Not to be confused with Cirroc.

Cirroc the Lofty was Harbinger of the Companions several hundred years after the death of Ysgramor. Racially, he was a Redguard and thus the first Harbinger to not be of ancestral Atmoran blood.

This was around the time that the Nords began to think of themselves as such, and there were great disputes about purity and the legacy of Ysgramor.[1]


Cirroc first came to Jorrvaskr as a servant, but quickly proved his mettle when treated disrespectfully by one of the less honor-bound warriors of the time. Granted the stature of an honorary Companion after saving the life of Harbinger Tulvar the Unmentioned, he became known as the most capable of Shield-Brothers in the hall, with speed and cunning surpassing any of the old Atmoran stock.[1]


His time as Harbinger was short-lived, but it is said that his field knowledge of bladework continues to pass to every new Companion through their training.


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