"I will offer your heart to the Silver Spider."
―Ciirenas in combat[src]

Ciirenas the Shepherd is a Bosmer member of the Spider Cult found within Fungal Grotto II, Stonefalls. Killing any of her three spiders will enrage her, increasing her resistance significantly each time. It is recommended for the tank to kite the spiders around to avoid AoE damage from players. After being defeated, there is a change for her to drop Mender's Mark, a unique ring.


Lighting the ShadowsEdit

The Vestige must assist the Fighters Guild in defeating Vila Theran in Fungal Grotto.

Pledge: Fungal Grotto IIEdit

The Vestige must defeat the leaders of Fungal Grotto II for the Undaunted and return to Maj al-Ragath.






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