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Charm is an effect from the school of Illusion. The spell adds its magnitude to the disposition of the target until the duration expires. Charm spells can be touch or target (ranged). Charm effects can be found on staves and scrolls. Vampires and Imperial both gain charm spells by default—Vampire's Seduction and Voice of the Emperor, respectively.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Name Level Effect Range MagickaIcon.png Duration Acquisition
Alluring Gaze Novice (0) Charm 12 pts Target 21 30 secs Delphine Jend sells
Beguiling Touch Novice (0) Charm 12 pts Touch 14 30 secs Delphine Jend sells
Captivate Novice (0) Charm 10pts Touch 18 10 secs Bravil Recommendation reward
Seductive Charm Apprentice (25) Charm 24 pts Target 52 30 secs Delphine Jend sells
Mesmerizing Grasp Apprentice (25) Charm 24 pts Touch 35 30 secs Delphine Jend sells
Enthralling Presence Journeyman (50) Charm 24 pts in 20ft Target 105 30 secs Delphine Jend sells
Vampire's Seduction - Charm 50 pts Target Greater Power 20 secs Be a Vampire
Voice of the Emperor - Charm 30 pts Target Greater Power 30 secs Be an Imperial

Staves and scrolls[edit | edit source]

While finding staves and scrolls is random, the custom mage's staff acquired during a Mages Guild quest can be imbued with the charm-effect free of charge.

Three "Beguile" scrolls are given by Kud-Ei during the "Bravil Recommendation" quest. The staff Kud-Ei needs retrieved for Ardaline is also enchanted with Charm, and the reward is a charm spell.

Usefulness[edit | edit source]

Charm spells assist with avoiding the Persuasion mini-game associated with Speechcraft and Personality, effective especially against Khajiit and Orcs, whose dispositions are difficult to raise. This is also useful for Argonian characters with their lower starting personality.

Custom spells[edit | edit source]

Charm spells with high magnitudes lasting for very few seconds can be created very early on at an Altar of Spellmaking. These spells are more beneficial than the ones that last longer and are sold by merchants. Even if the spell lasts for one second, the duration-counter pauses when an NPC is initiated in dialogue. This is advantageous for quests that require high disposition or for purchasing homes from the Stewards of Counts and Countesses, virtually rendering Speechcraft useless.

When combined with a Fortify Mercantile spell with a magnitude of 100, it ensures haggling with merchants is excessively easy. Cast the charm/mercantile spell on a merchant and immediately enter dialogue with them. Click "haggle" and raise the price to maximum, and the merchant will purchase whatever is sold to them, every time, at a much higher price than normal. Combine this type of spell effect with Fortify Personality for added ease and gold output.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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