Charcoal Cave is a cave in Oblivion. It is located nearly halfway between the Imperial City and Bravil, south of Pell's Gate, off of the Green Road, near the Shrine of Hircine. Directly south of the Imperial City and next to a waterfall, the view approaching the cave is magnificent. At the base of the waterfall, under the water, is a chest.


  • Charcoal Cave
  • Charcoal Cave – Abandoned Tunnels
  • Charcoal Cave – Bandit Lair

Some Cairn Bolete Caps and Wisp Stalks can be found inside the cave and are most abundant in the lower levels. Treasure chests are also scattered throughout the complex.

Outside alchemical plants are sparse with a Monkshood and a couple of Primroses.


Seeking Your RootsEdit

Near the waterfall is a Nirnroot and across the pond from the cave is another.


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