"The blue-scaled Cobalt Sep Adder is the rarest of the wild varieties, and almost never seen in captivity. They are particularly prized by the royalty of Hammerfell's contentious city-states, as they're said to be able to detect poison in drinks and food."
―In-game description[src]

Cobalt Sep Adder is a discontinued pet sep adder in The Elder Scrolls Online formerly available from Wild Hunt Crown Crates as a legendary reward.


  • The cobalt sep adder's original name was Sapphire Adder and the description was "Diagna, God of the Sideways Blade, is said to have created the lightning-blue Sapphire Adder by passing his orichalc sword over a common Sep Adder when he needed a symbol of Redguard ferocity during the first Siege of Orsinium. And fierce they are indeed!" This was later changed prior to its release.


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