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Code Book is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Talk to Eydis Fire-Eye about "Code Book"
  2. Go to the South Wall Cornerclub and talk to Sottilde
  3. Bribe her twice with 200 gold or using any other means of persuasion (Not necessary if Sottilde has a high rating toward the Nerevarine).
  4. Get the code book
  5. Return the book to Eydis Fire-Eye


Talking to Eydis Fire-Eye and asking for Duties, she will explain how a person named Sottilde stole an important code book from the fighters guild, and so the Nerevarine is asked to get it back. Sottilde can be found at the South Wall Cornerclub. One may speak to her and ask about the code book. She will reply with:

  1. She does not even know the Nerevarine so she will not give it to one,
  2. If the Nerevarine is a member of the Thieves Guild she will say that the Fighters Guild have links with the Camonna Tong.

If the Nerevarine works for the Thieves Guild then it is impossible to get the book back through persuasion, although it is possible to steal it from her or use Frenzy Humanoid to get her to attack first. If the Nerevarine is not with the Thieves Guild, then Sottilde must be persuaded using any persuasion techniques to get an advantage. After reaching a certain persuasion rank then the Nerevarine may go back to the Fighters Guild. Handing the book to Eydis completes the quest.


  • 50 GoldIcon


  • The code book is an enciphered code. A deciphering is here, which reveals deliveries to agents with code names.


Code Book – FG_Sottilde
IDJournal Entry
10Eydis Fire-Eye asked me to get a code book from Sottilde at the South Wall in Balmora.
  • Quest accepted
30Percius Mercius suggested that I try and get the code book secretly. Otherwise I would have to kill Sottilde for the book.
50Sottilde agreed to give me the code book.
100Eydis Fire-Eye thanked me for returning the code book and paid me 50 gold.
  • Quest completed

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