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Clan Bagrakh is an Orsimer clan known to have existed since the First Era and resided in Wrothgar.


During the early tenth century of the First Era, Clan Bagrakh committed Bjoulsae Raids against Breton and Redguard cities along the river. Golkarr and Clan Igrun praised the raids, possibly even taking credit for them, though in the eyes of Humans the Orcs of Orsinium were mainly responsible.[1][2] In 1E 948, Joile of Daggerfall sent a message to Gaiden Shinji regarding the raids, and as a result the Siege of Orsinium began two years later.[3]

After the Siege, the Malacath Devoted performed a ritual every decade cursing Clan Bagrakh and a number of others under Malacath's orders, for the reason that Bagrakh's raids were the buildup for the invasion of Orsinium.[1]

In his youth, Kurog gro-Bagrakh, the future King of the Second Orsinium, was born into a Bagrakh stronghold located in Wrothgar. When he returned to the stronghold a few years prior to King Ranser's War in 2E 566, he challenged Chief Bolazgar to a duel. Kurog killed Bolazgar and was subsequently made the chief of Clan Bagrakh,[4] though this ended when he was killed in 2E 583.[5]




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