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*[[One-Handed (Skyrim)|One-Handed]]
*[[One-Handed (Skyrim)|One-Handed]]
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|RefID = {{ID|00019928}}
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Chief Burguk is an Orsimer warrior, and the chief of the Dushnikh Yal stronghold.


Burguk became the leader of his tribe after killing his father in one-on-one combat, who had become too old and weak to rule. Burguk states that one day, his own son will challenge and defeat him when the time comes. This custom ensures that the leaders of Dushnikh Yal are always strong and worthy.

As chief, Burguk is the only male in the entirety of the stronghold who may have wives and father children. He is the most respected member of the community due to this.

His three wives are Shel (his favorite), Arob, the Hunts-Wife, and Gharol, the Forge-Wife. His brothers are Ghorbash the Iron Hand and Oglub.

He has three children in total: Nagrub, Arob's son and apprentice; Umurn, Gharol's son and apprentice; and Lash gra-Dushnikh, Gharol's daughter who ran away to Karthwasten. He has no children with Shel as of yet.


The Forgemaster's Fingers

If the Dragonborn is not an Orc, retrieving The Forgemaster's Fingers for the stronghold will prompt Chief Burguk to name him or her blood-kin of the Orcs, and offer master-level training in one-handed weapons.

Fight! Fight!

If the Dragonborn asks Burguk for work, he will challenge them to a brawl with a bet of 100 GoldIcon. Whoever wins will receive 200 GoldIcon.

Hired Thugs

He may send thugs if the Dragonborn kills Lurbuk before the Dark Brotherhood quest "Contract: Kill Lurbuk," or, by contrast, send a letter with his thanks for killing Lurbuk instead.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   When brawling with him, he may flee to a different part of the camp, out of sight. If the Dragonborn can catch up to him it will be a normal fight and he will use weapons. No one else will interfere and if not careful he will be killed during the brawl. If killed, the other orcs will act as if they do not know how he was killed, no bounty or hostility will be acquired.
  •  PS3   Characters are usually scripted to stand clear from a brawl, but occasionally an Orc will approach the fight and get in the way. If struck by a punch, the Dragonborn is slapped with a bounty and all the orcs turn hostile.
  •  PC   360   PS3   Dialog option to train in One-Handed may disappear.
  •  PS3   If the Dragonborn accepts a brawl challenge while wearing the Ebony Mail, the entire family will become hostile towards him/her, and a bounty will be placed.


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