Cicero's Clothes are an item of enchanted clothing in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Cicero's Clothes are part of an outfit worn by Cicero, and are part of his "jester" persona. They follow the Dark Brotherhood's color theme of black and red.

When worn by a female character, it is much more formfitting than the male version, and is also more ragged in appearance, especially on the hem. It also lacks the collar and lacing down the front, instead being a simple tunic. The female version also has a necklace that consists of a gold chain with three gold medallions. Note that the "necklace" does not take up the neck slot for jewelry; it is merely part of the clothes.


Can be found on the corpse of Cicero. It can also be Pickpocketed from him if he is allowed to live during "The Cure for Madness" through specific circumstances.



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