Ciel Nestal is a Breton Spellsword residing in the Telvanni Canton of Vivec City. She works as a retainer for House Telvannithere.


Ciel offers no unique information, and is not involved in any quests.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Ciel is skilled in the magical arts, particularly Restoration, in which he is an expert. He is also proficient in Alteration and Destruction. Ciel is a journeyman in the skills related to his preferred mode of melee combat, inflicting damage with a one-handed long blade and blocking with a tower shield. Outside of combat, he is also skilled in Alchemy.
Primary Skills
Restoration 57
Alteration 52
Destruction 47
Long Blade 38
Block 38

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

Abilities Powers Spells


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