"A little distraction might prove useful."
―When summoned[src]

Cloudrest Illusionist is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Cloudrest Illusionist can be purchased as part of the Ancano's Cunning deck or alone for 400 soul gems.


Cloudrest Illusionist, like Calm, is most useful for killing other creatures without having your own take as much damage, if any is taken at all. This card is especially useful for getting around creatures with lethal or an exceptionally high damage. Do not make the mistake of thinking the damage reduction will carry over to the opponent's turn, the targeted creature's damage will only be reduced during your turn. The fact that Cloudrest Illusionist has a decently high damage also makes it a very good card for the amount of magicka it costs. When a player's rune is destroyed, and this card is drawn, it may be played immediately, or may be put in the player's hand.



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