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The mayor of Passwall, Shelden.

Non-player characters are any characters in the game world that are not controlled by the player. NPCs are controlled by Radiant AI, a complex system in which NPCs move about the world in a non-scripted, lifelike manner and perform daily tasks including, shopping or hunting for food, going to church, painting, or even going on a mission of assassination. An NPC can come in many shapes and sizes and be any playable race.  The term "NPC" refers to all humanoid characters, meaning all races.

Types of non-player charactersEdit

Details about non-player charactersEdit

Day–to–day schedulesEdit

Many of the NPCs within cities and towns often have a day to day schedule. An NPC may do a variety of different things during the day, including:

  • Eating food
  • Sleeping
  • Talking
  • Killing or fighting other NPCs
  • Adventuring to a certain area or areas
  • Staying inside their house when it rains
  • Change dialogue due to other recent events


  • NPCs can be healed using a spell or a scroll that restores Health on target, cured of a poison or cured of paralysis.


  • When hovering the cursor over certain NPCs, a crown icon indicates that the character is an essential NPC, and cannot be killed. They can still be fought and knocked unconscious, but they will eventually rise again. This method can be used as a way of gaining experience, as the character will not remember the attack, and the player will not suffer any consequenses of it apart from either a prison sentence or a bounty.
  • When in combat with an NPC, they are able of chasing the player as they run through rooms, caves or wilderniss. They can flee from the player when they are about to be defeated, or if they have been demoralized.

List of all NPCsEdit

The following are non-player characters that appear in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.


Main article: Altmer (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Countess Cirion Altmer Female Vitharn 000758C8 00076472 Countess Cirion
Count Cirion Altmer Male Vitharn 000754A6 00076467 Count Cirion
Cindanwe Altmer Female Fellmoor 00017827 00015588 Cindanwe
Earil Altmer Male Crucible 00015869 0001559F Earil
Halion Altmer Male Hale 00017831 00012080 Halion
Muurine Altmer Female Crucible 00013BC6 00013BC5 Muurine
Sontaire Altmer Male Bliss 0001586D 0001559A Sontaire


Main article: Argonian (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Beelei Argonian Female Deepwallow 00017822 00015595 Beelei
Big Head Argonian Female Bliss 00013B46 0001207D Big Head
Pad-Ei Argonian Male Bliss 00078208 00078207 Pad-Ei
Raven Biter Argonian Male Bliss 00013BB6 00012086 Raven Biter
Runs-In-Circles Argonian Female Highcross 00017852 00015599 Runs-In-Circles (Shivering Isles)
Sheer Meedish Argonian Female Bliss 00013BB8 00012088 Sheer Meedish
Tall-Trees-Falling Argonian Female Hale 00017853 00012089 Tall-Trees-Falling
Wide-Eye Argonian Female New Sheoth Palace 00013248 00012109 Wide-Eye


Main article: Bosmer (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Bolwing Bosmer Male Crucible 000698E8 0006988F Bolwing
Fimmion Bosmer Male Bliss 000698DB 0006989A Fimmion
Gloorolros Bosmer Male Crucible 000698E9 00069895 Gloorolros
Uungor Bosmer Male Bliss 000698D7 0006989C Uungor
Brithaur Bosmer Male Crucible 00017823 000155A4 Brithaur (Character)
Cutter Bosmer Female Crucible 00013B47 0001207E Cutter
Dervenin Bosmer Male Sacellum Arden-Sul 00013989 0001362E Dervenin (Shivering Isles)
Dredhwen Bosmer Female Passwall 000131F9 00011F9F Dredwen
Syl Bosmer Female New Sheoth Palace 000131C5 00012107 Syl
Thadon Bosmer Male New Sheoth Palace 00013249 00012106 Thadon
Thaedil Bosmer Female Bliss 000411F4 000411F3 Thaedil
Clanfather Malifant Bosmer Male Ebrocca 0005A4E0 0005A2A5 Clanfather Malifant


Main article: Breton (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Amiable Fanriene Breton Male Bliss 00013B41 0001207A Amiable Fanriene
Anya Herrick Breton Female New Sheoth Palace 00013B45 0001362C Anya Herrick
Traelius Breton Male Dire Warren 000820A8 0008209F Traelius
Haskill Breton Male New Sheoth Palace 000133D4 000133C0 Haskill
Lewin Tilwald Breton Male Xedilian 00018C69 00018C68 Lewin Tilwald
Nanette Don Breton Female Passwall 00012DD1 00012D41 Nanette Don
Sickly Bernice Breton Female Crucible 0001586C 000155A1 Sickly Bernice
Zoe Malene Breton Female Hale 00017857 0001208D Zoe Malene

Dark SeducersEdit

Main article: Dark Seducer
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Autkendo Jansa Dark Seducer Female New Sheoth 0001A78F 0001A78E Autkendo Jansa
Adeo Dark Seducer Female Pinnacle Rock 0001681D 0001681B Adeo
Dylora Dark Seducer Female Pinnacle Rock 00017D07 0001746E Dylora
Grakendo Udico Dark Seducer Female Passwall 00017448 00017433 Grakendo Udico
Grakedrig Ulfri Dark Seducer Female Cylarne 000131AF 00012092 Grakedrig Ulfri
Nelrene Dark Seducer Female Crucible 00013BD4 00013BC7 Nelrene
Stela Dark Seducer Female Cylarne 00018F90 00018F8F Stela
Vika Dark Seducer Female Cylarne 00018DC0 00018DBF Vika


Main article: Dunmer (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Belmyne Dreleth Dunmer Male A Strange Door 0001A119 0001A117 Belmyne Dreleth
Erver Devani Dunmer Male Deepwallow 00017830 0001558D Erver Devani
Felas Sarandas Dunmer Male Passwall 00013B78 00011FA0 Felas Sarandas
Gadeneri Ralvel Dunmer Female Hill of Suicides 000823BD 000823BC Gadeneri Ralvel
Kiliban Nyrandil Dunmer Male Xedilian 00018C64 00018C63 Kiliban Nyrandil
Mirili Ulven Dunmer Female Highcross 00017844 00015591 Mirili Ulven
Relmyna Verenim Dunmer Female Passwall 00012ECB 00011FA2 Relmyna Verenim
Rendil Drarara Dunmer Male Bliss 00013BB7 00012087 RendilDrarara
Syndelius Gatharian Dunmer Male Xedilian 00018C6A 00018C66 Syndelius Gatharian
Tilse Areleth Dunmer Female Bliss 00013BBA 0001208A Tilse Areleth

Golden SaintsEdit

Main article: Golden Saint
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Aurig Desha Golden Saint Female Passwall 00017442 00017439 Aurig Desha
Aurmazl Kaneh Golden Saint Female Cylarne 000120EE 000120EC Kaneh
Aurmazl Zudeh Golden Saint Female Bliss 0001A791 0001A790 Aurmazl Zudeh
Chuna Golden Saint Female Cylarne 00018DC1 00018DBE Chuna (Shivering Isles)
Issmi Golden Saint Female Brellach 0001681A 00016819 Issmi
Mirel Golden Saint Male Cylarne 000120EF 000120ED Mirel
Staada Golden Saint Female Brellach 00016B8F 00016B8E Staada


Main article: Imperial (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Gaius Prentus Imperial Male A Strange Door 000133BB 000133BE Gaius Prentus 2
Joofy the Brown Imperial Male Dunroot Burrow 0008EF82 0008EF81 Joofy the Brown
Ciirta Imperial Female The Howling Halls 00014B6D 000135B7 Ciirta
Bruscus Dannus Imperial Male Highcross 00017825 00015594 Bruscus Dannus (Shivering Isles)
Caldana Monrius Imperial Female Crucible 00017826 0001559C Caldana
Dyus Imperial Male Knifepoint Hollow 00014B75 000135B6 Dyus
Herdir Imperial Male New Sheoth Palace 0001359E 0001359D Herdir
Hirrus Clutumnus Imperial Male Crucible 0001586A 000155A3 Hirrus Clutumnus
Jastira Nanus (Dementia) Imperial Female Split 0001783C 0001783A Jastira Nanus (Dementia)
Jastira Nanus (Mania) Imperial Female Split 0001783B 00012083 Jastira Nanus (Mania)
Salonia Viria Imperial Female Hill of Suicides 000823B9 000823B8 Salonia Viria
Una Armina Imperial Female Crucible 0001586E 0001559E Una Armina


Main article: Khajiit (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Ahjazda Khajiit Female Crucible 00015866 000155A0 Ahjazda
Atrabhi (Dementia) Khajiit Male Split 00017821 00015867 Atrabhi (Dementia)
Atrabhi (Mania) Khajiit Female Split 0001781F 0001207C Atrabhi (Mania)
Bhisha Khajiit Female Crucible 00071FC1 00071FBF Bhisha SI
J'zidzo (Dementia) Khajiit Male Split 00001783E 00001783D J'zidzo (Dementia)
J'zidzo (Mania) Khajiit Male Split 0001783F 00012082 J'zidzo (Mania)
Kishashi Khajiit Female Fellmoor 00017840 00015590 Kishashi
Ma'zaddha Khajiit Female Crucible 0001586B 000155A2 Ma'zaddha
M'desi Khajiit Male Hill of Suicides 000823B6 000823BE M'desi
Ranarr-Jo Khajiit Male Fellmoor 00017850 00015592 Ranarr-Jo
Ra'kheran Khajiit Male The Howling Halls 00016B76 00016B75 Ra'kheran (Shivering Isles)
S'fara Khajiit Female A Strange Door 0001A118 0001A116 S'fara


Main article: Nord (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Arctus Nord Male Sacellum Arden-Sul 00013988 0001362D Arctus
Gundlar Nord Male House of Mania 00016EE4 0001362F Gundlar
Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia) Nord Male Split 00017646 00016569 Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia)
Horkvir Bear-Arm (Mania) Nord Male Split 0001656A 0001558F Horkvir Bear-Arm (Mania)
Jayred Ice-Veins Nord Male Passwall 00011FC4 00011FA1 Jayred Ice-Veins
Lorenz Bog-Trotter Nord Male Hill of Suicides 000823BB 000823BA Lorenz Bog-Trotter
Luminary Kaz Nord Male The Howling Halls 00054CA3 00052FE5 Luminary Kaz
Tove the Unrestful Nord Male Bliss 00013BBB 0001208B Tove the Unrestful
Yngvar Doom-Sayer Nord Male N/A 00041D91 00041D90 Yngvar Doom-Slayer


Main article: Orsimer (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Dulphumph gro-Urgash Orsimer Male Deepwallow 0001782A 0001558C Dulphumph gro-Urgash
Dumag gro-Bonk Orsimer Male Bliss 00015868 0001559D Dumag gro-Bonk
Grommok gro-Barak Orsimer Male Xedilian 00018C67 00018C65 Grommok gro-Barak
Urul gro-Agamph (Dementia) Orsimer Male Split 00017855 00017854 Urul gro-Agamph (Dementia)
Urul gro-Agamph (Mania) Orsimer Male Split 00017856 0001208C Urul gro-Agamph (Mania)
Ushnar gro-Shadborgob Orsimer Male Crucible 00015870 0001559B Ushnar


Main article: Redguard (Oblivion)
Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image
Kithlan Redguard Male House Dementia 000131C4 00012108 Kithlan
Limark Redguard Male Hill of Suicides 000823B7 000823B5 Limark
Orinthal Redguard Male Bliss 00013B7E 00012084 Orinthal
Pyke Redguard Male Hale 00066ECF 00066ECB Pyke
Relan Redguard Male Fellmoor 0003BE7A 00015598 Relan
Shelden Redguard Male Passwall 00013BB9 00011FA3 Shelden

General Humanoid NPCsEdit

Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image

General Hostile Humanoid NPCsEdit

Name Race Gender Location Ref ID Base ID Image

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