"Are you a soldier? One day, I'm going to be a soldier!"
―Clinton Lylvieve[src]

Clinton Lylvieve is a Breton child who can be found in Dragon Bridge, "patrolling" the town with his pet goat named Lucky.


He is the son of Michel Lylvieve and Azzada Lylvieve, and the younger brother of Julienne Lylvieve.

Clinton's father says that he isn't old enough to be a soldier so he says he patrols town for now. Clinton has no other children to play with, so his pet goat, Lucky, is his only friend.


Upon witnessing the Dragonborn casting a spell, he will approach and ask if the Dragonborn could turn him invisible. As there are no spells that confer invisibility on anyone but the caster, it is impossible, but the Dragonborn may trick him into believing he has been turned invisible. Doing so, however, has no apparent effect.

The Dragonborn can play tag with Clinton, however, he will be the only target since he is the only child living in Dragon Bridge.

In Dawnguard, he can be questioned for the current location of the moth priest during both the Dawnguard and vampire versions of the quest "Prophet."

If Hearthfire is installed and Clinton's parents are killed, he will be sent to Honorhall Orphanage.


  • "Soldiers get to stay up late, do whatever they want, and have fun!"
  • "Have you met my goat Lucky? He helps me patrol the town."
  • "Father says I'm not old enough to be a soldier yet, so I patrol around town for now."


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  • Clinton's moving to Honorhall Orphanage interferes with the quest "Prophet" and can be fixed two ways: through quest-related console commands, or by traveling south along the Dragon Bridge and down the road until you encounter an ambushed carriage and looting the vampire corpse for the note and reading it.


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