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Chaurus Reapers are hostile creatures that can be found in underground caverns throughout The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They also appear in the swamps near Solitude and Morthal. They are much larger and stronger than the normal Chaurus, and are considered insects as described by literature found in Skyrim. A dead Chaurus will also provide Chaurus Chitin and occasionally Chaurus Eggs.


  • One of the more sinister actions of the Chaurus Reaper is that, when sleeping, they will curl up into a shape similar to a Falmer Chest. When in this position they will spring out and attack if touched or attacked.
  • The Chaurus Reaper in Frostflow Abyss will drop the key for the tower, as well as Habd's Remains.
  • The Chaurus Reaper is resistant to the cold but fire will work best if the Dragonborn chooses to use an enchanted weapon or magic.


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