Clan Aundae is one of the three major vampire bloodlines. The clan is located in Vvardenfell, with a headquarters at Ashmelech. The clan is made up of only Altmer, led by Dhaunayne Aundae. Aundae mages are blessed with dark powers and focus on their mastery of magic. The clan had a presence in the many ancestral tombs around Vvardenfell. According to the book A Game at Dinner the clan has an affiliation with House Dres.

In 3E 427, many members of the clan were killed by the Clan Berne and Clan Quarra. Clan Aundae may once again be targeted during quests performed by the Nerevarine for a rival clan.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Required Attributes Required Skills
Rank Willpower Intelligence
0. Cattle 30 30 - -
1. Neonate 40 30 30 20
2. Minion 45 35 40 20
3. Servant 50 40 50 25
4. Stalker 55 45 60 25
5. Bloodkin 60 50 70 30
6. Reaver 65 55 80 30
7. Lord 70 60 90 35
8. Elder 75 65 100 35
9. Ancient 80 70 110 35

Members[edit | edit source]

Character Name

Gender Race Class Ranking
Dhaunayne Aundae Female Altmer Nightblade Ancient
Gladroon Male Altmer Blacksmith Stalker
Iroroon Male Altmer Nightblade Servant
Lorurmend Female Altmer Witch Stalker
Mirkrand Female Altmer Sorcerer Stalker
Moranarg Male Altmer Sorcerer Stalker
Mororurg Male Altmer Alchemist Stalker
Tarerane Female Altmer Nightblade Stalker
Tragrim Male Altmer Sorcerer Bloodkin

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