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Not to be confused with Cingaer or Cingarfin.
"I'm Cingor. I'm the Captain of the Leyawiin Neighborhood Watch. Actually, Captain, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms. We're a small, select organization of crime fighters. We're going after the crimes and criminals the Guard overlooks."

Cingor is a Bosmer crusader who lives in Leyawiin. He is a member of the Fighters Guild, though he can never actually be found in the local guild hall. He is also actually a Mythic Dawn agent, and will attack the Hero after completion of the quest, "Dagon Shrine."

Daily routineEdit

He wanders around the eastern and southern parts of Leyawiin on most days, starting at 6 AM and returning to his home at 4 AM. At midday, he can be found at the Three Sisters' Inn. If it is raining, he will return to his house until it is clear again.

He carries an iron warhammer and is equipped with an iron cuirass. He carries a small amount of gold as well as his house key.


Leyawiin: "There's crime everywhere! I'm always on the lookout... ehr... WE're always on the lookout. No crime shall go undetected! That's our motto."


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