyawiin 0001C169 0001C168 Jaras Invel
Jastia Sintav Imperial Female Imperial City 0001C4B5 00016067 Jastia
Javolia Maborel Imperial Female Meridia's Shrine 0005D548 0005D547 Javolia Maborel
Jena Imperial Female Cloud Ruler Temple 000375A1 00037576 Jena
Jena Sintav Imperial Female Imperial City 0001C4B4 00016068 Jena Sintav
Jesan Rilian Imperial Male Kvatch 00028A91 0002800B Jesan Rilian
Jesan Sextius Imperial Male Anvil 0000BC83 0000A2A3 Jesan Sextius
Jirolin Doran Imperial Male Chorrol 000234D2 000234AC Jirolin Doran
Jiv Hiriel Imperial Male Hackdirt 000280DA 000280CA Jiv Hiriel
Julitta Plotius Imperial Female Leyawiin 00035996 00034E8A Julitta Plotius
Kantav Cheynoslin Imperial Male Leyawiin 000359CF 00034E6C Kantav Cheynoslin
Kastav Kvinchal Imperial Male Imperial City 000477DE 000477DD Kastav Kvinchal
Langley Imperial Male Anvil 0000C102 0000A28B Langley
Laythe Wavrick Imperial Male Chorrol 00003916 000038CA Laythe Wavrick
Lenka Valus Imperial Female Kvatch 0018AD71 0018AD70 Lenka Valus
Lerexus Callidus Imperial Male Leyawiin 00181C69 00181C68 Lerexus Callidus
Ley Marillin Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4B2 00016053 Ley Marillin
Lord Lovidicus Imperial Male Crowhaven 00038EDF 00038EDD Lord Lovidicus
Lorgren Benirus Imperial Male Below Benirus Manor 000147C7 0006E7EF Lorgren Benirus
Lucien Lachance Imperial Male N/A 0002FD77 000224ED Lucien Lachance
Luther Broad Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4B7 00023DE6 Luther Broad
Lyra Rosentia Imperial Female Bruma 00036280 00035EC5 Lyra Rosentia
Malintus Ancrus Imperial Male Chorrol 000234C9 000222A6 Malintus Ancrus
Marana Rian Imperial Male Imperial City 0001DA97 0001D353 Marana Rian
Mariana Ancharia Imperial Female Cheydinhal 00003654 000034C2 Mariana Ancharia
Marinus Catiotus Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4C4 0001605E Marinus Catiotus
Marius Caro Imperial Male Leyawiin 00035333 00034E6D Marius
Marlena Brussiner Imperial Female Hackdirt 000280D9 000280CB Marlena Brussiner
Maro Rufus Imperial Male Imperial City 0001D211 00015EAC Maro Rufus
Martin Septim Imperial Male N/A 0001E745 00033907 Martin Septim
Martina Floria Imperial Female Arcane University 00034EB9 00034EB5 Martina Floria
Melus Petilius Imperial Male Brindle Home 00026FC0 00026B46 Melus Petilius
Menien Goneld Imperial Male Oblivion 000878D3 0009812E Menien Goneld
Mercator Hosidus Imperial Male Skingrad 0003564A 00035649 Mercator Hosidus
Millona Umbranox Imperial Female Anvil 0000BE4A 0000A288 Millona
Narina Carvain Imperial Female Bruma 00036276 00035EBB Narina Carvain
Naspia Cosma Imperial Female Castle Cheydinhal 000055F2 000034CB Naspia Cosma
Natch Pinder Imperial Male Hackdirt 000280D8 000280CC Natch Pinder
Ontus Vanin Imperial Male Imperial City 0001CF34 0001CF33 Ontus Vanin Ingame
Ormellius Goldwine Imperial Male Kvatch 00031E98 00031E96 Ormellius Goldwine
Otius Loran Imperial Male Chorrol 000234F9 000234AB Otius Loran
Pennus Mallius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001DA9B 0001D356 Pennus Mallius
Perennia Draconis Imperial Female Applewatch 000034B6 00030FDC Perennia Dragonis
Pinarus Inventius Imperial Male Anvil 0000BC72 0000A29D Pinarus Inventius
Pista Marillin Imperial Male Imperial City Arena 0001C4B3 00016054 Pista Marillin
Praxedes Afranius Imperial Female Imperial City 0001DA9A 0001D355 Praxedes Afranius
Primo Antonius Imperial Male Summitmist Manor 00028B74 000277D3 Primo Antonius
Rallus Odiil Imperial Male Chorrol 00028BE4 0002229F Rallus Odiil
Raminus Polus Imperial Male Arcane University 00034E18 00034E15 Raminus Polus
Regulus Terentius Imperial Male Bravil 0000A121 0000A08E Regulus Terentius
Reman Broder Imperial Male Skingrad 000294A1 000294A2 Reman Broder
Rena Bruiant Imperial Female Chorrol 000234D8 000222B2 RenaBruiant
Renee Geonette Imperial Male Imperial City 0001DA8D 0001D34E Renee Geonette
Restita Statlilia Imperial Female Imperial City 0006B32E 00068459 RestitaStatlilia
Rimalus Bruiant Imperial Male Chorrol 000234D9 000222B3 Rimalus Bruiant
Roliand Hanus Imperial Male Gold Road 0002FD71 0002FD70 Roliand Hanus
Romana Faleria Imperial Female Imperial City 0001C4C0 00016062 Romana Faleria
Rona Hassildor Imperial Female Skingrad 0003E957 0003E956 Rona Hassildor
Rosentia Gallenus Imperial Female Leyawiin 00033C75 00033C74 Rosentia Gallenus
Rufrius Vinicius Imperial Male Anvil Fighters Guild 0000BC8A 0000A291 Rufrius Vinicius
Rusia Bradus Imperial Female Anvil 0000BC70 0000A29F Rusia Bradus
Savlian Matius Imperial Female Kvatch 00028A7A 00028007 Savlian Matius
Schlera Sestius Imperial Female Pell's Gate 0002441B 00024412 Schlera Sestius
Selena Orania Imperial Female Bruma 00003461 0002D020 SelenaOrania
Selene Imperial Female The Bloated Float 0001472F 0000C1D7 Selene
Sergius Verus Imperial Male Imperial City 0001D209 00015EA6 Sergius Verus
Servatius Quintilius Imperial Male Imperial City 00026D9B 00026D99 Servatius Quintilius
Severius Atius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001FC5C 0001FC4F Severius Atius
Sibylla Draconis Imperial Female Muck Valley Cavern 00031002 00030FD8 Sibylla Draconis
Silana Blandia Imperial Female Leyawiin 000359CD 00034E6B Silana Blandia
Stantus Varrid Imperial Male Fort Empire 0001D5B8 0001D349 Stantus Varrid
Captain Steffan Imperial Male Cloud Ruler Temple 000375A0 00020078 Captain Steffan
Sulinus Vassinus Imperial Male Skingrad 000293E8 000293ED Sulinus Vassinus
Surius Afranius Imperial Male Imperial City 00007A8E 0002B5EB Surius Afranius
Tertia Viducia Imperial Female Cheydinhal 0000363B 000034C5 Tertia Viducia
Tertius Favonius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4C1 00016061 Tertius Favonius
Tertullian Verus Imperial Male Imperial City 0001D20A 00015EA5 Tertullian Verus
Toutius Sextius Imperial Male Skingrad 000293F8 000293F7 ToutiusSextius
Trenus Duronius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001D5B9 001D348 Trenus Duronius
Tyrellius Logellus Imperial Male Bruma 00053789 00053788 Tyrellius Logellus
Uriel Septim VII Imperial Male N/A 00032A18 00023F2E Uriel Oblivion
Valandrus Abor Imperial Male Skingrad 00028FA2 00028FA1 Valdandrus Abor
Valus Odiil Imperial Male Chorrol 000C897E 000222A1 Valus Odiil
Vandorallen Trebatius Imperial Male Skingrad 0002EC2B 00028FB7 Vandorallen Trebatius
Vantus Prelius Imperial Male Leyawiin 0002C7DD 0002C7C7 Vantus Prelius
Velan Andus Imperial Male Waterfront Lighthouse 00090973 0001DFB0 Velan Andus
Velus Hosidius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001D15B 00015EAE Velus Hosidius
Velwyn Benirus Imperial Male Anvil 00003A98 0003628D Velwyn Benirus
Viator Accius Imperial Male Imperial City 0001D15C 00015E9F Viator Accius
Viera Lerus Imperial Female Bravil 0000A25D 0000A25C Viera Lerus
Vilena Donton Imperial Female Chorrol 00023511 000234C1 Vilena Donton
Vinicia Melissaeia Imperial Male Imperial City 0004798B 00047720 Vinicia Melissaeia
Viranus Donton Imperial Male Chorrol 00066535 0002D71F Viranus Donton
Vlanarus Kvinchal Imperial Male Imperial City 000477DF 000477DC Vlanarus Kvinchal
Vlanhonder Moslin Imperial Male Hackdirt 000280FC 000280C8 Vlanhonder Moslin
Vlarimil Orius Imperial Male Leyawiin 0001C16B 0001C16A Vlarimil Orius
Vontan Sintav Imperial Male Imperial City 0001C4B8 0001C4B8 VontanSintav
Vontus Idolus Imperial Male Skingrad 000039B2 000039B1 Vontus Idolus
Ysabel Andronicus Imperial Female Imperial City Arena District 00037CDE 00037CDD YsabelNew


Main article: Khajiit (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Abhuki Khajiit Female Faregyl Inn 000389B9 000389B8 Abhuki
Ahdarji Khajiit Female Leyawiin 000359BC 00034E87 Ahdarji
Ashni Khajiit Female Shrine of Sanguine 0009700D 0009700C Ashni
Atahba Khajiit Female Leyawiin 00053231 000479F7 Atahba
Ayisha Khajiit Female Near Fisherman's Rock 00085958 0008521C Ayisha
Rancid Ra'dirsha Khajiit Female Leyawiin 0000932A 00015D8A RancidRaDirsha
Dro'Nahrahe Khajiit Female Bravil 0004CDD3 0000A08F Dro'Nahrahe
Dro'shanji Khajiit Male Bravil 0002CA3B 0002CA36 Dro'shanji
Hassiri Khajiit Male Imperial City 0001FDDA 0001FDCE Hassiri
Ja'Fazir Khajiit Male Blackwood Company Hall 0000172F 00034E7A JaFazir
J'baana Khajiit Male Imperial City Prison 00093470 0009346E J'Baana
J'bari Khajiit Male Leyawiin 00035999 00034E77 J'bari
J'Ghasta Khajiit Male Bruma 00030149 00030148 J'Ghasta
J'mhad Khajiit Male Imperial City 0000BA30 000221C3 J'mhad
J'riska Khajiit Male Border Watch 000897DE 000897DD J'Riska
J'skar Khajiit Male Bruma 0001CEF1 0002D01E Jskar
J'zin-Dar Khajiit Male Bravil 0000A132 0000A10C J'zin-Dar
K'Sharr Khajiit Male Near Silver Road 00034581 00003946 K'Sharr
M'aiq the Liar Khajiit Male N/A 0000AA5B 000C47EC M'aiq the Liar Oblivion
Ma'Raska Khajiit Male Clavicus Vile's Shrine 00026B3E 00026B37 Ma'Raska
M'dasha Khajiit Male Border Watch 000897E0 000897DF M'dasha
M'dirr Khajiit Male Border Watch 000897E2 000897E1 M'dirr
M'raaj-Dar Khajiit Male Cheydinhal 00025745 00023E35 MraajDar
Ra'jhera the Keeneye Khajiit Male Fort Grief 000CD328 000CD327 Ra'jhera the Keeneye
Nahsi Khajiit Female Bravil 0000A119 0000A095 Nahsi
Ra'Jahirr Khajiit Male Leyawiin 000359BE 00034E85 Ra'Jahirr
Ra'Jhan Khajiit Male Imperial City 0001EB85 0001E750 Ra'Jhan
Ra'jiradh Khajiit Male Imperial City 0001FDD8 0001FDCC Ra'jiradh
Ra'qanar Khajiit Male Cheydinhal 000A9781 000034CE Ra'qanar
Ri'Bassa Khajiit Male Border Watch 00026AEE 00026AED Ri'bassa
Ri'Jirr Khajiit Male Shrine of Hermaeus Mora 0001C13F 0001C13D Ri'Jirr
Ri'Zakar Khajiit Male Blackwood Company Hall 000A564E 00035703 RiZakar
R'vanni Khajiit Male Bravil 0000A133 0000A10D R'vanni
S'drassa Khajiit Male Leyawiin 000314E4 0002D026 Sdrassa
Shamada Khajiit Female Leyawiin 0003528E 00034E66 Shamada
Shomara Khajiit Female Leyawiin 00035290 00034E67 Shomara
Shuravi Khajiit Female Leyawiin 0003528D 00034E65 Shuravi
S'jirra Khajiit Female Faregyl Inn 00177A2C 00177A2B S'jirra
S'kasha Khajiit Female Leyawiin 0006741C 00067417 S'kasha
S'Krivva Khajiit Female Bravil 00035DD7 00035DD6 S'Krivva
S'mirra Khajiit Female Harlun's Watch 000B6C04 000514C6 S'mirra
S'rathad Khajiit Male Imperial City 0001FDDE 0001FDD2 S'rathad
S'razirr Khajiit Male Malada 0002C8D3 0002AF3E S'razirr
S'shani Khajiit Male Anvil 0000BC78 0000A280 S'shani
S'thasa Khajiit Female Border Watch 000897E8 000897E7 S'thasa
Talasma Khajiit Female Chorrol 00023502 000234B4 Talasma
Tsalajma Khajiit Female Border Watch 000897E4 000897E3 Tsalajma
Tsavi Khajiit Female Leyawiin 00048CFB 00034E6F Tsavi
Tsramla Khajiit Female Border Watch 000897E6 000897E5 Tsramla
Tsrava Khajiit Female Leyawiin 0003599A 00034E78 Tsrava
Urjabhi Khajiit Male Imperial City 0001FDD9 0001FDCD Urjabhi
Vajhira Khajiit Female Hircine's Shrine 00026B57 0001EC5D Vajhira
Yushi Khajiit Female Molag Bal's Shrine 0005D530 00026B4E Yushi
Zabhila Khajiit Female Border Watch 00026AF0 00026AEF Zabhila
Zahrasha Khajiit Female Arcane University 00053FE3 000352B1 Zahrasha


Main article: Nord (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Agarmir Nord Male Imperial City 0001FC58 0001FC54 Agarmir
Agata Nord Female Leyawiin 000314E6 0002D028 Agata
Agnar the Unwavering Nord Male Dive Rock 000C5746 000C55E5 Agnar the Unwavering
Agnete the Pickled Nord Female Skingrad 00028F9A 00028F9B AgneteThePickled
Alga Nord Female Bruma 0003627F 00035EC4 Alga
Algot the Northerner Nord Male Imperial City 0001D5BD 0001D344 Algot the Northerner
Fetid Jofnhild Nord Male Bruma 00015DA8 00015D84 FetidJofnhild
Jorck the Outcast Nord Male Bruma 00015DA3 00015D83 JorckTheOutcast
Beirir Nord Male Bleaker's Way 0009821F 0001ECCF Beirir
Bittneld the Curse-Bringer Nord Male Chorrol 0002BA85 000234A7 Bittneld the Curse-Bringer
Bjalfi the Contemptible Nord Male Fort Strand 0006156A 00185FE3 Bjalfi the Contemptible
Burd Nord Male Bruma 00036264 00035EBE Burd
Carsten Nord Male Skingrad 000039AF 000039AE Carsten
Lorkmir Nord Male Imperial City 0004DE83 0004DE82 Lorkmir
Edla Dark-Heart Nord Female Bruma 0003628A 00035ECF Edla Dark-Heart
Eitar Nord Male Leyawiin 000359C2 00034E82 Eitar
Else God-Hater Nord Female Skingrad 00028F97 00028F96 Else
Emfrid Nord Female Chorrol 00023504 000234B7 Emfrid
Eyja Nord Female Skingrad 0003E195 0003E193 Eyja
Fjotreid Nord Male Bruma 00036262 00035EB6 Fjotreid
Gromm Nord Male Baenlin's House, Bruma 0002D09F 00023F0C Gromm
Gunder Nord Male Skingrad 00028F99 00028F98 Gunder
Hafid Hollowleg Nord Male Bruma 0003626B 00035EB0 Hafid Hollowleg
Hamlof Red-Tooth Nord Male Imperial City 0001D20F 00015EA0 Hamlof Red-Tooth (Oblivion)
Hans Black-Nail Nord Male Bravil 0004CDD6 0000A091 Hans Black-Nail
Havilstein Hoar-Blood Nord Male Gnoll Mountain 00188F44 000301AC Havilstein Hoar-Blood
Heinrich Oaken-Hull Nord Male Anvil 0000BC74 0000A29B HenrichOakenHull
Hil the Tall Nord Male Cheydinhal 0000364C 000034C6 Hil the Tall
Brother Hjar Nord Male Temple of the Ancestor Moths 00098332 000982FC Brother Hjar
Hjolfrodi the Harrier Nord Male Namira's Shrine 0001E70D 0001E70C Hjolfrodi the Harrier
Hlofgar Nord Male Bloodmayne Cave 000228EB 00009C38 Hlofgar
Brother Holger Nord Male Temple of the Ancestor Moths 00098333 000982FE Brother Holger
Honmund Nord Male Bruma 0003627E 00035EC3 Honmund
Brother Hridi Nord Male Temple of the Ancestor Moths 00098331 000982FD Brother Hridi
Hrol Ulfgar Nord Male Bleaker's Way 0001ECFC 0001ECD0 Hrol Ulfgar
Irroke the Wide Nord Male Pell's Gate 00094F35 00026B14 Irroke the Wide
Iver Nord Male Silorn 00036510 000151FC Iver
Jensine Nord Female Imperial City 0001D20B 00015EA4 Jensine
Jollring Nord Male Umbacano Manor 0002B1A6 0002AB4C Jollring
Jorundr Nord Male Bruma Jail 00052229 00036244 Jorundr
Kalthar Nord Male Leyawiin 0002D8C1 0002D8C0 Kalthar
Keld of the Isles Nord Male Cheydinhal 00003656 000034CF Keld of the Isles
Kirsten Nord Female Bleaker's Way 0009823E 0001ECD2 Kirsten
Larthjar the Laggard Nord Male Skingrad 0000BD61 0000BD60 Larthjar the Laggard
Logvaar Nord Male Bruma 0003626D 00035EB1 Logvaar
Lynch Nord Male The Bloated Float 000374CE 0000C1D8 Lynch
Maeva the Buxom Nord Male Whitmond Farm 00185FE7 00185FE5 Maeva the Buxom
Malene Nord Female Roxey Inn 00030021 0003001C Malene
Maren the Seal Nord Female Shrine of Peryite 0001ECC1 0001ECAB Maren the Seal
Margarte Nord Female Leyawiin 000359C1 00034E81 Margarte
Merete Nord Female Silorn 00036511 000151FE Merete
Mogens Wind-Shifter Nord Male Fisherman's Rock 00085955 0008521A Mogens Wind-Shifter
Rolgarel Nord Male Imperial City 000CA101 0001D0AC Rolgarel
Nels the Naughty Nord Male Summitmist Manor 00028B76 000277D4 Nels the Naughty
Newheim the Portly Nord Male Anvil 000BC6D 00035740 Newheim the Portly
Olav Nord Male Bruma 0003626E 00035EAC Olav
Olava the Fair Nord Female Bravil 0000A124 0000A08D Olava
Olfand Nord Male Bruma 00036266 00035EB5 Olfand
Ongar the World-Weary Nord Male Bruma 00036285 00035ECA Ongar the World-Weary
Orgnolf Hairy-Legs Nord Male Castle Chorrol 0002BA8E 000222B9 Orgnolf Hairy-Legs
Ortis Nord Male Sheogorath's Shrine 00026AEB 00026AD9 Ortis
Petrine Nord Male Wildeye Stables 00054399 0035EAD Petrine
Regner Nord Male Bruma 00036289 00035ECE Regner
Reistr the Rotted Nord Male Bravil 0000A134 0000A10E Reistr the Rotted
Rigmor Nord Male Roxey Inn 0002C8D2 0002AF3C Rigmor
Roliand Nord Male Cloud Ruler Temple 0003759E 00037573 Roliand
Signy Home-Wrecker Nord Female Anvil 0003AA86 0003AA85 Signy Home-Wrecker
Sigrid Nord Female Kvatch: Refugee Camp 0002ECB7 0002D701 Sigrid (Oblivion)
Skjorta Nord Female Bruma 00036265 00035EB4 Skjorta
Snar the Cook Nord Male Bruma 0003626C 00035EB2 Snar the Cook
Sten the Ugly Nord Male Anvil 0000BC8B 0000A292 Sten the Ugly
Storn the Burly Nord Male Lelles' Quality Merchandise 00035738 00035727 StornTheBurly
Styrbjorn Nord Male Lake Arrius Caverns