The Circle of Captains was a group of captains inside the Five Hundred Companions.


The Circle of Captains consisted of most honorable warriors of the Five Hundred Companions known as captains. Each of the captains represented his longboat and its crew. Since the Five Hundred Companions didn't have strict hierarchical rule over its members the Circle didn't have actual power over anyone. However, meeting of the Circle were assembled as the Five Hundred had to decide their further course of action or had other serious matters that needed discussion.


Merethic EraEdit


For the very first time the Circle of Captains was assembled during the events of the so-called Return. First set goal of the Five Hundred had been recently completed. Shortly after arriving at Hsaarik Head, Tamriel, known to the Nedes as Mereth during the time, the Companions had reclaimed Saarthal. Five Hundred had to decide what to do next as there was a huge unexplored continent ready for taming and countless elves to slay.

During the first assembly it was decided that every captain and its crew should go their own way. As a result, the Five Hundred Companions spread all over Tamriel.

Second EraEdit

Kyrnil Long-Nose began the tradition of trusted advisors called The Circle (named after Ysgramor's council of captains). This would serve as an examples to the younger, newer Companions.[1]

Fourth EraEdit

Main article: The Circle

Traditions of the Circle were kept despite the thousands of years that had been passed since the original assembly. The idea of veteran members of The Companions forming meeting to discuss most serious matters was still present during the Fourth Era.

However, along with many other things, the Circle was different from its original. Most noticeable change being the name itself. In the Fourth Era the assembly is simply referred to as "The Circle" as the rank of captain had been lost.


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