Chokeberry is a powerful and deadly poisonous fruit which will quickly kill whoever consumes it, similar to Poisoned Apples. Like Poisoned Apples, unfortunately, this berry cannot be refined into a poison, but rather a potion.

Chokeberry can be found at Deepscorn Hollow Venomgrowth Garden after purchasing the garden add-on. There are three chokeberry vines. Respawn time is roughly about 24 hours.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • This berry can kill anything: simply remove all the food in a target NPC's house and leave the berry. They should eat it and keel over.
  • Once eaten, the effect is permanent.
  • The berry imitates the effects of the Poisoned Apple.
  • The berry can be used in Alchemy; only with an effect from other ingredients, such as Poisoned Apple, Heart of Order, Greenmote, or Rat Poison, can it be made. Masters of Alchemy will make them with just the berry. However, the effect from Wortcraft is not the same as making a potion, as there is technically no after-effect.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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