Not to be confused with Cimber Valerius.
"Welcome to the family, Initiate! Once you figure out your place here, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just don't try to enroach on Mirabelle's area of expertise. We don't need more than one spy and infiltrator in our Sanctuary, understand?"
―Cimbar to the Vestige[src]

Cimbar is an Imperial assassin residing in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. He is in a relationship with Mirabelle Motierre.


Welcome HomeEdit

Cimbar will be leaning on a wall in the sleeping quarters of the sanctuary.

A Lesson in SilenceEdit

After infiltrating At-Himah Family Estate, Cimbar will be found dead on a table, having been stabbed with multiple torture devices. According to Grand Sermonizer Fithia, he refused to reveal any information before she killed him. After Tanek touches his body, he will be subject to a spell and will be chained to the floor. Once Kor arrives, he will take Cimbar's corpse and the injured Tanek with him.


  • "Isn't Mirabelle amazing? She's beautiful, excellent at what she does, and she isn't afraid to say exactly what's on her mind. Next to murdering insects for the Night Mother, she's my favorite thing in the whole world!" – During "Welcome Home"


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