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Cliff Racers are flying creatures in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind found in Vvardenfell.


In 2E 582, cliff racers were found in the Stonefalls of southern Morrowind.[1]

The long-tailed cliff racer is an aggressive, dangerous flying creature with a large vertical sail along its spine. Racer plumes from the native bird-like cliff racer are used locally and throughout the Empire as decorations for garments and household goods.


Sometime near the end of the Third Era, the cliff-racers were driven out of Vvardenfell by Saint Jiub.[2] However, they were not driven out of the rest of Morrowind, since Mjoll the Lioness remarks on how she used to hunt cliff-racers for sport with her father.[3]

There are no cliff racers in Solstheim during the Fourth Era, likely showing that their numbers were reduced to manageable levels by Jiub.[4]


Cliff racers can be found as leveled creatures, but they appear at any levels in the following locations:




  • The Nerevarine is ignored by the cliff racers when they are swimming.
  • Despite their name, cliff racers are encountered in nearly every outdoor location on Vvardenfell. They make common appearances in the wilderness, especially at higher levels and will often swarm the player.
  • Throughout The Elder Scrolls series, multiple references are made to cliff racers.
  • Cliff racers can be found in the Stonefalls in The Elder Scrolls Online. They are passive creatures that can only be seen flying above in the sky, and cannot be attacked or interacted with.
  • Interestingly, all level-independent cliff racer locations, except for one at the Vas entrance are near shipwrecks.