For other uses, see College of Winterhold.

College of Winterhold is a support card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is a part of the Heroes of Skyrim expansion.


College of Winterhold can be acquired with Heroes of Skyrim packs or by soul summoning it with 1200 soul gems.


This support card has 3 uses. Each use grants the player with a base cost of how many times you use it. The first time, you will get a 1-cost action, followed by a 2-cost, and then the 3rd time, which after use, destroys the support, is a 3-cost. This support does help the player with some low level actions to help them win the game.


  • There are certain cards in the game that allow this support card to have extra or unlimited uses. Tower Alchemist, while in play, is one of the few cards that assist this.
  • When the player draws a 5 card action with this support, the player receives The Arch-Mage title.



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