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"Thanks so much for sticking with them and helping a foolish old man. Please, take this... I won't be needing it any longer. My battles are over."
Valus Odiil[src]

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Chillrend is a leveled, unique magical shortsword in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that looks like a glass shortsword except that its blade is blue instead of green.



The weapon is a reward obtained from Valus Odiil if both of his sons survive at the end of "The Killing Field" quest.

Or You Can Kill Valus Odiil and take the Blade


Level Base Value Weight Base Damage Health Enchantments Charge # of Uses Weapon ID
1–4 269 GoldIcon 8 WeightIcon 7 DamageIcon 120 Health-icon Frost Damage 5 pts
Weakness to Frost 10% for 20 secs
640 MagickaIcon 80 00068BFC
5–9 543 GoldIcon 10 WeightIcon 9 DamageIcon 175 Health-icon Frost Damage 8 pts
Weakness to Frost 15% for 20 secs
1280 MagickaIcon 80 00068BFD
10–14 922 GoldIcon 14 WeightIcon 13 DamageIcon 295 Health-icon Frost Damage 11 pts
Weakness to Frost 20% for 20 secs
1920 MagickaIcon 80 00068BFE
15–19 1674 GoldIcon 18 WeightIcon 17 DamageIcon 450 Health-icon Frost Damage 13 pts
Weakness to Frost 25% for 20 secs
2480 MagickaIcon 80 00068BFF
20–24 2696 GoldIcon 20 WeightIcon 19 DamageIcon 525 Health-icon Frost Damage 16 pts
Weakness to Frost 30% for 20 secs
3200 MagickaIcon 80 00068C00
25+ 4584 GoldIcon 22 WeightIcon 21 DamageIcon 615 Health-icon Frost Damage 20 pts
Weakness to Frost 35% for 20 secs
4160 MagickaIcon 80 00068C01
Weapon Reach: 0.80

Weapon Speed: 1.20


  • How this blade ends up with Mercer Frey is unknown, though it is possible he is a descendant of Valus Odiil in some way, or he or an ancestor stole the heirloom, as he is a master thief.


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