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|image = College of Psijic Ruins.png
|image = College of Psijics Ruins.png
|map = <gallery>
|map = <gallery>
College of Psijic Ruins World Map.png|World Map
College of Psijics Ruins World Map.png|World Map
College of Psijic Ruins Interior Map.png|Interior Map
College of Psijics Ruins Interior Map.png|Interior Map
|province = [[Summerset Isles (Online)|Summerset Isles]]
|province = [[Summerset Isles (Online)|Summerset Isles]]

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Template:SummersetLocations College of Psijics Ruins is an unmarked location in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. It is located in Artaeum east from the entrance portal to the island. It leads to Artaeum Beach.


  • Old Vault
  • Vault of Moawita – A place where the most powerful, dangerous or mysterious relics of the Order are located.


The Vault of Moawita

Relicmaster Glenadir asks to return all the relics back to the vault.

Notable items

Quest items:

  • Quill and Paper
  • Psijic Codex Transcription

In the Vault of Moawita:




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