Charmed Vigilant is an enthralled member of the Vigilant of Stendarr. They are only encountered if the Dragonborn has joined the Dawnguard.


They can be found in Ruunvald during the quest "Bolstering the Ranks."


They are generally equipped with the standard equipment found on the Vigilants: Novice Robes of a School, Heavy Armor gauntlets, Heavy Armor boots, and a Steel or Iron One-Handed weapon.

The difference between the randomly encountered Vigilants and these enemies is that some of these Vigilants are equipped with a standard or Enhanced, regular or Dwarven crossbow, but only carry steel bolts. The variant of crossbow depends on the Dragonborn's progress in the quest "Ancient Technology."


In Ruunvald Excavation, if the Dragonborn sneaks through the entire site in order to confront Minorne, all of the Charmed Vigilants immediately die once Minorne is killed (although the huskies remain alive and hostile). There appears to be no way to save the Vigilants.


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  • It is possible to receive a Letter of Inheritance from a Charmed Vigilant's death.
  •  PC   Feeding on a Charmed Vigilant while in werewolf form may cause the Dragonborn to receive their 'red glow effect' around their head. This effect remains active on the Dragonborn.
    •  PC(Fix)   Input console command player.addspell 02018c5d, close the console, then input console command player.removespell 02018c5d.
    • If all else fails the previous save can be reloaded.
  •  360   If the Dragonborn decapitated a charmed vigilant with the Savage Strike skill, the head will still have a red glow.


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