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Chorrol is a town located in the province Cyrodiil.


Surrounded by war on every side, its streets are patrolled by soldiers belonging to one of the three Alliances. As the ebb and flow of war results in territories changing hands, so do soldiers and the banners they fly. At the heart of the village, the glorious Chapel of Stendarr stands, a testament to grand Imperial architecture. Chorrol's guards change depending on which alliance owns Fort Rayles.

The town has recently been divided into several sections by great rifts opening in the earth, exposing magma veins and Flame Atronachs. The citizens have constructed bridges over the magma veins to connect the various new sections.





  • Completing all ten quests begun in Chorrol will earn the "Chorrol Weynon Priory Adventurer" achievement, which counts towards the "Cyrodiil Adventurer" and "Hero of Tamriel" achievements.
  • Located south of the town is a gate controlled by the Imperial Legion called Chorrol Milegate.


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