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Well, there it is. Tharn's back with us, and I don't like it one bit.

<Player character's name> and I managed to get into Mannimarco's castle with a little help from our Soul shriven friend Sir Cadwell. Cadwell's like a wisp -- a little "light in the upper marsh," if you get my meaning -- but he can be damned useful at times. And he shows up in the damnedest places!

While we risked our necks fighting through Worm Cultist and Flesh Atronachs, Tharn projected his smirking image to different parts of the castle, goading us on. We eventually got to the tower where he was being held, but Mannimarco was ready for us, and raised all manner of undead to challenge us. In the end we defeated them and escaped with Tharn, but here's the topper: Tharn lied to us! He has no idea where Sai is being held, or where the Amulet of Kings is hidden!

Of course, he claims he can help us find both, but when he admitted his lie, I lost my temper and laid him out on the floor with a single punch. Gods, it felt good! That was a long time coming.

That's when Tharn spilled the beans. He told <player character's name> that we'd been lying, and revealed the Prophet's true identity. Lord Varen immediately admitted everything, of course. I hope it wasn't too soon. It's vital that we maintain <player character's name> trust, and now I can see doubt behind the Vestige's eyes.

Tharn is such a lying Skeever. All he cares about is his Empire and his family's status. Lord Varen believes Tharn's here for a reason, but I don't trust him and I never will. I plan to keep a close eye on him.


Chronicles of the Five Companions
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