Chun-Ook is a ship owned by the East Empire Company and operated by Nevosi Hlan.[1] It can be found at the docks in Ebonheart. The Chun-Ook is mainly used for passenger transport, but it also serves as smuggling ship for many illegal goods.

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Deck[edit | edit source]

Nevosi Hlan stands on deck and a guard patrolling the harbor regularly wanders onto the ship. There is not much of interest in the ship's containers other than some moon sugar. A locked door leads to the cabin and a trapdoor on the other side down to the upper level.

Cabin[edit | edit source]

A level 30 lock blocks the door to the cabin. There is a bedroll on the floor and a table for eating, drinking and attending paperwork. Various sorts of alcoholic drinks, including a very valuable Vintage Brandy, can be found inside a chest and on a shelf. Most unusual is the clutter item, the Servant's Skull, sitting on top of a chest.

Upper level[edit | edit source]

The upper level of the ship is reached through a level 25 locked trapdoor. It serves as the main eating and sleeping area as well as doing double duty as storage space. Two guards are stationed here. Some of the items on this deck are contraband: a considerable amount of moon sugar, a skooma pipe and a flask filled with skooma.

Lower level[edit | edit source]

The lower level, is accessible through a level 30 locked trapdoor from the upper level and lies in the belly of the ship. It houses some more containers with some wares and money. The five limeware cups and five limeware bowls that need to be stolen during the quest "Liberate the Limeware" are stored down here together with less valuable silverware plates.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Liberate the Limeware[edit | edit source]

Due to trade restrictions,[1] the glassware trader Alarvyne Indalas has run short on Dwarven limeware. She knows of a shipment of these valuable goods stored in the Chun-Ook and asks the Nerevarine to steal it for her.

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