Cold Rock Pass is a cave located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This icy cave goes through Eldersblood Peak and connects the North Cold Rock Pass and the South Cold Rock Pass entrances. A frost troll guards the passage.

There are two chests (one already open against the east wall of the cave above the water, the other closed but unlocked against the east wall) and three ore veins.

Entrance locationsEdit

North Cold Rock PassEdit

The north entrance is located south of Morthal, off the path that climbs up to Eldersblood Peak.

South Cold Rock PassEdit

The south entrance to Cold Rock Pass is northeast of Rorikstead, above Rannveig's Fast.

Ore vein locationsEdit

  • A Quicksilver ore vein on the highest part of the pass against the south southwest wall, near where the frost troll initially roams and to the right (west) of the waterfall.
  • A corundum ore vein beneath a rocky column next to the frozen pond in the middle of the pass.
  • A corundum ore vein alongside the ramp heading into the main room, when entering from the north.



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