Clothiers are merchants in The Elder Scrolls Online who specialize in light and medium armor. They are typically found in cities and settlements, where they often sell their items either in stalls or over-the-counter.

The following is a list of all clothiers:

Name Shop Location Region Image
Aesmer The Impervious Pauldron Velyn Harbor Malabal Tor Aesmer
Amwyn Ebonheart Unified Metalworks Ebonheart Stonefalls Amwyn
Anya Branck The High King's Forge Wayrest Stormhaven Anya Branck
Baring Hammertongue Kragenmoor Smithy Kragenmoor Stonefalls Baring Hammertongue
Borzighu the Tidy Tailor OR Coldsnap Clothiers Orsinium Wrothgar
Brog The Lonesome Loom Belkarth Craglorn
Calpelion Elden Root Fighters Guildhall Elden Root Grahtwood Calpelion
Castewe Haven Foundry Haven Grahtwood Castewe
Drinlin Summerset Outfitters Vulkhel Guard Auridon
Druga Hammerhand Evermore Smithy Evermore Bangkorai
Eanor Armory Merchants Eastern Elsweyr Gate Cyrodiil
Evinn Chrirnis Iron Mine Arms & Armor Crosswych Glenumbra Evinn Chrirnis
Fahad Onsi's Aegis Sentinel Alik'r Desert
Falindil The Plait and Placket Port Hunding Stros M'Kai Falindil PH
Farmorion [?] Earth Forge [?]
Felariel Artisans Craftworks Mournhold Deshaan Felariel
Ghani at-Halma Aldcroft Anvil & Armor Aldcroft Glenumbra Ghani at-Halma
Gogrikh Stonetooth Smithy Stonetooth Fortress Betnikh Gogrikh
Graklha gra-Rug Scratch-Proof Clothier Rawl'kha Reaper's March
Grinds-Nails Highly Practical Armorwear Dhalmora Bal Foyen Grinds-Nails
Idesa the Trim The Anvil & Pauldron Windhelm Eastmarch Idesa the Trim
Inare Snip & Stitch Outfitters Skywatch Auridon Inare
Kareem Winvale Winvale's Winsome Loom Daggerfall Glenumbra Kareem Winvale
Klaandi Steel-Fist The Steel-Clad Fist Stormhold Shadowfen
Kruaga OR Flint Needle Tailors Morkul Stronghold Wrothgar
Ladrelas Iron Bark Plate and Mail
Cold Iron Forge
Hollow City
Khenarthi's Roost
Llivia Ralas Merchant House Northern Morrowind Gate Cyrodiil
Naalielir Maiden's Guard Woodhearth Greenshade Naalielir
Nolontar DB Coastal Clothiers and Fabrics Anvil Gold Coast
Olena Shornhelm Smithy Shornhelm Rivenspire
Onri Tustin Armory Merchants Northern High Rock Gate Cyrodiil
Orkideh Noonday Sun Clothiers Kozanset Alik'r Desert
Rhosh gro-Izburg Metalworks of Daggerfall Daggerfall Glenumbra Rosh gro-Izburg
Ronolin Armory Merchants Western Elsweyr Gate Cyrodiil
Samsu the Sleek Skins & Satins Mistral Khenarthi's Roost
Scales-Like-Steel Steel Scales Riften The Rift
Squinty Barza Squinty Spinning Martyr's Crossing Bangkorai
Stitchmaster Moneriel The Adventurer's Armament Elden Root Grahtwood
Taminal TG The Furbished Furrier Hew's Bane Abah's Landing
Telfour Merchant House Southern High Rock Gate Cyrodiil
Tiredir Tiredir's Fine Wheel & Loom Bleakrock Village Bleakrock Isle Tiredir
Tohrad at-Areshu The Loom and Lathe Eyevea Summerset Isles Tohrad at-Areshu
Vofing Smithy Southern Morrowind Gate Cyrodiil
Voldsea Arvel Ancestor's Aegis Davon's Watch Stonefalls Voldsea Arvel
Wilbern Wilbern's Wearables Marbruk Greenshade
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