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A city is a settlement that is large enough to graduate from the status of being a town. Cities range from small cities with less than 20 buildings, to some of the largest metropoles in Tamriel. Typically, a substantial number of civilian NPCs, ranging from 30–150, may be found in a given town. They are located across Tamriel, and may be found in all provinces of the Empire.

The following is a list of cities in alphabetical order:


Name Region Province
Abah's Landing TG Hew's Bane TG Hammerfell
Aldcroft Glenumbra High Rock
Anvil DB Gold Coast DB Cyrodiil
Arenthia Reaper's March Valenwood
Baandari Trading Post Malabal Tor Valenwood
Belkarth Craglorn Hammerfell
Camlorn Glenumbra High Rock
Clockwork City CS Deshaan Morrowind
Daggerfall Glenumbra High Rock
Davon's Watch Stonefalls Morrowind
Dune Reaper's March Elsweyr
Ebonheart Stonefalls Morrowind
Elden Root Grahtwood Valenwood
Elinhir Craglorn Hammerfell
Evermore Bangkorai High Rock
Firsthold Auridon Summerset Isles
Hallin's Stand Bangkorai Hammerfell
Haven Grahtwood Valenwood
Hollow City Coldharbour N/A
Imperial City IC N/A Cyrodiil
Kozanset Alik'r Desert Hammerfell
Kragenmoor Stonefalls Morrowind
Kvatch DB Gold Coast DB Cyrodiil
Marbruk Greenshade Valenwood
Mistral Khenarthi's Roost Elsweyr
Mournhold Deshaan Morrowind
Northpoint Rivenspire High Rock
Orsinium OR Wrothgar OR High Rock
Port Hunding Stros M'Kai Hammerfell
Rawl'kha Reaper's March Elsweyr
Riften The Rift Skyrim
Sentinel Alik'r Desert Hammerfell
Shornhelm Rivenspire High Rock
Silvenar Malabal Tor Valenwood
Skywatch Auridon Summerset Isles
Stormhold Shadowfen Black Marsh
Tava's Blessing Alik'r Desert Hammerfell
Vivec City O:M Vvardenfell O:M Morrowind
Vulkhel Guard Auridon Summerset Isles
Wayrest Stormhaven High Rock
Windhelm Eastmarch Skyrim
Woodhearth Greenshade Valenwood


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