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The Chef is a character who may be found in Delfran's Hideout. He is also the chef for Delfran's bandits and their prisoners. He mostly cooks rat stews.


Rescue PrisonersEdit

Chef gives the Soul of Conflict food to bring to the prisoners after mistaking them for a new member.

Disgruntled ThiefEdit

Near Chef is the Bervez Juice that Blanden Grizzle asks the Soul of Conflict to get for him.


  • "You must be new, you don't stink nearly as bad as the others." —Upon first interaction
  • "Take this food to the prisoners, will you?" —Continuing dialogue
  • "No sampling!" —When the player agrees to take the soup
  • "Let's see just how many tasty ways you can prepare rat." —When the player asks if he was referring to his soup


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