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Circus of Cheerful Slaughter is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Valaste cannot find anything in "Circus of Cheerful Slaughter" that tells her what the next of Sheogorath's trials is. She lets the Vestige try to read the book, and they are transported to Circus of Cheerful Slaughter.

Sheogorath wants to put on a play about the Mages Guild and the alliances. He enlists the Vestige to help.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Valaste.
  2. Read "Circus of Cheerful Slaughter."
  3. Talk to Sheogorath.
  4. Find Sheogorath in Heartholdhelm. (Ebonheart/Stormhold/Windhelm)
  5. Kill Ebonheart Pact actors.
  6. Kill Pact lead actors
  7. Find Sheogorath in Skyroot Hearth. (Skywatch/Elden Root/Woodhearth)
  8. Watch Queen Ayrenn's speech.
  9. Kill Aldmeri Dominion actors.
  10. Kill Queen Ayrenn.
  11. Find Sheogorath in Daggerwaymore. (Daggerfall/Wayrest/Evermore)
  12. Save the Guild members.
  13. Kill High King Emeric.
  14. Talk to Sheogorath.
  15. Collect the book.
  16. Return to Valaste.


In each of the sections, the player will have to fight characters important to the storyline. One example would be Razum-dar in the Aldmeri section.


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