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Elder Scrolls

Sample Coin Purse

Coin purses are small to medium bags of varied quantities of Gold, and can be found scattered throughout Skyrim.


Coin purses are a golden-tan color, sometimes with a small patch on the side and closed at the top with a length of tied string. Their size determines the amount of coins inside them, usually around 10–50 gold.


  • They can be found on tables and bookshelves in dungeons and rooms all around Skyrim.
  • There are many inside Jorrvaskr, especially the living quarters. These respawn later if taken.
  • One coin purse can be found at the Windhelm Military Camp.


  • They seem to leave an invisible version after being taken which can be seen via console (selecting the area) or by seeing it through spider webs.
  • Sometimes oversized coin purses can be found.

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