"A selection of furnishings for the true connoisseur of Molag Bal's darkest secrets. You can't plot Aurbic Domination without them! Includes a tear in the fabric of reality itself, perfect for impressing guests (voluntary or otherwise.)"
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

Coldharbour Arcanaeum Furnishing Pack is a discontinued player home furnishing pack for The Elder Scrolls Online formerly available through the Crown Store for a limited time.


This bundle contains the following:

  • Coldharbour Bin, Black soul gems (2x)
  • Coldharbour bookshelves, black laboratory (2x)
  • Coldharbour bookshelves, filled (2x)
  • Coldharbour bookshelves, filled pillar (3x)
  • Coldharbour bookshelves, filled wide (2x)
  • Coldharbour Crate, Black soul gems (2x)
  • Daedra Dossier: Cold-flame Atronach
  • Daedric books, piled (2x)
  • Daedric books, stacked
  • Daedric brazier, Cold-flame (2x)
  • Daedric Plinth, sacrificial
  • Seal of Molag Bal
  • Transminal Rupture


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