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"Last, and only for the bravest of souls, we have the "Cliff Racer" which is Firebrand Wine, Cyrodiilic Brandy, Flin and Sujamma."

Cliff Racer is an alcoholic beverage in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is one of three unique alcoholic beverages sold by Talen-Jei at The Bee and Barb in Riften.


Cliff Racer restores 25 points of Stamina. It is more of a stamina potion than a beverage, as it does not slow the Dragonborn's stamina regeneration rate like normal beverages.


  • Can only be acquired from Talen-Jei, either by purchasing, pickpocketing, or looting from his corpse.


  • This beverage is named after cliff racers, aggressive flying creatures native to Vvardenfell.
  • The recipe for the drink as described by Talen-Jei is, "Firebrand Wine, Cyrodiilic Brandy, Flin, and Sujamma." Although, the drink is not craftable.

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