"The Fighters Guild is always looking for new members. If you've got a clean record, and don't have a bounty on your head, we may be able to use you."
―Vilena Donton[src]

Chorrol FG quote

The Chorrol Fighters Guild is the primary base of operations for the Fighters Guild. In this guildhall resides the guildmaster Vilena Donton, as well as her son Viranus Donton, Modryn Oreyn, Kurz gro-Baroth, Lum gro-Baroth, Sabine Laul, and a Fighters Guild Porter. The guildhall is located around the Great Oak Place, southwest of the north gate of Chorrol.


This guildhall has four main areas as follows: Main floor, basement, second and third floor, and tower. The main floor is where Modryn is usually located, when not at his house sleeping. The basement houses a training area and a smithy, where Lum and Sabine are usually located at daytime.

The second floor has a number of beds and shelves, as well as stairs leading to the third floor where Vilena stays during the daytime. Through a door on the second floor is the tower section, which is simply three floors of cramped storage space.



Guild questsEdit

Other questsEdit

Some quest involve the guildhall or its members, but are not directed related to the hall.

Notable itemsEdit



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  • After you have completed the final Fighters Guild quest the chest next the third floor stairs appears to be still owned by the previous leader of the guild. When you take out of this chest the game thinks you are stealing. (PS3 needs verification on Xbox and PC)confirmation needed


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