The Clockwork Basilica is a location found in the northern part of the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City. The largest building in the city, it is a tall brass tower where apostles and students of Sotha Sil do their research and studies.[1]


Clockwork NaveEdit

The ground floor and main hub of the tower, the Clockwork Nave has many residents and is where the front entrance doors are. A majority of doors to other sublocations lead out from it. A portal to Deshaan can be found at the front, and a hall in the back that is used by Sotha Sil to give lectures to his students can be found in this area.

Catalog of Rote DuplicationEdit

A "Restricted Area" entered from the east part of the basilica. Entering this part of the tower is considered trespassing.

Ineluctable FoldEdit

The Clockwork Clinician is found here

Chancellor Gascone's RectoryEdit

Proctor Luciana's RetreatEdit

A small chamber where factotums go for upkeep and maintenance



  • Nutriment Dispenser



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