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Classes are pre-made character archetypes in The Elder Scrolls Online. During character customization, players must choose from one of six classes:

Each class has three unique skill lines. In addition to classes, players have access to weapon, armor, guild, PvP, and racial skill lines, as well as the mutually exclusive vampire and werewolf lines.


  • Classes are much more restrictive than previous games in The Elder Scrolls series, since players are locked out of a number of skills based on their class. However, any class can use any kind of weapon, unlike in previous titles.
  • The Warden was a planned class or placeholder name that was cut from the final release of The Elder Scrolls Online. It was later re-added as an exclusive class that comes with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind chapter.
  • Another class under the name of "Battlemage" was datamined in Patch 3.2.7. Currently a class of the same name exists for NPCs, but this may be a new separate seventh class for players.[1]