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"The Imperial City is located on a large island surrounded by Lake Rumare."
―Rumors in Cyrodiil[src]

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The City Isle or the Imperial Isle[1] is the central feature of Cyrodiil and the location of the Imperial City. Surrounded by Lake Rumare and the Upper Niben, the City Isle is green and hilly. The urban area and population are largely contained within the great city's walls and the area outside of it is still wild. Roads encircle the Imperial City but development is limited to the city and its three suburbs.

This central island with its circular road is, in turn, encircled by the Waterfront region and only a few of the shores are truly considered part of the City Isle. Lake Rumare and the Upper Niben River form a veritable moat around the fortress-like city on the hill. Three separate and locked sewer entrances on the water's edge offer access to the underbelly of the Imperial City.

Between the water and the city some villainy still remains. Monsters can be found to the northeast and bandits to the northwest. South of the Arcane University, goblins can be found. Even at the Imperial City Waterfront danger is near, a cross word or the wrong step can start a brawl with docked pirates or misguided thieves.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Fly Amanita grow abundantly inside the city and in some areas around it. Water Hyacinth and Sacred Lotus can be found along parts of the shore and Nirnroot can be found along the water as well.

Animals are plentiful with mudcrabs along the shores near clams by the water. Boulders are common but unobtrusive and trees are sparse giving the area's wildlife plenty of room to roam. Wolves, boars, mountain lions and bears can all be found here.


The City Isle is dominated by the Imperial City, Arcane University, Imperial City Prison and the Imperial City Waterfront but there are still a number of caves to be found. The tiny region of the Garden of Dareloth is contained within the City Isle near the Imperial Waterfront.

Ayleid RuinsEdit

There are no ruins per se but the Imperial City and White-Gold Tower are of Ayleid construction. There is Vilverin. Also in Sideways Cave (just south of the Imperial prison sewer exit), there is an Ayleid ruin deep in the cave.


None, but a couple of the caves have small campsites set up outside, such as Sinkhole Cave and Dzonot Cave.


Points of interestEdit

There is a Wayshrine of Julianos just northwest of the Imperial City.



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