Climbing the Spire is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Tanval Indoril is inside the Tormented Spire working to unleash the Brother of Strife. Tanval's Vanguard holds the approach. If we don't stop Tanval, he'll unleash Sadal and destroy Stonefalls.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  • Lower the Ritual Ward
  • Lower the Atronach Ward
    • Right Ward
  • Find Walks-in-Ash
  • Enter the Southern Ruins
  • Lower the Southern Ruins Ward
  • Leave the Southern Ruins
  • Enter the Northern Ruins
  • Lower the Northern Ruins Ward
  • Leave the Northern Ruins
  • Find the Pact commanders
  • Talk to Tanval Indoril
  • Kill the Daedra guard and loot the key from her.
    • Hint: Use the Summoning Bowl
  • Enter the Caldera Ruins
  • Leave the Caldera Ruins
  • Talk to Tanval Indoril



  • 91–377 GoldIcon

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