Clan Quarra is one of the three major vampire bloodlines found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The vampires of the Quarra Clan are fierce warriors that fear nothing. They are the physically strongest of all the Vvardenfell vampire clans. Volrina Quarra led the clan from the Dwemer Ruin of Druscashti at the end of the Third Era. They, like their rival vampire clans, also had a presence in the many ancestral tombs around Vvardenfell.

In 3E 427 Volrina Quarra was slain, as a vial of her blood was wanted by both Mistress Dratha of House Telvanni and the Clan Berne. Aundae Clan then killed many of the remaining members of the clan.

Favored statsEdit




Required Attributes Required Skills
Rank Willpower Intelligence
0. Cattle 30 30 - -
1. Neonate 40 30 30 20
2. Minion 45 35 40 20
3. Servant 50 40 50 25
4. Stalker 55 45 60 25
5. Bloodkin 60 50 70 30
6. Reaver 65 55 80 30
7. Lord 70 60 90 35
8. Elder 75 65 100 35
9. Ancient 80 70 110 35


Character Name

Gender Race Class Ranking
Areas Male Nord Barbarian Stalker
Igna Female Nord Barbarian Servant
Kjeld Male Nord Smith Servant
Knurguri Male Nord Rogue Stalker
Pelf Male Nord Barbarian Servant
Siri Female Nord Crusader Servant
Volrina Quarra Female Imperial Rogue Ancient



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