Cheydinhal Bridge Inn is located south of the Cheydinhal, near the West Gate right inside the city.

The inn is run by Mariana Ancharia. She charges 40 Gold a night for a room, a rather large room. She only sells food items. Entering into the first floor with a cozy fireplace and a bar at the right side of the room.

Upstairs is a lounge area for the guests with a bookshelf with some books and some cutlery and the room for rent.

Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Basement[edit | edit source]

Downstairs, through the locked door are the living quarters, consisting of two rooms, of Mariana and Shelley. There are cupboards, shelves and drawers with clothing items, books and cutlery. In one of the cupboards in the locked room are some bottles of Tamika Vintage 415 and Surilie Brothers Vintage 415.

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