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"When a Chaurus reaches the end of its life, its body undergoes a dramatic transformation. After days of death-like stillness, the Chaurus Hunter bursts free from the husk of the Chaurus."
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The Chaurus Hunter is a creature that appears in Dawnguard. They are the adult form of the Chaurus, an insect tamed by the Falmer. When a Chaurus reaches the end of its larval phase, it forms a chrysalis. Then, after a period of deathlike stillness, the Chaurus Hunter rips out of its former shell.

They are the strongest of their kind. The Chaurus Hunter Fledgling is a younger, weaker variant.


Like the Chaurus, the hunter uses its jaws and spits poison. It also thrusts at its foes with its tail to sting them.


Intact chrysalis

The Chaurus Hunter resembles a mantis with two spiked arms. They also have wings attached to the thorax, which allow them to fly quickly and nimbly. A chrysalis containing a Chaurus Hunter may be opened by attacking it with a weapon, shout, or by moving too close to it. They can be found in many places inhabited by Falmer and Chaurus, such as Blackreach.



  • If the Dragonborn has a high enough Sneak skill, they may be able to see a crouched Chaurus Hunter within an open chrysalis and sneak past undetected.
  • Chaurus Hunters and Chaurus Hunter Fledglings are immune to paralyze.
  • Despite the fact that they have two antennae on their heads, only one can be collected.
  • A unique finishing move is available when fighting a Chaurus Hunter, involving it falling to the ground wound before the Dragonborn finishes it off with a heavy stomp.


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  • The Bloodskal Blade from Dragonborn may cause the Chaurus Hunter to emerge from its chrysalis without breaking the destructible shell. The shell can still be broken by any normal attack afterward.
    • Sometimes the shells will already be open, with the Chaurus Hunters hovering over the broken shells (but not attacking). To fix this, simply attack them.