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Climbing is a skill in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. It is automatically and continually checked whenever attempting to scale a wall or a steep incline. If the Hero slips, the climbing skill is checked again as they attempt to regain a handhold and is continually checked until on level ground again. This skill can be used to by-pass certain areas of dungeons or castle walls. Note that climbing down is not actually possible. It's governing attribute is Strength.

It is a primary skill for Burglars and Rangers, a major skill for Acrobats and Thieves, and a minor skill for Archers, Assassins, Barbarians, Knights, Monks and Warriors. The Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Order of Arkay and Temple of Kynareth offer training and is a required skill for these factions.


  • Can occasionally lead to glitching through walls.
  • Originally, a mechanic for using ropes to assist in scaling was planned, but ultimately scrapped.

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