"By the word of Seht, I am bound. My functions allow me to offer rewards to those who wish to complete combat contracts within Clockwork City. These tasks require individuals of great fighting skill. Additional allies are recommended."
―Clockwork Facilitator[src]

The Clockwork Facilitator is a factotum Daily Job Broker for World Bosses in Clockwork City, found in the Slag Town District of the Brass Fortress.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Inciting the Imperfect[edit | edit source]

The Facilitator will ask the Vestige to combat The Imperfect, a creation of Sotha Sil, in order for it to learn from the experience.

A Fine-Feathered Foe[edit | edit source]


Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Inciting the Imperfect

I'll take a contract. "Reflecting ... reflecting ... Lord Seht has developed a combat enabled machine named the Imperfect. It requires a variety of challenges to test its weaknesses and improve capabilities. With each defeat, more is learned."

Where can I find the Imperfect? "Travel to the Sanctuary of Verification. You must also gather the Imperfect's sequence plaques that have been scattered during previous battles. Many are found near the bridg to the chamber. Payment will be given upon completion of this task."
I accept. "Do you wish to learn more about your current task?"
Can you tell me more about my contract? "Further specification is needed. What about your current contract do you wish to learn more about?"
What is the Imperfect? "The Imperfect is a massive creation of Lord Seht, designed with advance combat features. A new prototype is created each time it is destroyed. One day it shall obtain its true form, and fulfill its ultimate goal."
What is the Imperfect's ultimate goal? "No information found."
Why do I need to collect sequence plaques? "Sequence plaques contain the collected data of each combat test the Imperfect undergoes. Analysis of these plaques is necessary for further advancements to be made."
Why aren't factotums asked to combat the Imperfect? "Factotum functions only allow for calculated fighting strategies. The ingenuity of organic combatants is needed to obtain new information. We ask all contractors to fight as unpredictably as possible in order to advance our reseach."

After completing the tasks given:

"I detect that the Imperfect has been defeated."

I've completed the contract. "Verified. The Imperfect has been tested and the sequence plaques are in your possession. Thank you for completing this task in a timely manner. The information obtained will be useful to furthering the Imperfect prototype. Here is your reward."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I was not manufactured for pleasantries. Please check later for another task." – After the daily quest is completed

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