"Arkay watch over you, child."
―Cleric Arvina[src]

Cleric Arvina is an Imperial priest of Arkay. He is found inside the Mages Guild branch in Anvil.

He has posted a bounty for the killing of Exulus, a dangerous wispmother residing within Hrota Cave, which is responsible for the deaths of many knights of Arkay.


Buried EvilEdit

Cleric Arvina is the bounty poster for the Wispmother Exulus. He will be inquired about the Vestige once they defeat the monster and return the pauldrons of his fallen comrades.


Consulting him beforehand:

"Often I wonder, why has every warrior I sent into that cave failed to accomplish Arkay's will? It's baffling. I'm sorry, can I help you with something?"

I want to know who Exulus the Wispmother is and why you posted this bounty. "Exulus isn't a person—it's a thing. An abomination before Arkay. It must be destroyed! It, and its thrice-cursed spawn!"
There's more than one of these creatures in the cave? "Exulus considers the twin horrors to be its children, but no one actually knows the biology of such deplorable creatures. What I do know is that all of them feed on the lives of innocents. Every warrior of Arkay I've sent against them has fallen."
Your bounty didn't mention three of these things. "By Arkay's grace, Exulus and her vile brood must be cleansed and the Hrota Cave made safe once more. But make no mistake. Exulus is the root of the evil there."
Can you tell me anything that will help me defeat Exulus? "If I knew how to destroy the vile creature, don't you think I'd already have done so? But I can tell you this. Exulus turns those it defeats into undead thralls. When you face Exulus, you'll be confronting a legion of the risen dead."

After killing the wispmother:

"You have returned. Arkay guided you well. What news have you of Exulus?"

I destroyed Exulus and retrieved the pauldrons of your fallen comrades. "As promised, your reward. You have done a great service for Arkay and for me. The souls of my brave friends may rest easy now, knowing their sacrifice did not go unanswered. These pauldrons will find a place of honor in the Temple of Arkay. When your time comes, I know Arkay will welcome you with open arms. Until then, stay safe, my friend."


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