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"The Aerie of the Altmer, the city of Cloudrest clings to the highest slopes of the peak of Eton Nir, tallest mountain on Summerset Isle. Somehow, its thin air is as heady and bracing as chilled nirnroot wine."
―Cloudrest Loading Screen[src]

Cloudrest is a city and trial on the island of Summerset in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. Cloudrest has been taken over by Z'Maja, a Sea Sload that was captured by the Welkynar Gryphon Riders but later escaped and took them over. The Vestige must face Z'Maja, as well as, each of the Shadows of the Welkynar and their Gryphons.



Woe of the WelkynarEdit

The Divine Prosecution has barricaded the city when Z'Maja, an escaped Sea Sload had taken control of the Welkynars and the city of Cloudrest. She has taken control of three out of the four Welkynars and their Gryphons, turning them into Shades.

Notable itemsEdit

Armor Sets






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